Battle of the LOOSE POWDERS | CoverFX vs. Laura Mercier

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Guys. Its jess again today. Im going to share with you a comparison comparison maybe theyre dupes for each other video of two different loose powders.
One a favorite that ive loved for a while now to laura mercier loose setting powder. Its in the shade translucent. But the other one that a lot of people have been asking me how it compares to the laura mercier.
One is this coverfx. One called the perfect setting powder. These were both sent to me so im really not biased in this way.
Its not a sponsored video at all im really going to give you my honest opinion on both of these so i have a demo of me applying these if you want to only see the demo of these side by side. I will put the timestamps here on the screen as well as a clickable time stamp down below. If you want to hear about these products and the claims.
They have the prices in comparison. Lets go and talk about that right now. So the laura mercier when im on the forests website.
Its thirty eight dollars compared to the cover effects. Setting powder. Which is thirty five.
So theres a difference of three dollars. The laura mercier is one ounce and this one is no. Way oh my gosh so this is one.
Ounce this is only 035 ounces for 35 and if youre thinking. Grams. That might be easier to understand 29 grams.
On the laura mercier for 38 for three dollars less youre only getting 10 grams. So its almost tripled the amount for three dollars more that is so surprisingly. But now that im like looking at the packaging.
It makes sense because this is filled this is only filled to here because theres a little sister. So wow. Lets talk about the packaging.
So the cover fx. One the lid twirls off now what i love about this packaging is this is built in so it actually stays on so you still have all the powder. There but it clicks oops you can see it flying it clicks in and so then its protected so its awesome for travel.
It doesnt get everywhere. Its awesome just generally so when you open it theres not powder flying so that i think is amazing.

cover fx perfect setting powder reviews-0
cover fx perfect setting powder reviews-0

Its such a smart design. The laura mercier one you open it life is kind of mattified. I do think the packaging looks nicer on this but of course.
It is just open. So theres a huge risk of when you open. It powder just squirting everywhere.
Etc. Now these both the lids grew on really types of all disease. So.
I mean if youre traveling with it its not going to like open and still into your bag. Unless you just didnt screw the lid on so theres i mean theyre both fine for travel. But i do think the packaging.
The coverfx one with that foot that part is really smart alright. I love doing these videos. This is like fun like im researching with you guys so im on support website with the cover fx.
So lets read the claims of this so it says. Its an ultra translucent loose powder that sets makeup for all day wear while imparting a soft focus airbrushed finish. Thats why ive loved.
The laura mercier. So they both have that same idea where it really softens your look it kind of if you feel like youve got like splotchiness or maybe you feel like your contour is a little like its sticking out and its not blended well with your blush and your highlight you know this is a great way if you just kind of dust on your face. It really does soften and blur your look if youre nervous about using setting powders.
You want ones like this not necessarily be white white setting powders because those are the ones that can not always. But can look like theres flashback or theres you know just kind of cakiness and its like why is my face so much paler. These dont do that these are really amazing and kind of foolproof alright.
So again still the cover fx. 1. Says.
This ultra lightweight loose setting powder. Is consciously formulated without talc for an incredibly translucent finish that sets makeup for all they wear minimize this transfer. Without adding any color to the skin or overpowering your foundation finish that is one thing you know if you want a glowy look.
But you still want to set. It this does a great job both of them do at setting your makeup. Without completely taking away that nice.
Dewy finish. It da boy does take a little bit away.

cover fx perfect setting powder reviews-1
cover fx perfect setting powder reviews-1

But you can still see your skin. You can still you know it really does a nice job ideal for the baking makeup technique. This setting powder is formulated with light diffusing particles that blur and smooth for a skin perfecting airbrush effect.
Doesnt look choppy or drive features universal shade for a translucent finish on all skin tones. So it has this one which is for light medium and then they had medium deep. Which is a you know its a much deeper tone.
So i think that its awesome that has more than one shade because then you know youve got a much deeper skin tone. Youre looking at this like okay. No thats going to make me look like a ghost.
They have an option that works and again theyre both translucent so it doesnt need to match your skin tone. But its nice to have one thats a lot closer to your skin tone than not so. I think that was so smart of them so now lets read the laura mercier claim.
It says. A cult favorite is the award winner silky powder with the touch of to your coverage to set makeup for lasting work. So it locks and makeup for long lasting words.
They both do and if you saw i did do a an instagram post like sponsored by laura mercier. A couple months ago. Theres so much drama around that it was crazy anyway.
But where i have lipstick on my hand and then when you put this powder on it and you like push and white. It does not move and the idea is that these types of powders. Really do an amazing job of keeping your foundation in place.
It does not move. It is so amazing like you could literally wipe. It and it doesnt move it doesnt add any weight or texture creates a modern matte finish with the touch of sheer coverage.
It absorbs oil reduces shine so this does not have those claims so i do think these are very very similar and youll see that in the demo. Its almost undetectably different. But i do think this does a better job of letting your skin kind of breathe through it whereas this does mattify so if you dont want more matte skin.
You might want to opt for the cover fx. One the powder is a little denser than an average powder providing super smooth even application and blending no flashback this one specifically says no flashback to cover fx. One.
I have not noticed any class rep with it either. I think its interesting. Though that it doesnt say that it doesnt have flashback right.
I mean it just seems odd. But definitely not with the laura mercier.

