Backpack Reviews for Pottery Barn kids, PBTeen and L.L. Bean

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Were reviewing backpacks and this is the older pottery of our pottery barn model model pre k. Backpack. The child that used this was three years old and four old.
And it fits. A child who is about 36 to 42 inches. Tall.
Its 10 inches in height 10 and 3 4. Inches. In height.
8. And a half inches wide. And it has a four and a quarter inch depth.
I wouldnt recommend this for kindergarten. Because it will fit a standard sized pencil box and thats about it it will not fit a standard size folder. Which your child will probably need in kindergarten as well as lunch.

ll bean backpack for girls-0
ll bean backpack for girls-0

So my child used it for lunch and a water bottle. And it can be used for pretty much any other needs. A preschooler may have and that is the pre k.
Sized. Backpack and just so you can compare this is now the small older model version of the pottery barn backpack. So we went from pre k to small and then put the pre k.
One. Aside this fit my child who was 5 years old and 6 years old so in kindergarten and first grade. It went through two years of elementary school.
If its children 43 to 49 inches tall. It has dimensions that are 15 inches in height 12 inches in depth and 6 inches. 12.
Inches. Wide and 6 inches. In depth.

ll bean backpack for girls-1
ll bean backpack for girls-1

It does fit. The standard pencil box. Standard size folder.
And i did also pack a lunch box and water bottle. It has the headphone compartment tissue whatever else youd like to put in there. It has one pocket on the inside as well.
And it has a padded handle and the organizer compartment and as well the two water bottle side pouches. Which fit a standard thermos water bottle and a padded back and it went through two years of elementary school. So just again in comparison here is now the ll bean jr.
Its not the junior. Its the ll bean discovery. Kids glo backpack.
So heres the difference in size between a small pottery barn and the ll bean discovery backpack because ill put that one. Aside. This fits.

ll bean backpack for girls-2
ll bean backpack for girls-2

A child who is between 40 and 42 inches. Tall. The dimensions on this is 16 inches in height 13 inches in width and a six inch depth.
You can see this has a glow in the dark butterfly and reflective strips on the front as well as the back which i really like adjustable straps on all the backpacks. Ive had it back and not a padded handle which i actually like because it fits on different size hooks. It has the front compartment for small its actually pretty deep.
But you can fit a pencil box in there a smaller pencil boxy. Organizer compartment with each key ring and the main compartment which is again the pencil box your standard size folder. We also put their lunch box and water bottle in there.
And it also has the smaller compartment and this by far so far is one of my favorite backpacks and my child was it the next backpack is the pottery barn of teen. And were moving up in size here. And this is the difference between the ll bean discovery and the pottery barn teen.
The pottery barn teen has the paracord which you can use for jackets. Or a stuffed animal. If they want to take it to school.

ll bean backpack for girls-3
ll bean backpack for girls-3

It has the organizer compartment the metal carabiner in the front as well as one on the back strap. This fits. A teenager the dimensions for this teen backpack.
The overall dimensions are 13 inches in height 8. Im sorry 13 inches. In width 18 inches in height and an 8 inch depth.
So pretty wide. It has again the organizer compartment an extra compartment and the main compartment has the headphone dock port. And it has a very nicely padded laptop compartment on the in the main compartment and i dont know if you can see how nicely padded this back panel is but its actually really nice and my seven year old child uses this backpack as a school backpack and that and that child is in second grade.
Again. Standard size compartment just to show you the reference again of size here is a pottery barn teen. The ll bean discovery.
An older model of pottery barn. Small and an older model of the pottery barn pre k. And i hope.
This review will help you to decide or give you better options for shopping for backpacks totally didnt make sense. But .

ll bean backpack for girls-4
ll bean backpack for girls-4

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