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My beautiful friends welcome back to my channel. So guys today in this video. I i am going to show you something which is super interesting so guys whenever this of winters.
It is super dry and cold my feet get all cracky and dry in the winters. So i was looking across something which helps in providing you know my feet a very good care and also which moisturize it and i have got lots and lots of shoe bite on my feet. So they are all dark and very dirty right now also i found out this very very interesting product on amazon.
Which was very weird as well and these are these socks. Im not able to show you guys exactly because they stick something here. But guys these are the socks.
Which you wear and it has a lining inside of it which is made up of silicon. I guess and it has all the good things and natural things which helps in moisturizing your feet so i am gonna review this product for you guys and show you how effectively does it work and for that we need to get into the video guys. And also if youre someone who isnt subscribed to my channel.
Yet just make sure to subscribe to my channel. Now and be a power of beauty squad. Its free for you guys.
And it would mean everything to me so lets quickly get inside the video now so.

heel socks for cracked heels-0
heel socks for cracked heels-0

As this is how the packaging looks like and once you take it out is is really heavy guys. And because it has this gel lining inside of it. And it is little sticky also and on my soul and on my feet.
If you see i have lots and lots of darkening and certain parts of my feet. And also the skin is very worn out and dry. And youll be able to see i have marked the part.
Where i have the white flaky skin after that i have taken this himalaya cream guys. And i am gonna moisturize my feet really well after that ill be wearing these socks on and im gonna keep it for sixty minutes because you can even keep it for thirty minutes however youre gonna like it and i am gonna lie down for some time and read some good book. But i feel i have something i have kept my feet of gel.
Which is something i was saying again and again. But it makes you lose your balance sometimes and you know this little thing. Which feels like a button art working in your soul.
It is also its not a bad feeling at all. But it might get dirty because it is getting dirty from the base. But im gonna keep it on for 16 minutes and well see how what wonder it has done because i really have some high expectations so guys after almost 60 minutes.
I am gonna take the socks off and i believe me guys i couldnt believe how silky smooth my skin felt and also the flaky skin.

heel socks for cracked heels-1
heel socks for cracked heels-1

I showed you on my heels. It was all gone and the little crack. I had on my feet were all vanished away it was just like magic so as i am finally done removing the socks and i cannot believe how beautiful it has made my feet.
I have never filled them you know so soft silky and smooth and not a single word. Im saying is a lie guys and im gonna leave the product link in the description box below so you guys can try it out as well and i have tried my level best to show you the effect. It has given me and the camera.
I hope that it is able to capture it and for the cracked hill guys. I had them a little bit not to a very high extent because of the himalaya creme. I told you a guy i was using but now if you look at my feet.
They are like silk guys because even the gel lining they it was mentioned on the package that it had vitamin e lining on which makes your feet silky smooth instantly. But this is amazing i am very very satisfied with this ill show you guys how my feet look right now can you see this skin right. Here just see the heels and it was all white.
I showed you guys in the camera. The lining. It had in the beginning like before wearing this these on and this is something i just got applied right now.
This is so smooth to even feel and touch guys.

heel socks for cracked heels-2
heel socks for cracked heels-2

And ill show you guys how does the surface looks like it is so much smoother and better looking like right now. I know its little dehydrated and about a whitening part. No it has not done anything there.
But yes. If you see the feed and the way. It is feeling right now is amazing.
Its a total thumbs up from my side guys can you see i hope that you are able to see the skin. How nourished it feels just have a closer look so guys. This was it for this video.
I really hope that you find it helpful if you still have any queries on let me know in the comments down below. It is a total thumbs up from my side. It is super super super amazing product also i hope that you know that well make sure to subscribe to my channel also hit the bell button next to the subscribe button so that you do not.
Miss any update from my channel make sure to follow me on my social media links to which ill leave in the description box below. Ill see you guys super. Soon.
With another amazing video till. Then take care bye bye. .

heel socks for cracked heels-3
heel socks for cracked heels-3

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