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Everyone welcome back to my channel guys and today. Im going to do a a wash for you guys. And i will be using the miracle alright and it organic argan oil shampoo and condition and throw this wash.
I will be explaining to you nine tips on why you should consider using argan oil in your hair or even use argan oil. Shampoo and conditioner. The number one reason for using argan oil is that it eliminates dangers and it helps to fight against giant cow.
So guys if you use argan oil it will reduce the amount of time job and dry scalp. You have. And it is very high in vitamin e.
And antioxidants number. Two reason is that it came freeze.

argan oil for black hair-0
argan oil for black hair-0

Flyaways and repair split ends. If you use the argan oil as an 11 conditioner. Thing.
It will provide split ends and it will team freeze for your twist. Out number three. You protect your hair from heat.
Hello oh. Its when you like your flat iron your hair are you employer he wrote when you finish washing it do you know with the blow dryer you normally blow your hair out if you a particular hear from heat damage number four treat dry brittle hair. Argan oil.
Is can be used overnight as a deep conditioner treatment. If youre here is try a blue brittle once a week.

argan oil for black hair-1
argan oil for black hair-1

So if you use this once a week. It will help your hair to retain its moisture number five it protect your hair from swimming. If youre going swimming.
You know the water can damage your hair. It will protect your hair from sweat. When youre while youre swimming.
It also treats hear loss and in both men and women because i can i help to prevent ear hair loss by ensuring that you do not lose your molecules. Then youre able to grow. What happens if they you lose them youll be able to grow it back number seven.
It defines curl as you can see in the in the video how its defined in my curls. My curls are like popping out guys this conditioner and shampoo it they really surprised me it really does what it said look how my hair is the curl is definition is super super defined anastos shampoo and conditioner.

argan oil for black hair-2
argan oil for black hair-2

Number eight give your hair shine and glow. So if you apply a few drops of argan oil every day. It will make your hair look shiny more luscious and even give it more glowing appearance.
So guys number nine. It will protect your hair from this sun. When you plan to spend time in the sun.
Before going outside apply a few of argan oil youre here to prevent some damage so guys you see how many benefit that this have its absolutely amazing look how healthy my hair looks very healthy after using it for one wash look at it its very shiny and healthy so guys. This is what i did to it i just put it in six twists. Because i will not be styling.
It today. I will be standing it throughout the week and making some videos for you guys and guys. I hope you enjoyed this video.
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argan oil for black hair-3
argan oil for black hair-3

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