Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow Review!

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Hi guys and welcome back to my channel today. I have a review for this this cool gel memory foam pillow. I have one in one of these four so so long i dont know what it is about cold pillows.
But if theres a cold pillow. I can fall asleep so quickly and i am a long time a sufferer of allergy problems and sinus infections. You might even be able to hear it my voice currently.
I have a sinus infection going on so when i have that a lot of times. My i just feel warm my face feels warm and i always explain that to my mom and she never understands it but i will wake up in the middle night and keep flipping back and forth my pillow to find like the cool spot on it because thats what makes me feel comfortable and helps me sleep. So i got one of these in the mail.
Its kind of hard to fit it on camera. But the box is rather small havent open it for you show you what it looks like im gonna use it for a while and then tell you my thoughts about it it even came with a comfort. Relax sleep mask.
Thats cute.

king size cooling gel pillow-0
king size cooling gel pillow-0

So the sleep mask comes in this little bag. Its adjustable. So thats a little freebie that comes with that applause they package this really well well.
Its nice and thick so its white on one side flip. It over and you can see the gel well. I know im gonna love this i could already tell im gonna let that kind of expand and settle for a moment.
Lets see what this is comfort. A relaxed memory foam pillow love to hear from you in case. You experience an odor.
Which is a fresh bum order. Its not harmful. I do smell a little something.
But yeah.

king size cooling gel pillow-1
king size cooling gel pillow-1

It just smells like foam. Its not very strong it should dissipate within 48 hours when the foam is unpacked and aired out so you can unzip. It take a look at the inside.
Theres a memory foam and then it has this blue gel on top of it it looks and feels just like one of those gel eye masks. So excited for this im gonna go ahead and let it air out like it said to do on the card use it for a while and then i will be back to give you my thoughts about this okay. So its been several days.
I went ahead and put just a regular pillowcase that matched my other ones and i tried to count to see how long my regular pillow stays cool versus this one so my regular pillow it stayed cool for about 10 seconds or so after laying down on it and then it kind of warmed up to my body temperature. This one. I actually lost track counting cuz.
I fell asleep. Im not joking. I love cool pillows.
I could sleep so easily with them so this definitely does stay cooler a lot lot longer than a standard pillow and it is a memory foam.

king size cooling gel pillow-2
king size cooling gel pillow-2

And i guess. Its about the standard thickness of a memory foam pillow. So yeah.
I definitely do like this. It does stay cool for a very long time so this is awesome. If you guys would like to order one.
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king size cooling gel pillow-3
king size cooling gel pillow-3

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king size cooling gel pillow-4
king size cooling gel pillow-4

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