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And welcome to todays video. Im going to be going through some of of the most exciting and efficient wallet cases that are available to the newly released se. We have created todays lineup in the hope that there is something that will suit everyone so no matter.
What your budget is or style. There is sure to be something for you the first of our wallet cases today is this classy otterbox strata leather folio case. The contrast of the genuine leather and the perfectly integrated rubber edging looks stunning.
I personally think the overall look of the cover is without a doubt. Stylish and acceptable for any occasion with this case attached to your phone. It not only receives all round protection.
But also lifts the exterior visuals of your device. Despite the cover already providing your handset with the ultimate protection. There is also a raised lip situated around the edge of the phones display to enforce extra security for when your phone is open and placed screened down ottobocks have really created this case to ensure your phone is visually pleasing.
But also receiving high end protection. The screens cover is fastened down with the use of a strong magnet. This works and looks immaculately well.
There is no unnecessary clip on the case to attach them together. It is highly unlikely that this will open on its own accord as the magnetism is strong enough to secure down when not in use but easy to open when needing to access your phone you are able to recognize the location of your exterior buttons as the cover is elevated around where they are positioned so even with the buttons protected youre able to adjust the volume of your music. You can continue listening and charging your device as like before as even when the case is attached the inputs of your phone are not in any way obstructed um next.
We have this extravagant multi purpose case. Which has been created by elixir. This case is the sole purpose of ensuring that your phone receives the best protection.

iphone se case with card holder-0
iphone se case with card holder-0

But also allows you to be prepared for any diy moment that life may throw at you concealed within this small door is a nifty multi tool. Which can offer an extensive amount of aid especially to those who enjoy the outdoors and camping by attaching this case to your phone youll be carrying the equivalent of your toolbox with you at all times. Though instead of looking around all your tools you can simply carry them within your phone case for those days.
Where you think the multi tool. May not be of use to you you can simply substitute. It for your bank card or travel card your card fits perfectly well into the back of the case.
Allowing you to make quick and easy transactions. Throughout your day. As you will not need to rummage through your bag to look for your personal wallet.
This is the only cover that will feature today that doesnt provide full screen coverage. But what it does offer is an impressively steep raised bezel around the precious display of your phone. So when you place its screen down.
It will not meet with the surface. Which prevents any scratches. Forming on the display of your phone.
The door. Which seamlessly fits into the back of the case can also be used as a kickstand ideal for those moments. When you are completing other tasks whilst.
Watching your phones content. Which is most useful when you are on a video. Call.

iphone se case with card holder-1
iphone se case with card holder-1

But needing to take notes at the same time all exterior inputs and buttons are still accessible with the case attached. There is no need to remove the case in order to charge your phone the volume adjustment buttons are covered so they dont become damaged as a result of everyday use next. We have ted bakers beautifully designed folio case.
The floral aesthetics of the cover makes it easy to distinguish. What famous fashionable brand has provided us with this case. The iconic floral branding.
Features on many of ted bakers cases and products by purchasing this case. You are not just getting protection to your phone. But you will also find a fashionable accessory that will complement your style by just having this case attached to your device.
Youll be making your bag much lighter as when opening the cover you are presented with the mirror. Therefore you are able to check on your appearances throughout the day through the use of this case then situated on the back there is a handy little slot. Which is most useful for carrying your bank card or travel card.
These are a couple of items which you usually have in your bag. But when your phone is wearing this visually pleasing cover all of these items will be placed in the palm of your hand. I have found that removing and attaching the case may be a little tough.
Though this just proves. The device is extremely secure. When it is inserted into the cover all of the ports are exposed for the sake of allowing you to continue using your device as though the case wasnt even attached the volume adjustment buttons are covered by the case to enforce extra security so over time they do not gather scripts and scrapes you can still change the volume on your device when the buttons are covered though i do feel you have to apply a little extra pressure to do so.
This case has been elegantly crafted using high quality materials to ensure your phone is protected. While still looking luxuriously beautiful our fourth option from our lineup. Today is the leather style wallet stand case from elixar.

iphone se case with card holder-2
iphone se case with card holder-2

If it is a good quality leather. Looking case that you desire to protect your phone. But you do not want to be paying the high price of leather.
This is definitely the case you should consider buying if pink isnt quite your color do not worry as there is also black and brown options available which will protect your device in a more subtle way than this dazzling rose gold in certain lights. This rose gold cover gives off a metallic look. Which is rather eye.
Catching. The cover of the screen just slightly lifts from the display. Though over time.
The cases spine will become more relaxed and will fit seamlessly onto the display of your phone. There is no clasp holding down the cover as this would disturb the view of your phone. When you are using the case as a stand to watch your phones content by having this integrated stand youre able to have movie nights.
Via your phone. No matter what your location is elixir. Ive not only given you a case offers you one compartment.
But two giving you the opportunity to keep more of your belongings in one. Secure. Place.
This feature is most useful to those who commute in busy public transport areas this gives you the chance to access your travel cards. Quick and easy. So you can get to work on time.

iphone se case with card holder-3
iphone se case with card holder-3

The charger input is exposed. So you can charge your phone. Whilst receiving all round protection.
The exterior buttons are covered and accessible through the case. But they are not highlighted which may cause some confusion as to where they are located for when you are needing to adjust the phones volume. Another huge advantage to having this case attached to your phone is its ability to still wirelessly charge through the case itself.
So there is no need to take your case off to allow your phone to charge in the most evolved way possible the last case of today is this uniquely crafted rugged wallet case from urban armor gear globally known for their excellence in creating some of the best protective cases for phones across the world urban armor gear have once again evolved the way in which cases can protect your handset. This case. Here has been engineered using fog skin technology.
Which makes this cover water resistant. Though one of the benefits of owning the new iphone se is its ability of being water resistant this case adds to the protection of deflecting any chance of water harming your phone despite this material being an excellent advantage to your phones protection. It also looks incredibly stylish.
The feel of the rubber is soft. This also adds extra grip for when the phone is placed in your hand. Making your phone.
Feel secure when you are scrolling through social media and watching your favorite online streaming services. The screens cover is far from flimsy as it is securely fastened down by strong magnets. When the case is closed the tab is guarded by a rubber edging.
So it will not become scruffy over time and also will not attach when completing simple actions such as putting your phone in your pocket by using this case to protect your new iphone. Se you can feel confident in the fact that this case will provide outstanding protection. This is proven by its capability of meeting military drop test standards so if you compete in extreme sports or push your phone to its limits.
This is the case to protect your phone. I hope this video has been of some use to you for when you are deciding what wallet case is best for you if you have any questions. Please feel free to ask in the comments below to purchase any of the cases from todays video check out the links in the description and comments for more content regarding tech reviews and mobile accessories please hear our subscribe button thank you for watching and enjoy the rest of your day .

iphone se case with card holder-4
iphone se case with card holder-4

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