Atlanta Security Guard Bluecard License- Atlanta Georgia – Official Part 1

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Guys. This is major gardner with georgia security agency. Comm and today.
Im going going to be answering some questions that i get via phone. Quite. Often and see we can make all the information.
Nice and clear and crisp for everyone that way you dont have to waste a lot of time calling in. But if you like you can we prefer the emails. My email address and the company.
Email address is on the website. Georgia security agency. Comm.
My email is major at georgia security agency.

who is hiring for security guards in atlanta-0
who is hiring for security guards in atlanta-0

Comm alright. So were going to get into the questions that i get asked quite frequently. I want to clear the air on all these questions so we can get you in here and get you trained get you certified.
So you can get out there get some work how to become a security guard specifically unarmed security guard. Im talking about the armed security officer on the armed security officer training page. Theres a separate video for that this is specifically about the unarmed security guard training state certification.
So the first question i get all the time major. What are the requirements for becoming an armed security officer. The first requirement is that youre 18 years or older.
The second requirement would be that youre physically capable to perform the duties of a security officer. As well as the judgmental skills and good decision making skills. But for us to train you you have to be at least 18 years or older to become an unarmed security officer as well as as well as being able to physically you know have transportation to get to our location for training everyday.
And also when you go get a job of course to stay on the job and and do what youre supposed to do there.

who is hiring for security guards in atlanta-1
who is hiring for security guards in atlanta-1

Because you know we train you and our name is on your certification. So that reflects us as well one of the other questions i get quite often from that same demographic that age group 18 to 21 or 22 years old major do i have to have a high school diploma or a or a ged to take the training and the answer is no thats not a requirement in order to take the training that may be a requirement or may not be by an employer. But its not a requirement to be able to come in and fulfill the requirements of the training and get your state certification.
All right some of the other questions we get hey major how long is the course how long does it take to get certified as an armed security officer. So ive asked to be real specific. Its three days each day is eight hours when you finish the three days.
Youll have a total of 24 hours of basic unarmed security guard training thats what the state requires you have and thats what your certification will be for some of the other items that may thatll be in the training. Youll get basic knowledge of how they work fire extinguishers. You know typical fire watch type scenarios.
The laws. The guidelines. The ordinances in regards to armed security officers.
So on and so forth all right next question.

who is hiring for security guards in atlanta-2
who is hiring for security guards in atlanta-2

The location where are you guys located well. Were located in norcross about 10 minutes from 285 luke and were off of peachtree industrial boulevard. Were located in a busy strip mall and our shooting ranges across the parking lot so everything restaurants that the training classrooms.
Shooting range everything is in the same location. We dont put the address on the website. Because quite frankly we get too.
Many unannounced visitors and they stop in and just want to ask questions. And it interrupts the classes it takes up a lot of our staffs time so we remove the address. We know that serious people like you will contact us via.
Phone or shoot us an email pay the registration and get involved get scheduled to take the course. And then get on down the road. So thats why the address isnt on the website anymore next question major whats the cost well.
I dont like to call it cost because when youre training youre bettering yourself youre improving yourself youre adding skillsets to yourself. So lets change the cost with the term investment. Whats the investment the investment for the unarmed security officer training is only 349 thats what gets you state certified to work in the state of georgia.
So if youre out there performing unarmed security guards are .

who is hiring for security guards in atlanta-3
who is hiring for security guards in atlanta-3

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