5 EASY Coconut Rum Cocktails you can make at Home | Dead Mans Fingers Rum

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This video. Ive got five super easy and super tasty cocktails. Highball serves for for your favorite coconut rum.
Whether thats malibu or with about something like this is dead mans fingers coconut hi. Im steve the barman and im hoping these videos that help you to drink serve and enjoy your favorite spirits. Even more.
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It just oozes fun. There is gonna be nothing technical nothing pretentious in this video. Im gonna be using dead mans fingers coconut rum.
This is my go to this will work or all five of these will work exceptionally well with malleability big differences malibu is more for like your knees right for your first recipe. Ive already featured this before this is also big popular one on my offense. As well.
This is kind of a low calorie ish. But super tasty. Easy pina colada.
Make dont even need to shake this one. Its always super fun. So were going to make it straight into my little cool pineapple glass link links and show notes.
The way you get these from these are amazing. So. The first ingredient.
One is a 50 mil of your coconut rum next in green. You want is some origin. And it sees a little bit of sugar in this so.
This is where the sugar is coming from essentially or she is kind of an almond with a bit of orange flower or a bit of vanilla in there as well essentially almond syrup. So i am just going to 15 mil now for your mixer. I love using these you can see the other through there as well this is franklins or sons sisters so dads pineapple and cardamom.
So doug mixer hasnt got the sweetness now im just going for a hundred and fifty mil so two thirds of the camp and i saw the liquid needed look much in there. But were just now gonna top it with crushed ice just before you complete your filling take your spoon. Give a bit spur and then top.
It with a bit more crushed ice and then garnish wise just going for a slice of pineapple. A good straw. I dont think you need any citrus and now.
I think that its a well balanced and mixer. Just the super easy low calorie pina. Colada is super super.
Delicious right your second cocktail. Another super. Easy and fun.

what to mix malibu with-0
what to mix malibu with-0

One another highball. This is just a coconut raspberry and mango highball. It just works now just got five fresh raspberries.
Im just going to pop them in the bottom there and then i just 150 mil of your coconut. Rum. Williams dead mans fingers wont matter then take your muddler or rumbling ping.
What have you got you just need to bash the purees down into a little puree. Now we just need a mixer and this is where the mangos coming from these guys rubicon feature on my channel quite a lot ive just think theyre fun innocent drinks packing super flavors just lovely so im just going 150 mil of sparkling rubicon of mango now same with a pina colada. Were just from crushed ice so just virtually fill the glass up of crushed ice.
Take your spoon. And give it a good stir get all those raspberries three once thats all nicely stirred. Ive got a chunky lime wedge.
Im just gonna squeeze that in now top up a tiny bit more fresh dices and then garnish wise. Just got three raspberries. There and serve with a straw and i said my coconut raspberry mango highballs.
Lovely swizzle whatever you want to call with lovely theres one piece of bar equipment that i cannot do without when im making cocktails and thats the mess. Claw precision measure super accurate is a lot more than just a twenty five mil. Fifty mil measure inside the 25 mil end.
Weve got lines every five mil in the 50 mil end. Weve got lines every. 10 mil.
Why is that important because not all cocktails call. For 25 mil of this or 50ml of them so. When you need 15 mil of lime juice or ten mill of sugar syrup.
The mess claw precision measure is just absolutely amazing right cocktail number three against a simple name. Ive just called this a coconut and kiwi dream. Its really lovely got about two thirds of a kiwi.
Theyre just theyre sort of cube peeled and then and cubed down. Ive just saved a little bit at the end for fry. The garnish with a little wheel.
Because thats nice and ripe. But dont need to add anything to it at this but at this station. Im just going to muddle.
It turn out to a nice kind of puree name is your seo ingredients. Im going ten mill to start off with of lemon juice. Going fifty mil of your coconut rum and then i just want.
50 mil of a proper hundred percent. Pressed at pineapple juice. This is just tesco zone.
I just decant into these bottles because it makes it easier for the poorest for events. And so im just going. A 50 mil pineapple juice.

