Bass Pro Eclipse 6 Person Cabin Tent

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Everyone this is unit. 13 here on scene at the homestead. Im going to to do a quick video here about this bass pro eclipse six man cabin tent has four metal shock corded stakes.
Two shock corded or bungeed fiberglass stakes er stakes. I just said stakes. I meant poles its four steel poles.
One for each corner here and then two you can see that dome shape up there on the top or arch. That comes from the two fiberglass poles. That go up there go over a quick modification that i did here.
There is a ingress and egress for either hot or air conditioned air that way these tents can be used in different climates then ill go over some of the interior modifications that i did to the tent. Lets see it takes 13 stakes to set this tent into the ground. There are six stakes for the tent base itself for the actual tent and then the fly here has the seven guide lines that come off of it to help hold this tent down.
Theres also in addition to the poles. Theres another fiberglass pole that holds this oops. This ridge right here in place and out over the door of the tent.
Ill show you the stakes that we use here in the sand in florida. It probably takes about 20 minutes to set this tent up by yourself using these kind of stakes. I use an impact driver to get those things into the ground otherwise itd take probably 45 minutes to set that up using a just doing anything by hand.
Ill just put it that way. Im going to walk around to the side.

bass pro shop camping tents-0
bass pro shop camping tents-0

Here here. We can see these guy lines coming off of that fly and then those additional stakes that are theres the four here on the corner. And then the dogs got to be in the scene.
There and then theres one of those stakes. There walk around to the back here. Theres the guylines coming off the back supporting that theres really not much to talk about here okay.
Im gonna stop this gonna go in okay. Im inside the tent here just go over a couple of the modifications that i made on the interior. I made some vinyl windows for this that way if i am going to air conditioner or heat.
This thing itll hold the heat in but ill still be able to look outside and see whats going on out. There. I only did it to these three just three sections here.
But not the door theres a window that goes across the door. I didnt want to mess around with that and then theres also these net sections up here. Thats got the mosquito net in it i also did those as well the glasses is on the glass.
The vinyls on the outside of those that way. I didnt have to put a support here and it wouldnt sag on the interior. It just lays across that mesh and theres theres plenty of space here im gonna back out a little bit plenty of space here inside this tent.
Ive got them really set aside as individual quarters. The nine by ten foot floor footprint.

bass pro shop camping tents-1
bass pro shop camping tents-1

There is really just about the size of a small room so you could set up a. I dont i dont use cots. Id rather just sleep right on the ground and then put my padding down.
Here. Im much much more comfortable with that and then you can put a cot or your bedroll down on here and then in this section. Here.
Its big enough you can put various tables you could even set up like a small seating area. If you wanted to sit up in an actual chair or something like that but theres its its big enough you could put one of those larger roll roll up tables in here. Sorry.
I didnt put any of that stuff in here. But its nine by ten you can figure out whether your stuff will fit or not in there same thing for over here. Im gonna go inside real quick here go back and focus here.
So this whole section. Here. I dont count on putting anything in here.
Except for the either a heater or air conditioning units. Or venting. What however.
The setup is at the time it could be one of those portable air conditioners or it could be something thats thats run on the exterior into the interior here either way. I just reserved that and then the other thing.

bass pro shop camping tents-2
bass pro shop camping tents-2

I forgot to do when i was had these under the sewing machine is i wanted to put a couple more velcro tabs in this area. Theres one right. There that way i could run it with an extension cord going to kneel down an extension cord.
All the way up through here to this section and then run light fixtures or whatever i wanted to up here at this top section. But i think theres enough probably the cord will droop a little bit. But i think between that little tab there and then the velcro down here.
I think that will probably work if i get in the mood. One of these days. Ill also sew more tabs up and through here or possibly like a velcro or not a velcro.
But a tube of fabric the cord can be run down all the way the entire length that way it just lays inside there and it wont dont droop down at all alright and then i dont think i talked about this these this this is design so thats what when i want to take this down quickly those can just be taken off and then we can switch right over to just using the vented windows. There thats why i did that velcro system that way because if its a nice fall evening and you want a good breeze in there. Theres no need for air conditioner or heater might as well use those vented windows.
Okay. Ill talk a moment about the tent set up this section of video here has been consolidated down from about 21 and a half minutes. But thats all it takes for one person to set it up first we start off with the poles.
Theres the two fiberglass ones at the top. There are the four steel ones down below there and then the support that goes across the front of the tent fly over the door each of those four steel poles goes into this little metal peg thats connected by webbing to the floor of the tent. And then once the crossmember fiberglass poles are in place.
The next step is to put the steel poles into these angled pieces here that are on each each of the corners of the tent. The reason.

bass pro shop camping tents-3
bass pro shop camping tents-3

Im showing this photo here is it has that 140 degree marking on it thats the side that the steel poles goes into the other end of that little plastic thing. There is actually too small. So theres theres a large opening and a small opening.
The small opening is for the fiberglass poles the large opening marked 140 degrees is for the steel poles and if you watch this little section of video here you can see that it doesnt take much to set it up it was a little warm today and i wasnt trying to move fast also i was filming the process which slowed things down. But i would say a good 15 or 20 minutes without interruption will have this tent set up very quickly. There.
Theres really not a whole lot to talk about im pretty satisfied with this tent. So far. I havent weathered a heavy storm in it.
But ive had it set up out here before i did any modifications in some mild storms and it didnt leak. But im anticipating that it would under heavy rain. However its a nice little tent for the price.
And it would be really great just individual quarters set up you could put two people in there comfortably. Its supposed to be six man thats if theyre youre not using utilizing that floor space for anything else. But i would rather just keep these as individual quarters under the circumstances or maybe double up.
But that would be the most people out try to stick into this thing maybe use one of those bunk beds cot bunk bed systems in here might work pretty good for a couple of people but other than that im not sure if theres anything else to add to this video. I know that when i tested the air conditioner in here. If i dont have that ive got one of those single hose portable air conditioners.
If i dont have part of that single hose air conditioner turned into a double hose itll start just collapsing the tent trying to suck air into it its pretty amazing to watch. I forgot to videotape it but its amazing to watch this tent the floor and everything just start just vacuum itself into the middle. There alright lets see i think thats all for this little video.
This is unit 13. Im out .

bass pro shop camping tents-4
bass pro shop camping tents-4

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