Destiny 2 | THE NEW IKELOS SHOTGUN! Threat Level, Year 2 Trench Barrel Shotgun \u0026 Easiest Raid Weapon

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Do you ever get bored of using the ical shotgun. Because well we use it it all the time pretty much in pve content. Because of how strong.
It is if thats the case. We have at least a little bit more of a different option now so today were gonna jump in take a very quick look at the threat level this is the new raid shotgun in the scourge of the past raid in black armory and yes they can come with that fabled trench barrel bonus in some ways this is a good replacement for the ikea shotgun there are definitely some things about this shotgun that are stronger than the i can all shotgun in some ways so were gonna jump in and break it down very quickly in this video guys so like i said if youre looking for a different option when it comes to a trench barrel shotgun because of course they are really nice they do a ton of damage then the new thread level shotgun from scourge of the past is gonna be one to look out for the good thing is this one actually drops from the first encounter. And you can get both a curated and non curated role there so my pal callum right.
Here. Actually let me jump on his account to try this weapon out lets take a look at this randomly rolled threat level of course. It is a rapid fire frame shotgun much like the icao shotgun.
It does have barrel shroud or full choke. Weve got a pend. A mag or tactical mag and then trench barrel as well as genesis so of course trench barrel grants you increased damage handling and reload speed for short duration after a successful melee here.
You have a couple of seconds of the perk being active or after three shots. It will deactivate and of course trench barrel does a lot of damage. If youve already been using a chaos.
Then you dont really need me to break this down for you there is also a curated role of threat level. That comes with barrel shroud light mag trench barrel and grave robber and the masterwork itself is for stability. And so lets talk about why this shotgun is actually worth using so of course.
If you get this with trench barrel.

how to get threat level destiny 2-0
how to get threat level destiny 2-0

You essentially have a kinetic version of the ical shotgun as many of you guys probably know you do get a little bit more damage from weapons that are kinetic as opposed to energy. But the huge thing right here is the threat level can actually roll out with some better final trait bonuses than what youd see on a callous. So.
This one has genesis breaking a combatant shield with this weapon fills this magazine from reserves energy weapons regenerate ammo on hit when matching the damage type to the combatants shield of course this is a kinetic weapon. But that genesis trade does still work when you actually break the shield. All of your reserve ammo will be used to refill the magazine.
But on top of this you can roll things like grave robber. Once again actually not a bad bonus. And probably more generally useful than threat detector or moving target on like a lass level.
Does have seven in the mag as opposed to eight in the mag that youll get with the aikido shotgun. But if you actually get a non curated role then its possible to roll out a magazine bonus. Where youll actually get eight rounds anyway.
Threat level does have slightly high stability. Handling and reload. Although it does have a little less range than what youd see on ike ellis.
Which definitely makes a difference. But i dont think its absolutely massive. But of course on top of all of this threat level can actually take year to weapon mods.
So you could run backup mag to get that magazine up even.

how to get threat level destiny 2-1
how to get threat level destiny 2-1

Better. Though if you can of course your damage bonuses things like major spec boss spec or even taken spec are gonna mean you can put out a little bit more damage once again those are just damaged focus bonuses. You could simply run other things that you like running it maybe radar or something.
But the point is you get more options and on top of this it is a kinetic weapon. So you can always run something different in your energy slot whether its inaugural address lunas howl and energy hand cannon auto rifle whatever it is youre gonna have more options with it so once again threat level does come from the first encounter inside of scourge of the past. Im not sure if we can drop randomly at other points in the raid.
But the first thing counter is also where youll get the curated or master. Where all of this so there we go. This is your alternative to a kalos that definitely comes with a few perks those additional trade bonuses stunts improvements in certain areas.
The small boost to damage you get from a kinetic weapon over an energy weapon and the fact that it can take mods. I think. Its a pretty neat thing so guys.
That is a look at the threat level shotgun let me know down below. If youve managed to pick this thing up or try it out once again if youre a huge fan of the icao shotgun. Which had a lot of hardcore pve players especially are now the thing for it level.
Its gonna be something worth throwing in that arsenal. But guys if youve enjoyed the video a like is very much appreciated. If youre new to the channel be sure to hit subscribe to see more d2 content.
But for now whatever you get up to thanks for tuning in and ill catch you very soon music music. .

how to get threat level destiny 2-2
how to get threat level destiny 2-2

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