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Youtube finians how are you today well thank you for tuning in todayss vlog. If youre wondering what i am getting into. Im going to to help you with your technology with a 32 inch television to connect to a bose 1 2.
3. System by a digital fiber optic. Cable or a analog cable is well.
But the plom is you can only use one. But the television. I have does not have analog out it only has digital out and luckily the bose unit has both and this is very easy to connect your unit opposing to the television or the television to the bose unit.
If you want to able to have sound and listen to good movies and also tv shows off of your 32 inch television. Now im not going to get into a whole lot of how it all works and all how it all sets up. But lets go ahead and show you my setup on my type of tv.

how to connect old bose system to new tv-0
how to connect old bose system to new tv-0

Maybe it can help you decide on how you want to connect it alright. Lets turn the camera on and show you what i mean all right. Oh you youtubers who know tech.
Its very very simple to connect a television to a bossier. But not everybody knows technology. Oh buddy knows how to use it but this is my 32 inch television.
If you want to know this kind of slanted this way for couple reasons or we can look at the actual back of my television itself. And what the different connections of everything really is if you on doing. This is my pal input to the television here.
We have some own cables down below heel. This is the fiber optic cable. This is the additional cable.

how to connect old bose system to new tv-1
how to connect old bose system to new tv-1

It sends a beam down this rule. A while sounder a while its action 500 opik. It no longer has analog.
It does have in a log n. But not in a log out for audio. A and c.
I have a blue and going this is a component cable video cable. This is hdmi. I have hdmi to hdmi a 3 this is a vga.
This is for your old analog connection and we have a usb as well on that side as well. But well does this kind of lead to alright. We have video for my budget.

how to connect old bose system to new tv-2
how to connect old bose system to new tv-2

This while heel connects to this system heel now. This is a analog yoa this is your lloyd and laid connections for your analog signal audio well lets go ahead and tune this you know it wont close it up with the internet. Though because thats connected as well look on the back of my values unit.
And im going to show you other things some what leads and connects to and see this is the main while here to connect to the base system. This is the main hagee in it and this is my video out and we have some audio n is well this does not have any type of audio output. But does have a bunch of audio inputs for all sorts of different connections.
We have s video in and out and also composite video is well but this is kind of cool on hill you know yeah this i 0. Clear jack for audio in his well satellite and cable tv as well this is well you would connect your television with those or annoyed audio cables. If you have the analog signal as well though i down here with my television agency.
This is a little while or fiber optic cable dez plugs directly into the opponent from my television. That seems a red beam to this and it produces sound for this machine as well well. I can listen to my audio on this machine.

how to connect old bose system to new tv-3
how to connect old bose system to new tv-3

As well lets get a little closer look. Now this is all sets uphill okay if you want to know how it works are you that urgently yeah bobby audio lets hold a long audio alright so you have a tv right okay. Here you have that all right and wait plug these auto in then you plug these two into your television.
But with my television. It does not have the analog at all it has the exact same thing. This is a type of cable you need for your system to a with the work you can see a fiber optic cable.
Thats how i get sound from my tv. Just lead to this bose unit itself. Now the one thing is if youre going to be using the sound system like this entertainment system like this you cant heal.
Okay. You got to make sure you do not have these beagles turned on volume on on your television. Not to make sure its actual art all right now.
This is a somewhat of the look of helmet in itself. But all right if you all burn you this channel please hit that subscribe button leave a comment down below please like please show peace out bye guys well hopefully see you in the next vlog. Thank you for tuning in 40 have a nice day .

how to connect old bose system to new tv-4
how to connect old bose system to new tv-4

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