Chocolate is the Answer – Card Tutorial

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Everyone and welcome back to our free monthly project with extacy crafts. Im catarina catarina and today well be making this cozy hot chocolate card. Now the die that were using today comes from mary ann and it comes in a to set pack.
This mug with the whipped cream and the tea tag as well as a couple of chocolates and the stamp and thats what ill be using today to make this card also im going to use this paper pack that has quite a few beautiful patterns in it that you can use for other projects. Im just using the one in the background that looks like a knit stitch. Also i have some papers that ive chosen from my stash.
Just a couple of browns couple of shades of browns pink and a white because i think it goes very well with the chocolate theme. Well be using this blending mat. Because well do well be doing some inking on our card.
So i did go ahead and cut everything out that im going to need to make this card. As well of all as well as all the components. Like the mug and the whipped cream and the chocolates.
I did use a second chocolate from a different die set that ill have listed in the description. Below and the blog and im just going to lay out everything that i need to make sure i have all my parts ready to go and heres heres a quick look at that other die set that ill be using also comes with a couple of different chocolates and a chocolate heart. So lets lets begin assembling this card.
So what im going to start with here is stamping. My sentiment onto the mug. So youll use your stamping buddy pro.
And im just going to place. The mug on there with onto the platform and use the magnets to hold it into place and then im going to position my stamp in the center of the mug face down onto the mug and youre just going to close the door to capture that stamp and then youre going to ink. It up and stamp.
It and i love using the stamping buddy pro. Because when i stamp sentiments. I can never stamp it all in one try so with the stamping buddy pro.
As youll see you can stamp repeatedly and it always go in the exact same position as long as you dont move your mug or whatever project.

chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is-0
chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is-0

That youre working on and itll stamp in exactly the same spot and you can keep stamping your sentiment until its nice and clear now for this project. I wanted to do the word chocolate in a little different shade. So i did stamp the sentiment.
A few times. Because i didnt like that it didnt stamp all the way or that i didnt so i stamped it a few times just to make sure that i got the entire sentiment. So here.
Im just making a little bit of a mask. Using some scrap paper and im going to ink up the word chocolate take the scrap piece of paper away and then stamp onto the mug again and you see that its going to stamp in exactly the same spot every time now the work chocolate didnt stamp all the way. I guess i just didnt press.
It hard enough so im going to ink. It up again and then go ahead and press that down and there you have your stamp sentiment in two different colors so before the ink dries. Im just going to clean that off my stamp and then set this aside.
Now the next step is to add a little dimension to this mug. So im going to use the lighter shade of brown and my smoothie to add some color so im just going to get some ink onto my smoothie dab off the excess on my scrap. Paper and then in small circular.
Motions starting off of the paper and then moving slowly on im going to add just a little bit of color around the edges around the whole mug to add a little bit of dimension. As you can see i did a little bit darker up in the corner. So then i went around the full mug to so that it looks the same so youre just gonna want to do that.
And then it got the handle in there too just to make it a different color. Add a little bit of more highlight up to the top. There and go all the way around the mug like i said just to add a little bit of dimension to that im also going to do that to the pattern paper in the background.
Same idea. Im going to use a blending tool for this one. And the little and the memento dark ink and im going to dab off the excess and then start again off the paper in those circular motions onto the paper and i always like to start with a little bit of color.
Because theres always its always easier to add color than it is to take it away so were just gonna start lightly and then add more if we need it so im just gonna add a little bit of color all around the edges more or so on the corners.

chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is-1
chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is-1

Just to give that background a little bit of depth and dimension in it so just keep going around until you get the colors that you like and the darkness. That you like so. The next step then is to take your marker or any kind of medium.
That you have im just using the memento and the fine tip and im going to add the chocolate sprinkles just randomly on the whipped cream and you can put as much or as little as you like i just put a little bit towards the top and really did a random pattern. Nothing very fancy at all and im just going to do that and add it on there with my momento marker. You can use like i said.
Whatever you have at home. So i wanted to add a little bit of dimension to these chocolates. But i decided and so i decided that im going to use my crocodile tool to add a little bit of color onto the embossed parts of the chocolate now you can use what you have at home.
Im just gonna use my crocodile tool. Because thats what we have here so im just going to add a little bit of dark brown to the brown chocolate to the raised part. So that it gives a little bit of dimension and interest also im going to do that to the pink chocolate with the light brown ink seems like a weird combination.
But it really works great i love brown and pink together. Its my two favorite colors. So here with the crocodile tool.
Its just a matter of changing out the little tiny ball that comes with it youre gonna dip it into your ink. There dab off the excess onto your scrap paper and then just highlight the raised parts on your chocolate. So now were ready to assemble our card and what im going to do first is assemble the layers.
Now as youll see in a moment. I am still working on my blending mat. And i didnt clean it off so.
When i flip over this white cardstock. Its going to be full of brown ink everywhere so im just going to have to cut another sheet out and youll youll see that in a second here. But just to make sure once youre done blending always clean off your blending mat or even move it off your workspace.
So that the rest of your project.

chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is-2
chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is-2

Doesnt get all dirty and youre not wasting any paper like i did so im just going to peel off the tape on the edges. And then leave the two sides on there with a little tail hanging out. And ill show you how i assemble the cards just to try to make everything centered so see here.
I realized that my paper is dirty. So i whit nagata nother. One and that kind of happens.
When youre crafting. Sometimes you need to start over or get a new sheet. That happens.
So what im doing here with the little tails on the paper is adhering them so that its all centered. And what i do is hold the part that still have the backing on it on the corner center. The paper wrap it all down.
So that sticks and then i can peel away those extra two pieces and then adhere the entire card stock two together. So im just going to repeat this process for each layer and you know theres a whole different different ways to assemble your cards. This is how i find it the easiest you know leave a comment down below on if you have other tips or tricks on how to make sure that when youre assembling your layers.
They go on nice and straight this is what i use i seem to you know 90 of the time i get it on there straight. Sometimes i dont thats what makes it a homemade card right so here you can see im doing the same technique trying to line up that pattern of paper. But as you can see it didnt really line up perfect.
But then again like i said. Thats what makes it a handmade card right and practice always makes perfect so go ahead and practice so now that all my components are ready. Im just going to assemble the mug by putting the whipped cream through the little slit that comes up top and then just taping that from the back.
And im going to lay everything out onto my card to see where i want all my components to go now that i decided where i want all my components on the card. Im going to go ahead and tape everything down. I just use some be creative tape here but feel free to use some foam tape or foam tabs to have everything pop off your card.
So im just going to tape the mug down and then assemble my little chocolates with the little whipped cream on top and the other one has a little bit of almond on top.

chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is-3
chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is-3

So youre just going to assemble those together and tape them down onto your card front and heres where you can be creative and use as many chocolates as you like or as little chocolates as you like or if you like just dark chocolate you can really just go to town here and add as many things as you like to your card front. So here. Im just going to use some foam tabs to pop up the chocolates on my card.
And i find using your craft pick to take off the back of that foam tab makes it a little bit easier theyre a little bit finicky. So go ahead and use your phone. You kraft picked to help you with that and im just going to adhere that to the front of the card.
Where i think theyll look the best and heres that other little chocolate. Im going to put on the right side with the dark chocolate now the next step. Im going to use cosmic shimmer sparkle to add a little sparkle to the card front.
I just thought that it needed a little bit more sparkle on it so feel free to use what you have at home. Im using the cosmic shimmer sparkle texture paste. But you can also use cosmic shimmer twinkles or wink estela whatever you have in your stash.
That youd like to use to add a little bit of sparkle to the front of your card. So now that the front of my card is all done im going to prep. The card base.
Id have a piece of craft card stock cut to a ten by six and a half and im going to score. It at five and use my bone folder there to reinforce the fold. So i have a nice clean crisp card now im going to just use some tape to adhere the front of the card to the card base.
And im going to use a different technique here that ive that i seen on a youtube video recently and what im doing is just putting the tape all around the edges. And im going to do it on the back of the card front instead of the card base. And im just going to go all the way around the edges and take off the backing and youre going to stand everything up together.
And when you do that it lines up the edges and lines at the bottom. And you just need to press everything firmly together. So youll see how easily that works and once again practice makes perfect.
The first time i did this it obviously did not work. But as you can see here it works out just fine. So you just top everything down and it lines up perfectly and there you have your beautiful chocolate mug card and i just like to thank everybody for watching our video please subscribe to our channel.
And dont forget to hit the notification button. So you dont miss any videos thanks a lot and have a great day .

chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is-4
chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is-4

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