what to mix malibu with-1
what to mix malibu with-1

Now. Im just going to top this with crushed ice just before you fill it up completely with ice just take your spoon give it a quick stir and then just gonna top. It with a little bit more crushed ice and then just to garnish.
Ive just got a kiwi wheel. Theyre served with a little sip straw mat. Its my coconut kiwi dream running cocktail number four.
Were going for a coconut daiquiri. Whenever youre making cocktails with rama you have to make a daiquiri. It is the law super easy so refreshing drink really night love each drink.
Lovely. So were just going to serve. It in on nick and nora gasps firstly.
These dudes just chill it down you know get a shake the cocktail. So were going to make it in our cocktail shaker first ingredient you want is 50 mil of your coconut rum. The greedy anumber.
2. Is a freshly squeezed lime juice. 15.
Mil. An ingredient number three. Is your sugar sugar for me.
And daiquiris is very much about your palate is always adjust the taste. And my opinion. You should never let a bartender.
Tell you it should have this much sugar in it weve all got different palates. So different people will need different amounts of sugar. Thats my personal belief for me.
Im going equal amounts of sugar to the lime juice. So im going. 15.
The batteries are kind of like the rough from ready drinks theyre really just so just so quick to make yes. But i always like to shake with crushed ice. It just gives that tiny little bit more diluting so just that crushed ice.
Were just gonna shake this for about 12 seconds. Now for me again theres no right or wrong with this if i was going for a larger martini glass like this i would just single strain this cocktail. But as im going for a smaller nick and nora gasps.
I am actually going to double strain this so were going to run it through hawthorn strength a single strain and then double strain it for a tea strainer get rid of your ice and then single a double strain and then just the garnish whatever you fancy you could do kind of a smaller language. But you could do a lime wedge on the side. But i like using a dehydrated.
This is dehydrated lemon. Just thats a nice little color contrast on to the top done with you can see that im try and get it on the camera. But that is a such a simple coconut a daiquiri cheers.

what to mix malibu with-2
what to mix malibu with-2

Now your fifth and final coconuts rum cocktail. This one i really like this it actually. This is courtesy of dead mans fingers.
And this is their chile frost line. Ive just flipped a couple of little ingredients just to make it i think a little bit easier and cleaner to make if you like so this is the chile frostbite. But its cod.
So hes gonna get served in a nice highball. Ive got you going to shake this and you dont have to you could just build stir and so im just going to shake it so in a cocktail shaker first ingredient 50 mil of your coconut rum ingredient number two 20 mil of freshly squeezed lime juice. The third ingredient.
Im going for is some honey syrup and id love to use honey syrups. One of my favorite syrups. The work we especially on cocktails.
Just lovely. And so i think percy this needs about five mill with honey syrup. You could go slightly more than five mill works on me now the fourth ingredient.
This is kind of where the flip is the original recipe has sort of a chile azure muddled in there and on. But i actually think the chile syrup gives it a much cleaner and a much easier way of making a drink and its a lovely tasting. Chili syrup as well so for me equal amounts to the honey syrup.
So i just did five honey syrup. Im going five. Chile syrup.
And then just to finish this off. Im going. 75 mil of a proper pressed hundred percent.
Pressed apple juices. Keep saying supermarket brands are fine. Its long since the press stuff.
Not the clear stuff from concentrator. Okay. So one hundred percent.
Pressed apple juice 75. Mil next. These things just ice down your cocktail shaker.
So completely fill up with ice. Itll just be shake hard and fast for about 12 seconds. When youre happy is cold enough no need to strain it or anything like that im just gonna pour straight in and see my bible box music now if you need to just top.
Out with a little bit more ice and then just the garnish. Ive got one were just going for a little chilly on the side. There.
If you dont like things too hot make sure. No the seeds go in the drink serve it with a straw and that is dead mans fingers chilly frostbite there we have it boys and girls they are my five five of loads or coconut rum cocktails make sure you hit that subscribe button. I will see you in my very next video.

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what to mix malibu with-3

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