Argan Oil Benefits for Natural Hair- Less Breakage, Hair Growth, Shine and More (4c Hair)

argan oil for natural hair This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Argan Oil Benefits for Natural Hair- Less Breakage, Hair Growth, Shine and More (4c Hair). Following along are instructions in the video below:
Whats up yall. Its not a full all up in your screen. Screen.
Today. I want to talk to you about argan oil and how it benefits hair. If you dont know about argan oil in todays video.
Hopefully well give you some education about it i hope so lets get right into this video. Not school checking in its front of time. Lets go i want to quickly.
Say make sure you check the description box. Y.all.
Ill put a lot of information. In there. That i probably cannot fit in my five minute videos.
So please make sure you check it out alright yall. So before i take this face off. Because im not go running.
Hence. The reason i have this all on me. I want to tell you about argan oil.
Now. Im gonna tell you right now yall. Know i know about cooking oil.
You know i know about horror. All you know i know about a shea butter and autumn. Kind of oils but i dont talk about argan oil too much um.
I didnt vlog video boom right there. And i think i mentioned the reason. I liked that dryer is because it has an argan oil strip and argan oil yall.
Its a what i love oils period like in love if i can marry oils. I would okay argan oil. I think is one all that a lot of us natural sleep on so let me tell you about it today.
I receive this bottle of argan oil from a company called prim fox brim did not pay me no coins. Y.all.
They didnt give me no dollars. They didnt give me no sense okay so this is not a purchase or balt opinion. What it is is that they gave me their products for free and they just like you know what never feel if you like it you know can just tell you peoples about it luckily for them.
I do like it. Okay. The wonderful argan oil moroccan argan oil yes made in morocco.
I want to go to morocco. Okay. Anyway.
This is a wonderful oil is very rich in omega 3s and 9. And its very rich in vitamin e. In fact.
It has three times. More vitamin e. And it does as opposed to other oils.
It helps in it helps treating split ends it helps us with single strand knots. Okay hello. It helps with dry brittle hair.
It also helps with adding luster and shine to our hair. Hence. The reason.
My blowout was so bouncy in that car nair blowout video. I did its because of that argan oil strip. Argan oil has also been known in helping with with heat.
So if you use blow dryers like i did or if you happen to be a flat iron and flat iron and natural moroccan.

argan oil for natural hair-0
argan oil for natural hair-0

Argan oil is great to use thats why you see a lot of hair stylists use it when a flatiron our hair. Its very rich its very nutrient. Its very its non greasy.
So its not clogging a. Damn thing yall. This is why i believe thats what helps it be great for our hair our skin and our nails.
Im gonna put a link that is that gives you a lot more details about argan oil. Okay also hope everything i said today makes sense. And i hope it helps and for one of yall.
Youre going to be able to experience to what i am talking about cuz. Its giveaway time. Yes.
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How do you know you are subscribed to nappy fo. Tv. Let me tell you you second.
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All right yall. Thats real simple one of them all you gotta do is just click subscribe. The other room is gonna type a couple of words in the comment box below.
Thats simple as hell right okay. So i appreciate you watch another video. Im about to go and erase this face and get ready to beast this workout.
I hope you worked out today too yall. Y.all.
Do know working out. Its good. For her right.
Yall. Do know working out does help my hair summer. Working out beast.
Okay. Im gonna work out till my hair gets to my butt. Okay videos.
I really do them out of the goodness of my heart. Because i really want yall. To know about these products.
That she is loving okay. So now that you know about it spread the word. Tell somebody else about argan oil.
Oh. They dont exa. My dlc you got by argan oil.
No i dont watch this video. Okay and also share over for see your videos yall. Its about time for our videos to go viral like the other hair textures okay.
And we need your help to do it. Alright. Yall.
So until next time. Remember to have healthy hair got rid of healthy things this these videos all about precone creep on with the conditioner versus frequency oil. Im going to explain to you why this one and this one dont even compare oh.

argan oil for natural hair-1
argan oil for natural hair-1

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