cover fx perfect setting powder reviews-2
cover fx perfect setting powder reviews-2

Its a mating makeup arts that use this because there is no chance for flashbacks. You look great in photos creates a soft focus effect to subtly blur the look of fine lines and imperfections. It will not settle into fine lines or pores and never looks cakey now again talking about my fine lines.
I talk about them a lot under my eyes. Neither one of these i mean you can still see my fine line. So i dont think that either one of them dont sink into fine lines.
I think they do but again i havent found one that doesnt anyway so its not really a surprise to me. Oh. My gosh guys.
I was wrong. Laura mercier has two shades as well they have the lighter one and the deeper one how did i not know that thats awesome so they have translucent and then translucent medium deep so its the same two tone. I feel crazy that i feel like they didnt used to have that maybe i just didnt look close enough thats awesome.
Though the. Oh yeah okay. It says the just release.
Translucent medium. Deep. Shade was designed to be completely translucent on medium deep to the deepest skintone ensuring that every skin tone gets a perfectly flawless translucent finish.
Thats awesome i like to wear these typically today. I typically like to wear these before i put on blush and highlighter and bronzer because it does a great job of setting the foundation underneath so that way when i go to put on a blush. It doesnt just get stuck on an area that happens to still be tacky.
So i love that for this. But you can also top your makeup with it just to kind of make it all look a little more seamless. So either way or you could do both.
But thats just kind of the way i do it lets go ahead and get into the demo of me applying needs on two different sides of my face. So lets try these two. Im going to use this in two ways.
Im going to kind of bake with it not baked baked. Im just going to really set my under eye. But im going to use a beauty blender.
So im not going to do all the contouring and stuff. And now. Im just going to set with just a powder brush the rest of my face.
Thats how i use it naturally so i want to be you know kind of authentic with you guys and not you know there are a lot of other people that use it in a lot of ways differently than me all right so i actually have two different concealers on as well ive got too many variables going on in this science experiment. But i have the cap on d lock.

cover fx perfect setting powder reviews-3
cover fx perfect setting powder reviews-3

It concealer over here and the tarte shape tape over here because im also doing another video. So im just going to kind of lightly set this area with powder and then im going to do the same with a different part of the beauty blender for this side. So im going to leave that on for just a little bit not perfect thats okay.
But i am going to take a powder brush now i kind of lightly tap it off because need a ton for this laura mercier. Im just going to kind of set the rest of my makeup with it so i like doing you know pretty much everywhere because these really do make a difference in how long your foundation stays trying to only say stay on the side this side and just kind of set. Im not i dont have a ton on my brush.
Because i dont really need a ton. But i do like how this totally makes a difference in how long your foundation stays on so my skin is definitely modified let me kind of zoom in here. You can certainly see dry skin on both sides thats more my skin than anything.
But i feel like its a little bit drier on this side than this side. Like the the fine lines are a little bit more pronounced on this side that could just be my eyes are different you know. But i do feel like it is a little bit drier everything else pretty much looks the same.
I think end of the day. This ones a little bit more mattifying than this one price wise. Youre getting way way more three times as much with the laura mercier.
They both have those two different skin tones. So that doesnt really matter you know you could go either way. With it if you like the packaging of the cover fx.
One with that lift off thing so theres definitely a lot of pros for both hardly really any cons for either one. Its kind of just which brands you want to buy or really. If you want to just get more bang for your buck.
So both good. I know like i dont know this video is helpful or not because when theres not that many differences between them and theyre so similar and price wise. Theyre i guess the same.
But really not if you really think about it its hard to know if this is helpful for you guys so let me know if it was i love doing these comparison kind of videos. Im filming a bunch of these today just because i was in the mood to like do some research and compare different products side by side. Im wearing two different concealers today.
What else am. I do what else that i do im wearing well i guess im not wearing two different foundations. Im wearing a neutrogena one.
But i applied in two different ways so if those videos are up i will link them because i like i said i sold a bunch today if not stay tuned. Because theyll be up there soon. I hope youll subscribe in the meantime and catch me on my social media.
Which is right up there and say hi and i will see you guys in my next video bye. .

cover fx perfect setting powder reviews-4
cover fx perfect setting powder reviews-4

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