Blackweb Neckband 24 hour earphones tested

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Guys this is malik and lincoln from the real deal today. Im gonna show show you another one of the neckband earphones that i purchased this one is from and walmart has all sorts of headphones including anchor. This one is called black web and all sorts of other ones that are really good.
Products i chose something that is less than 2999. Because nowadays. Ive noticed the prices have calmed down a lot.
And i like to find something that is exactly what i need one is i need long battery life this has the longest that ive seen. Ive seen another anchor that was around 49 books for 24 hours. I need something that goes over my neck neck bad and i need good ear pieces that fit in my ear lobes.
Very not on top and inside very comfortably good quality good microphone and if it has the vibration then and then thats even better so today. Im gonna show you this one called black web otherwise called black. Bag but thats the name what it was 2999.
At walmart. It has built it it has a built in. Microphone it has vibrating alerts and the 24 hour battery life for 2999.
Its an amazing price so the information that tells us in the back. Here. You can see is that if was magnetically clipped.
Together for tangle free storage built in microphone for hands free. Calling and vibrating neckband alerting for incoming calls. Which is exactly what i want integrated media controls with dedicated siri google assistant voice.
Control which is another plus included includes micro usb. Charging 16. Feet.

blackweb wireless neckband earbuds review-0
blackweb wireless neckband earbuds review-0

50. Centimeters. Cable.
Three sized ear. Tips and silicon wing. Tips.
Eat tips. It was thats 24 hour. Talktime.
24 hour playtime and 12 days. Standby standby time that is amazing. This was built in 2018.
Made in china is distributed by walmart. So i think. This is their own brand as i open this go ahead and press.
The like button and press. The subscribe button. You know you want oh forgot to mention and it has an opening booklet right.
There. Which tells you whats included yeah. Cool information is very nice.
Its it tells you almost everything you want to know off the top of the box. Some boxes are very unintuitive like the bose boxes. But this one was very informative comes with a deck right this is model.

blackweb wireless neckband earbuds review-1
blackweb wireless neckband earbuds review-1

Bw d. 19. A a h0 for i dont know why they make such long names for products uh.
Lets see product name like like bluetooth like been here for model number driver rated power input is dream i mean the once driver diameters and im playing two millimeters thats good impedance is 32 omega plus or minus 15. Sensitivity is a hundred plus or minus four decibels charging cables half a meter. It tells you what it comes with it tells you how to charge it and it tells you how to put it on there are buttons that go forward backwards volume up down skip buttons next theres a whole button picking up the call pinkett and turning off the call so thats pretty much it.
I mean all these are essentially the same you turn it on the same way you turn it off see ya. Ive to genius simple. It has an inner packaging right.
There that holds the charge cable and the ear tips and other ear tips okie dokie. So this is how we put it on we first check to see if it has any charge in order to do that we press and hold this big button right here. As i did that the red and white button started blinking.
Which means is in charge mode. Im not trying for this in bluetooth phone and im guessing this is the right side. But is there a marker.
That says right or left maybe. Its on the earphones nothing hmm thats interesting. But thinking that these lines are coming from the top.
Then this is the right side. I like the fact that they automatically connect together in these. And this is usually done via magnets inside of the ear phones.
Oh. There you go. Theres an rna left or being right music.

blackweb wireless neckband earbuds review-2
blackweb wireless neckband earbuds review-2

Wow. Actually fits pretty well. Im gonna connect this to my old ipad.
Very did one of the first generations ipad. The reason. Im gonna do that is because my phone is recording this video and this thing is so old that it takes maybe one or two seconds before it reacts to whatever im doing so i hope it doesnt take long time for this to connect my ear bones that being said going into the bluetooth mode okay.
You press the bluetooth booth right there its on okay not the wi fi bluetooth okay then oh i dont make me found it the black web neck then i press. It and wait for it to connect oh. It says bluetooth connected inside.
So now. Im gonna put some music on through a youtube. Because i love youtube so much and press play and see what happens i usually try to listen to something like this antenna that has good bases and good troubles.
But lets see what happens im gonna put my second earphone on okay so the base is pretty good i feel like its noise canceling because its the earphones are stuck in my ears and theyre directing the sound inside. Im gonna raise the volume wow. I like the sound.
Its too loud. Its too loud okay next. Im gonna try to move the song forward meaning press.
One of the buttons and hold it for a few seconds. So i could go forward. So nothing happened im double clicking.
Nothing is happening. Pressing and holding it nothing is happening. Maybe.

blackweb wireless neckband earbuds review-3
blackweb wireless neckband earbuds review-3

The other button okay so nothing is happening. When i press the buttons and hold it maybe theres another way lets see click increase volume click decrease volume press it for one second this one the siri comes on actually lets check that out so syria works ok. I want to know how to get castle so syria.
Works with inside your earphones. Thats pretty cool so i want to know how to do next track press and hold 2 for more than one second to do the next track. Ok.
Lets try that lets press play okay. So it changed songs inside of my itunes. But it did not change the song on the youtube.
Where lets say im listening to youtube and i want to change the next video. Im gonna press this youtube to play press this and hold it one more time okay now i changed interesting so that works the last. But not least.
I have to make a phone call and in order to do that im going to see if i could do a phone call through an app thats 10 30 pm. And as sunday night im doing this video for you guys so you know if this is a good buy or not for 29 bucks currently i feel really confident that this is a good buy because my ear lobes are in like a noise canceling feel because these things are so tight inside of my ears. And the neck band is pretty cool too the other things i dont have to test which ill go back to this video.
Ill attach this video. It is daily use is a visit that make your head hurt is it annoying. When its on you theres the microphone work all sorts of daily use so this is not just an unboxing.
This is more than that i hope you like this video for now stay tuned for the next. One which gives you a better in depth idea of what this headphone does on a daily basis. I want to test the microphone.
I want to test the vibration and i want to take it thats the battery. I really like the audio audio is pretty good so that being said stay tuned hit the like button hit the subscribe button and look at my other videos check them out see if you want to purchase a new headphone. But you dont know if its good or not ive done that for you i purchase.
I studied them i do like a one day or two day test throughout the day to see if it works out for me um. And thats it my name is malik. This is the real deal have a great day guys good luck.

blackweb wireless neckband earbuds review-4
blackweb wireless neckband earbuds review-4

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