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And gentlemen boys and girls. Im the king and welcome back to the channel channel welcome on into your. No nonsense flashlight tutorial for dead.
By daylight. 420. Now recently made a flashlight tutorial and in that video.
I told you that flashlights could be changed. Yet again coming out in the next patch and thus flashlights have indeed been changed again and in that video. I said.
Im going to be making a full blown tutorial once we fully know what those changes will. Be. So here we are the fully blown tutorial for 420 this is the newest version of.
The flashlights its different from 410. And everything before that so again. This is your no nonsense tutorial before we jump on into it two quick notes.
Thank you guys so much for the support we are so close to a hundred thousand subscribers. If you guys arent already subscribed consider it down below as were literally just 8k away from 100 000. And in addition to that we are live on twitch right now doing a giveaway for the dlc that has just come out so.
If you are interested in winning that giveaway the link will be down below with that being said. Everybody lets go ahead and jump on into this flashlight tutorial. So as you can see on screen right here flashlights have been changed yet again they are now centered of your player model center of your vision.
Before it used to be a little bit higher before that it just used to be what we know as normal and now. It is completely different however this is not too off putting from what we know prior to 410. So basically in this video.
Were going to teach you how to flashlight save on screen right now what youre going to be seeing are standard flashlight saves now keep in mind the type of flashlight that youre using the add ons that youre using the perks that youre using do not affect anything with flashlights in the sense of how you need to blind the only thing that affects your flashlight is your distance and positioning distance. Now plays a more key factor on how you need to flashlight save for example. If youre further away you would need to aim a little bit lower.
If youre closer you would need to aim a little bit higher your goal is to get the center position of your screen to be exactly where the killers face is that is basically the changes that we are undergoing if youve never ever used a flashlight before never tried to flashlight save you dont even need to worry about this part all you need to do is to hop on into a private game try the flashlights out and you will now know where to aim your flashlight. That is the basics of the changes just knowing where to aim your flashlight once you get down to knowing where to aim your flashlight everything. Else is pretty much rinse and repeat from what you already may know from flashlight saves or what youre about to learn so as you can see on screen.
This is a proper flashlight save this is basically a test environment so obviously every scenario will be different. And youre going to have to get some gameplay experience to fully know every angle and every range and everything where you can save. But standardly youre standing in front of the killer.
The killer picks up the survivor you wait about three and a half seconds. Ill actually put the time on screen right now for when you should flashlight save or wait until the animation of their hand is right next to their neck. Once that is done turn your flashlight on and what youre trying to do is to get the flashlight blind.
As soon as the killer has motion of their character by doing this properly. They will drop the survivor and that is pretty much it with the brand new center of the screen. Where flashlights are beamed.
I recommend looking a little bit more to your left. Because what ends up happening is when you initially do the flashlight.

how to use flashlight dead by daylight-0
how to use flashlight dead by daylight-0

It comes up a little bit too much to the right or in some cases. It might be inverse it again it all depends on your play style. Where you aim things like that so go into a private game and try it out now.
Were also going to talk a little bit about other saves that you can get with the flashlight. Ill keep on replaying. The footage in the background of just a standard save.
So you can get more of an idea uh. The other saves that you can perform with a flashlight are pretty much pallet saves locker saves and vault saves. These are all pretty much the same timing of what youre going to need to do as soon as the killer has motion of the character is when youre going to try to get the blind and same as always when the hand is right next to their head.
That is when you need to blind. That is the most effective way of knowing when to start your flashlight blind for locker. Saves.
Its a little bit more tricky. Because you need to be in a very good angle in order for the beam to make contact with the killers eyes and as of recently. Its been a little bit more difficult to do just that because of where the orientation of the flashlight beam is so i only recommend this if its a dire situation or again with tons and tons of practice.
You know watching this video will just give you the idea of how to do it. But you will actually need to practice in order to fully implement flashlight saving into your own gameplay now keep in mind you can indeed do flashlight saves through windows you can do this over debris you can do this over different angles. Its actually a 65 degree cone on where you can actually blind the killer from so all of this is doable you cannot flashlight safe through any walls unless.
There is a hole you cannot flashlight safe if theres any debris that is too tall and your beam cannot make contact with the killers face and you cannot flashlight save if you time your flashlight a little bit too early now in the case that you are using your flashlight. Just a little bit early you can always flicker the flashlight or in this update. Move it off to the left or the right and then bring it back and that way you can get the blind.
If you do get the blind. Little early you can also try stacking the blind. Because some killers dont look up continue to flashlight their face.
You know just click your flashlight. A couple times. And what ends up happening is that you end up getting the blind and saving your friend that ladies and gentlemen is going to wrap it up for this no nonsense.
Short flashlight tutorial. If you want me to go super duper in depth on it i might have a video that i can do that on or we might post it on patreon. Well come to see whatever you guys want to see in the comments below.
But i hope you guys did enjoy i hope this video did help and you learned a thing. Or two about. Flashlight saves and the new flashlight saves for 420.
As always im the king. I tip. My crown to you guys remember we are live on twitch doing that giveaway for the brand new dlc.
Were also so close to 100 000. Subscribers. So please consider subscribing down below.
As itll mean the world to me and as always im the king. I did my crown to you guys and well see you in the fall. .

how to use flashlight dead by daylight-1
how to use flashlight dead by daylight-1

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