AWP Passenger Seat Mobile Office: Keep Your Gear Organized

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With you once again. Its tim from everyday tactical vids. And today.
Werere taking a look at this product from awp this is the passenger seat mobile. I picked this up over at lowes it only ran me five dollars actually four dollars and 98 cents. And ill just grab the information here and show it to you as you can see its basically something you can put on your car seat like so and it organizes a lot of your items.
So you can put this in a front seat back seat. If you have a bench seat you can certainly put it in the middle on the front seat. If you wanted to do that and that was safe based on you know your type of vehicle but for four dollars 98 cents.
I thought id pick it up ill show you what it looks like here. Well talk about some of the different features and then ill show you what it looks like actually in my car. Lets talk about the size here first your width is about 15 inches.
And your death is just gonna be a little bit over 12 and then your actual height of this item is gonna be a little bit less than 12 as well youve got these three main compartments this middle. One is a little bit smaller than the outer. Two you also have this front section.
So you have mesh here mesh.

car organizer front seat office-0
car organizer front seat office-0

Here and then a pocket here as well. There is a set of pockets in between this main section and the front section. Here and then you can also fold this section back and theres a large deep pocket back here now one of the cool features as well as you can take out this divine of this divider or this divider push this forward.
And then you have one very large pocket basically just the entire thing becomes one huge storage space and again. This is what it looks like when you fold. This over and velcro into place like that now this didnt come with any instructions.
But it looks like on the back here we got two more sections. Where you can store on this side. And over on this side.
As well store more items and then it looks like this hook. And loop. Closure is actually for attaching it somehow to your car.
Seat and one thing. Ill note is that just whenever you have you know items in a car that are not completely secured. If do get into an accident or you do you know you do have to swerve or stop suddenly.
Some of these items can fly out so you want to be selective with what you put in there so that you know you dont get hurt.

car organizer front seat office-1
car organizer front seat office-1

If you do have to stop suddenly or you get into a an accident of some sort let me share. What i have in here and ill note two things first. This is gonna be filled with items that relate to your physical environment.
So if youre in a hot environment versus. The cold environment a wet environment versus a dry environment. Thats going to influence what you put in here and secondly how youre going to utilize these items will certainly influence what you put in here everything in this for me is either for my personal use or for giveaway.
So ive got all these items in here that will help me. But also if i come across somebody who say doesnt have a hat does have a poncho. I can give those items away starting in the back.
Here. Ive got two fleece blankets. An extra hat a poncho and some bottled water.
Ive got a pencil a sharpie and two pens down here. Ive got some baby wipes. Which obviously if i have two kids.
Its gonna be helpful.

car organizer front seat office-2
car organizer front seat office-2

But just for general cleanup of spills and such thats good to have ive got my high vis gear. And that is a high visibility hat reflective vest and reflective wrist. Straps care about an extra high vis vest.
My princeton tech fuel headlamp and two plastic bags just for garbage. Or general use. Well here.
Ive got a basic first aid kit. It is an adventure medical kits at a base and that ive added some other things to it and i certainly have a more advanced kit from this in the trunk of my car. Weve got this great book north american wildlife great resource.
If im out and you know well get a chance to get into the woods a little bit and im looking up something because i dont know the name of a tree or a plant or animal. I always have this available on around hot hands just a way to help people warm up and then a cd series that ive been listening to ive got one two three different flashlights. I can use or giveaway.
Ive got a charger for my iphone. Some dental floss. Some nail clippers.
A small set of binoculars.

car organizer front seat office-3
car organizer front seat office-3

Ive got a card for a like a rewards plan at the gas station. We go to most often a new testament and some other literature in case. People want to have some spiritual discussion got a lighter here some altoids and some chapstick and then ive got some hersheys bars and some mentos and then to clif bars heres what it looks like in the backseat.
This is on the passenger side of my car. And i will note that it does take up the full seating area of that seat so i dont think youre gonna put this in and then squeeze somebody next to it its going to take up that full seat in your car. So i obviously have the drivers seat open my passenger seat open.
I have a seat in the middle in the back and then a seat behind the driver in the back. So ive got four seats plus this in my car. I like this its been working for me for the past three weeks.
Its easy to access the items in it and it keeps them nice and organized or not you know all over your car or in various places. Theyre all in one confined and controlled location for five bucks. This is pretty hard to beat.
I put a link down below so you can check it out if you want to see more details or get more information on it and you can definitely order it directly from lowes as well ill give you updates as i use it more and let you know how it works out. Thanks as always for checking out the videos. Please subscribe to everyday tactical vids.
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Take care you .

car organizer front seat office-4
car organizer front seat office-4

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