1.0 Mile Happy Walk | Walk at Home | Walking Workout

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Everybody come on in were going to walk one mile. And you will never never believe how easy it is how faceted every muscle involved for everybody come on lets walk you ready guys walkers with me here we go all right four easy steps our our program. So let me show you how to do it.
This is our warmup. We walk into place just an easy march. I find the pace that beat is absolutely part of the workout.
Its what i follow so im sure i can give you a great aerobic workout. Okay. Its walk walk walk walk side steps are coming up next side steps ready step up to the side is out together out together good.
So. This is one of our basic steps. We use it a lot we add one to this from this thing when we go to double we go to forms dont worry i know you can do it.
If you can do this step out together out together two more guys. Theres one theres two doctor walking will always follow hey guys picture coming in four and three from this kick just raise any hey kick it straight up. I want you to think about your core being tight and strong bellybutton.
Dont tip up good stay tall tummy. All you do is kick and kick. Okay.
Lets walk back walk and walk one more step is the core of the program. There are knee lifts for three ready. All i want to do is lift the knee lifting me lifting me and stand tall.
These are the four easy steps walking side step kick. See you did it if you can do all of this you can do the whole program. No problem.
4 3. 2. Walk walk walk walking is bl red already the body gets your body temperature.
Going up.

how long does it take to walk 1.5 miles-0
how long does it take to walk 1.5 miles-0

The pump is warm up your joints start to get a little juice in it so you feel good in that big range of motion. Hey guys raise up upper body will warm it up a little bit just reach up reach up reach up reach up reach up. Nice extend all the way up warm up the upper body great for everybody needs to take a fitness walk youre doing it right now reach and reach last time reach up by going up power walk guys pump your arms.
Yeah. Nice job going back to side steps. Ready step out to the side is out together out together bring the elbow around come on shoulders wake up warm up.
Yeah. The first few minutes. Its a little bit of a rehearsal.
Just the warm up get you ready for a faster pace. But i can tell you even the one that has a little pot to it youre moving tonight last do everybody okay back if you have room at home home. I love you to stretch out move the coffee table the furniture.
Its worth that you put all those muscles in motion and four and three and two and tight tommy hell come chop chop guys down all right follow the beat following thats it nice can you feel your heart rate. Coming. Up.
Yeah. Oh yeah. Hi.
Tommy. Thank. You god.
Oh. What will the motion. Say.
Nothing. Know when were walking together. I love to walk hey guys back to the beat.
Were walking walk to the beat.

how long does it take to walk 1.5 miles-1
how long does it take to walk 1.5 miles-1

Thats what gets us fit. So if any of the movements are you know youre still trying to get used to them go back to walking walk to the beat thats what gets you fit. Its not the movement its the beat the pace blow out that here were gonna change speeds a little bit little be bit we got to go faster walk one i love when theyre happy i love it take double side step.
Four three two about two touches out together out together out together out together. Nice upper body. Three types temple garlow way to heaven come on rach rach rach rach tight tummy.
I want you to always think about that for engagement. So youre strong wawk wawk wawk wawk wawk. Ready were going for three to back it up for three to come up for three to back it up three to come on i love to walk with my one guys come on and push those arms push push and push.
Whats wrong push and push and push wow. It is the best time to take a walk what time is it at your house. Thats the best time to take a walk any time of the day.
Any time of the night blow out that air all right. There is no wrong time to work out theres no wrong time to exercise. When it fits your day you get in ten minutes of this walking whoo come on go high.
There we go double side steps. And then were going to turn into a grapevine and three w. Step out two times come on back up together out together.
Thats what we wish for you what push push push eight seven six five four three arms are down guys kicks are coming hips tight time long crop. Ready kick right here now kick can okay power kick and reach toward the foot seven six real change. Those arms and reach over the head how many years no honey.
I think decade show ill i can say here. Its all your walk feel. Somewhat book all feel great strong one.
Its nothing to make it healthy choice right the best choice of your day. Take a walk thats right and just four three two i will finish up and walk walk walk. I love those kicks.
Nice new lips are coming guys.

how long does it take to walk 1.5 miles-2
how long does it take to walk 1.5 miles-2

Four more counts. Four three two now cyclic me heel knees up knees up knees up knees up bring your hands in tight dont work it just rotate toward your knee you dont even you dont want to touch it as okay hey care of the knee. I want you to get up that deep crunch.
See that hamps its deep in the belly. You get a deep crunch. Support got by the other body everything working all those muscles.
When the unloved laptop and here we go eight seven six five coming just tap that go out to the side. I dont know why the body parts dont listen i dont know yeah. Its apple and tap and tap tap off come on come on good long legs stay with me.
Well switch music. Oh. My goodness.
And then we stretch hey guys. Together out together out together. Oh wow.
You got into this small. So fast. And youre on your way out of it i need its coming up.
Quick step step step saffice up the white now oh anyway you wanna know guys you go step. Thats the way. I love it i love it thats the way thats the way thats my girl.
Suzie stephanie stephanie that we step we walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk low kicks robo looks like that word low. It was in the beginning. Little guys.
Little gentle was that nice thank you for walking with us marvin thank you doll. Thank you walking today all the way. Yeah.
We walk today and we felt so good walk real slow blow out that air you did one multi muscle walk. If you were outside and you took the music with you walk through the beat. Youd be a mile away your body can take a mile of business.
Thats how you can get fit i love it thank you .

how long does it take to walk 1.5 miles-3
how long does it take to walk 1.5 miles-3

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