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s up guys welcome back to the channel. Im going to be doing another another unboxing video. This time were going to be doing a bicycle video nowve reviewed bikes before i did a review on a mongoose dolomite.
Which is a big humungous fat tire bike like a beach cruiser kind of bike and that video went to a hundred thousand views. If you want to watch that video click on the link below. But were gonna go the other direction this time were going with a compact folding bike this bike was uh provided to me by the folks at vlado as you could see here and how i found the llano was as i was doing research on youtube on folding bikes because im going to the over 9x but needed a bike and actually valano their design was one of the nicest ones that i saw out there for a budget price of course you can go up into the thousands when it comes to bicycles.
But they had a nice budget friendly bike. I reached out to them and they said yeah wed like to work with you and so they sent me this bike for review. So thanks a lot vilano appreciate it and what this is is a almost like a bmx style bike 20 inch wheels.
But its not a kids bike. This is designed for adults who need a compact folding bicycle for transportation somewhere say youre going to a trade show a race event track day. Something where theres a lot of walking yet a dude and theres a lot of open spaces.
You got to ride around and having a bike would just make life a lot easier. Im going to the overnight expo.

vilano urbana single speed folding bike-0
vilano urbana single speed folding bike-0

Next month. So theres a lot of back and forth from the event to the campground. So a bike is going to come in handy.
And im going to use this bike there and its nice because you can fold this up and put it in the back of your trunk. You dont need a bike rack. Its very compact and now lets go ahead and open the box to see whats inside.
So as you can see the bike is nicely packed at the factory. Everything is protected. Which is nice.
Ive seen other videos where people unbox the bike and the rims are bent or the frame is scratched. So mine survived looks like the rims are straight. And i dont see any other damage so pretty good so far make sure you check at the bottom of the box.
When you take the bike out theres gonna be some stuff down. There this is a user manual so thats assembly man.

vilano urbana single speed folding bike-1
vilano urbana single speed folding bike-1

I think they actually only put two which is fine by me. Its got some caps in there not a whole lot of extra parts and then here is a like a verification card or some phone numbers and a website. It also just says thank you and it shows the signature of the tech who assembled the bike at the factory.
Just like that youre ready to write of course with a brand new bike. You always want to check everything make sure nothings broken snapped bent or whatever also tighten up all the bolts. So you know nothing falls off.
When you ride it for the first time so just a quick double check on all the bolts thats a pretty good looking bike. I like this color. Its like a grayish blue color just like a three piece crank.
I dont know how many teeth. The main sprocket is in the front. But it looks pretty big good for cruising dropouts look pretty good.
I used to be a welder in the old days for toyota and the walls look pretty good on this 20 inch rims like i said before blacked out pretty nice you got a 20 inch street tires just enough to get the job done more like commuter tires really youre gonna go off road in the dirt maybe you can get some nabis. But this should be enough just to commute and get around for the most people.

vilano urbana single speed folding bike-2
vilano urbana single speed folding bike-2

The tires come pre aired up so you can ride this thing right away pretty cool theres another look at that locking mechanism for the folding area. You do have some mounting points here for bottle carrier probably could put a battery here for electric conversions. If you want to do that thatd be a cool idea and the handlebars are real simple just a t bar nothing fancy there no shifters this is just the coaster brake pedal backwards and you stop real simple no brakes up here either you probably could add brakes.
If you wanted to you want to do hand brakes. You can just unscrew. This here you got your reflectors for safety up.
Here you can see the welds on the frame again like i said i used to be a welder. I can sell these are really good looking wells. And this is a luminol bike.
So this is a little going to be a little lighter than the steel options that are out there lets take it for its maiden voyage. Easy peasy just like that kinda reminds me of being a kid again with the you know bmx bike alright guys. If you want to buy this bike just go ahead and click on that link.
I provided below the video itll take you to an amazon link and you can buy this right from this video right here please hit that like button to support my channel. I really appreciate it helps me out a lot and leave a comment below let me know what you think about the vilano compact folding bike thanks a lot guys .

vilano urbana single speed folding bike-3
vilano urbana single speed folding bike-3

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