Best Night Light For Sleeping Vont Plug In Smart LED Night Light for Kids No Sound

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Check this out right here. Now thats what i like about it. Imm gonna do this right here.
And look how this radiates back here on the even. Though you see that youve got light here in the front. It radiates on the wall.
So it not the wall is lit up and everything shines out away from it hey welcome back van here someday. Im gonna come at you with a product review of a plugin not light with a smart sensor right here in the front. But first id like to tell you about my channel.
My channel is all about saving you time and money with my houses and product reviews.

kids plug in night light-0
kids plug in night light-0

Vaughn sent me this to do a review on and im gonna give you an honest review of it. But also i like to ask if youre new to my channel hit. The subscribe button and leave a comment in the comment section down below.
So this is not just an ordinary hotline as you know most night lights are either they come on and go off or with motion detection or they come home straight on and go straight off as the day you know at nighttime. So crap. But what this does is this get this smart sensor to wear as its getting later in the evening and it starts getting darker in the house this thing will slowly start coming on and then the in the morning.
Itll slowly start going off. So. This is a smart dust dawn sensor.
Which i really like and another cool thing about this product is the way that it illuminates the wall instead of just shining out like oh.

kids plug in night light-1
kids plug in night light-1

I cant do it like you know what i mean it doesnt do this not overpowering. It lies at the wall and comes out like is so so so a lot of those not lies when they come on theyre either not worth the flip because they dont put out any light hardly a dollar just like up on the wall or they put out too much light and too much lights not good and not enough lights not good. So this thing.
Im being honest with you it puts out just enough light in my opinion. But i like them theyre like a live a 99 on amazon thats a really good price for it actually if you go to walmart and get the five or six dollars whatever. It is for 4 pack of those little small ones that goes on the wall.
If youve ever had them youre probably like me you dont like them. I dont like them especially the the old bulbs that what incandescent. I dont like those at all because theyll break your glass and slower the leds.
Theyre just not bright enough.

kids plug in night light-2
kids plug in night light-2

But this thing actually puts out enough light before it youre going to be satisfied with it so 1199 thats a good price for it you get six up in a pack on amazon check out the link in the video description go over and read about it because its got five stars on the reviews. And you cant beat that neither cant beat that with a stick. So vaughn if you dont know anything about my moms got a great customer service.
Vaughn has great products they do a lot of research before they put their products on the market that they want to provide you the product thats gonna last you a long time something that youre going to be proud of to say to you speech your hard earned money on something thats worthwhile. And thats what i like thats why i have this channel is to show people things that are good things did you spend your money on and youre not gonna waste your money hope this video is what you needed to be able to make up your mind about what not like to purchase. I believe id go with a bond.
So yall thanks for stopping by thanks for watching. Yall. Have a good one now and you come back.

kids plug in night light-3
kids plug in night light-3

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