Blackboard: Tracking Student Access

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Lets talk about tracking student access of your blackboard course now im doing doing this recording in the bb sandbox environment that we have set up but these same steps would work on production as well the first thing youd need to do is choose whichever class that you want to look up the student in chances are you dont have a lot of overlap between your classes. Im going to use one of the blackboard courses that i have for blackboard training on the sandbox system. So you go into the course as an instructor and on the control panel open up the evaluation section.
And thats going to be the two tools that we want to talk about theres both the simple and the complex way to track student access to your course. The simple way would be to just click into the performance dashboard and it would show you a list of all of the students in your class and in addition to a bunch of other information. The last course access date.
Which shows you actually the day and time of the last time. The student actually had activity of any kind in your course. So if all you want to know is whens the last time.
That little billy was in my course. The performance dashboard will probably be good enough for you now if on the other hand. What you want to know is did little billy actually go into my class on blackboard between these certain dates.
And do anything more than just look at the announcements area or whatever that you want to get a little more detail on and for that we can go back under evaluation into the course reports section. Now this is a relatively new component in blackboard and theres a whole bunch of pre generated reports. But the one that is probably going to be of most use to you for this case.
Anyway is the overall summary of user activity. All right now you just want to open up the little menu and say to run that report overall summary of user activity and its going to ask you well what exactly you want it very first thing to determine is which student you want to run this select users box has a listing of all of the students in the course. And so you would want to pick the student that youre looking up information on and then youre going to need to select the dates that youre looking for so in this case.
What im going to look for specifically is user activity during the last intersession so im going to cycle. The calendar back to the end of december after the fall semester. Ended and then im going to set it for to run until january.
Which would be about the beginning of this spring semester. That im recording it in right now and then i have a choice between what sort of format. The report will be in so if you really wanted like something to dump into excel.
It can do that for you. But the default of pdf is probably good enough all right then you just hit submit now it can take some time to process. The report depending upon how much activity.
There was to analyze and how much information how much of the date range. It was and then its going to pop up a new window for you which i have to move around and resize. So we can see it here that will tell you all of the details that it was able to dredge up now for starters on this very first page.
It gives you a pie graph and a whole lot of detailed information actually. Im sure this list goes onto page two in fact of the detailed information. But the very fact that its bothered to draw a graph at all tells me that there was some user activity during that time period.
And then it gives a little legend breakdown of the like in this case. The chart says blue for content items. So i know that this student spent the majority of the time in the class looking at content spent a little time working on email spent some time in the discussion board and comparatively small amount of time looking at their own grades for the system.
And thats enough to tell me in general what they were doing in the course site. If what im looking for is the specific things that they did thats when this detailed list might be useful.

how to see who is in your class on blackboard-0
how to see who is in your class on blackboard-0

So i can see that they spent seventy three point two eight percent of time in the content area. But the fact that they went into email and the discussion board tells me they didnt just look at one thing and go away. So.
If you needed to have proof that a student did something in your course during a certain time frame that would do it for you right. There also i wanted to show at the end of this list. Theres a couple of pages that might give you some interesting information if youre trying to figure out when your student is using the course in this case.
This user did most of their work on a friday. Its kind of interesting to be able to see more than half of their work actually. Fifty two point nine one percent and so the tail end of the week.
Is when the vast majority of work got done by this particular student. And then also the specific times of day that work got done these are usually the last couple of pages in the report. But the time of day will actually give you a 24 hour breakdown and the amounts of activity broken down by percentage that stuff was done in its kind of interesting and then also there is one or two pages up depending on the time frame that you used a chart that will show you specifically.
Which days the student did activity. So if that becomes important you can bring up and see well this student was in on december 22nd and 23rd and january 4th. And january 6th.
But not the rest of the time. And then these two lines of data table here actually say that again in case you need the tabular data. But the reports are probably good enough so should you ever have a need and its come up several times this semester.
That students or instructors wanted to know this to be able to prove way or the other that a student did to something in a blackboard course during a span of time. This is probably the best way to go about it he cognitive skill increase the levels of energy that were increased sometimes i understand that women they may start out breastfeeding and its wonderful. But then they decide you know maybe this isnt for me did the supplement lend itself to breast pumps or things of that nature.
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Dr. Dweck.

how to see who is in your class on blackboard-1
how to see who is in your class on blackboard-1

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This morning. Its been a pleasure dr. Dweck.
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how to see who is in your class on blackboard-2

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