Campbell’s Well Yes Soup Review

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I go astray yeah. Well its product review. Time again.
And today. Illll be reviewing this product right. Yeah.
Well yes. Chicken noodle. Soup and today.
I to find out whether this was well yes or well. Now. The reason.
I chose this product is because on the back. It says made in the usa and plus. Its a chicken noodle soup and i really felt like some nice warm chicken noodle soup because it is winter at the moment here in australia and we need some soups to warm us up.
So im gonna find out whether or not this is a good one to get or not but before i delve into sass on this bad boy yeah how about we check out the ingredients okay chicken stock water and chicken 69 chicken meat 6 great northern beans batman 5 egg noodles with quinoa flour water tomatoes carrots celery fennel onions potatoes well that actually sounds pretty good doesnt it hardly any ingredients.

campbells well yes soup review-0
campbells well yes soup review-0

But the ingredients that are there a topknot mm hmm. And it says here chicken meat with no antibiotics. So your antibiotic on you youre a biotic phobe.
Thats what this is telling me and its got 15 grams of protein. So thats pretty good we all know what proteins good for dont we dont we fillets ingredients actually look pretty good so and lets us out its nutrition right. So quantity per serving.
Its only a hundred ninety six calories thats not much protein 16. Grams. Well i thought it said 15 grams.
Make up your mind copper total fat three point seven grams carbs. Twenty two point nine grams fiber. Four point eight grams with sodium just over one gram well thats all right.
But the ingredients look good the nutrition looks good lets hope it tastes good it does have some spills on it lets read on say yes to protein. We know you want to live life to its fullest. Thats why we purposely combined doosan ingredients to give us a bright thing and every can go ahead say yes a positively and live deliciously ronnie.
I think i will so how about we start cooking this bad boy and just fyi its imported by campbells soup so its a campbells product right well its better be good and with a three and a half star health writing.

campbells well yes soup review-1
campbells well yes soup review-1

Im sure it will be right lets start making it now says here preparation is easy pour into saucepan heat stir and enjoy well they are some top short construction size once hes there and enjoy doesnt get much easier than that so ill turn the stove on track this soup well it looks pretty watery sort of high. But it might be creamy lets pour it in here well theres some chunks of something must be those noodles. I can see chicken.
I saw a bain looks almost anibal now do you eat soup or do you drink it oh no no let me know down below. You know cuz. I dont know anyway.
Lets start warming this up warm. My pretty warm. So lets serve this up okay music fits nicely in a bowl.
And now. Ive warmed it up i need to let it cool down a bit before i can tag on in kind of makes no sense does it. But its a lovely almost clear soup well not really because i cant see the bottom.
But yes so its got the noodles got a few big chunks of carrots. Here theres some nice big chunks of chicken heres a great northern being batman which on the pack said it took up 5 of the ingredients. But i can only find one two three four five six okay looks like about five percent.

campbells well yes soup review-2
campbells well yes soup review-2

I should why it shouldnt i to be sure i think it could be time to dive on e and just figure out whether this is a well yes or a well known ill start with some broth. Well well well. Well.
Its a bit bland. Maybe it tastes better with the noodles. Well well well.
Well that takes a bit better what about the chicken well well. Well. Well that chickens got no flavor.
So. Lets try a big mouthful with everything that great northern beans. The chicken.
The noodles and some carrot well after tasting. It all together i can give this oh well. I think ill stick to the cream of chicken soup that takes out heaps more flavor.
This ones okay.

campbells well yes soup review-3
campbells well yes soup review-3

Its a little bit bland. But in saying that its not too bad the chicken sort of tastes like chicken not really the sioux. I cant really taste any chicken in the soup at all but as far as a non creamy sort of suit goes.
Its not too bad and if you are after something nice and warming thats got loads of protein then im guessing this might be a good soup for you the noodles are nice and soft as are the beans in fact the more i eat it the more i like it so well lets get it well yes or well no well. Im giving this a well i might get it again if its on half price special. Now this is normally three dollars fifty just for a can of this soup.
So its pretty expensive soup. But of course. I did pick it up on our price for a dollar seventy five.
Which is probably what you would want to pay for it and would i get it again well possibly well thats all for todays product review. If theres something out there you really want me to try let me know in the comments below remember to say this video. Some thumb and up subscribe for more thanks for watching.
And ill see you next. Time or review. Some catch you then music applause.
Oh yeah music .

campbells well yes soup review-4
campbells well yes soup review-4

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