Drugstore Contour Products for Fair Skin (with swatches!)

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Welcome back and today. Im going to be doing a just quick rundown on on some of the contouring products that i use from the drugstore. I am.
A girl things tend to get muddy and orange on me very fast. So you know the whole learning how to contour the process has been definitely a process for me. But i just wanted to share with you some of the products that i use that i really enjoy and that are all under 10.
So yeah so lets go ahead and jump into it by the way just a tutorial for this very like neutral look using the comfort zone palette. So ill link that down below. Anyway.
Im getting sidetracked anyway so my favorite contouring powder of all time is sculpt from mac. This is their sculpting powder in sculpt. This is the maleficent collection this powder is great the texture is amazing.
And it is a really really really really cool toned brown. Its nice i love the way it feels on my cheeks and it doesnt make me look too orange. Which a lot of things can very easily go very orange on these.
Which is something i have to be careful of so im just going to put that swatch there just so you can kind of compare because this is about 30. I think isnt paid 2750 for this and all of these powders that im going to be showing you are under 10 first of all i want to talk about are you can only get at walmart right now and these are the new wet and wild color icon palette contouring palettes in dulce de leche and caramel toffee. Now dolce de leche is a little bit more of the yellow tone.
Im actually wearing this one today these powders feel really nice theyre soft the texture is really beautiful on these and theyre nice because theyre not too overly pigmented. So these are great for beginners and theyre not overly dark. If you are a medium to dark skin tone.
Youre not gonna be able to use these. But again if you are pale like i am these are going to be really nice. And i just have a little bit on today and im not a big crazy contour.
I want something that looks natural and these definitely do this this is the one from dulce de leche. Which is a little bit more on the yellow side you can see its not as pigmented as the sculpt. But its a little bit more cool tone.
But this is something that this is a powder that does build up beautifully on the skin and again. I was going for something really natural. Today.
Which is why i used this one now caramel toffee is a little bit more of a pink tone powder. If i can show you in comparison. This is dulce de leche.
This is caramel toffee. So caramel talk is a little bit darker and a little bit more on the pink tone. Side.
This one is probably my favorite of the two and again the texture on these powders is really really pretty its soft. Its got a wonderful texture. And its not too overly pigmented.
So again if youre a beginner. This is going to be a great powder for you so again it does build up its a little bit deeper than the dulce de leche. But its also a little bit.
I find it to be a little bit cooler toned on the skin and again i really really enjoy that that powder and both of these are either. 499 or 599. Depending on where your walmart is so again a great and you get a lot of product in here you get 13 grams of product.
So that is quite a bit of product for five dollars. Now their powder that i have just used this for years on my brows.

best drugstore contour for fair skin-0
best drugstore contour for fair skin-0

And i was looking at the powder and i was like oh. I bet thatd be really pretty as a contour and i have used this in a couple of tutorials and this is a product. I never hear anybody talk about and this is ultra brow from maybelline.
This is a brush on powder color. This one is in light brown. Now.
I have used this powder for years years. And years on my on my brow. And i really like this powder.
It is a it is lighter. Its a little bit cooler is slightly cooler than sculpt. So its going to be right around that dolce to mean the caramel toffee tone.
It is pigmented. Its not quite as soft um and it does its not quite as blendable as these. But this is a great contouring color and again.
Its nobody ever talks about it i like it for my brows. As well ill just change it back and forth. And it is a nice beautiful cool toned brown and its just its just great i love it.
And i just really like i said. Ive just recently used this started using this as a contour and i really do like the effect on the skin. And this little product is i believe for forty seven at my walmart.
So that is the maybelline ultra brow and laying right the next matter. I want to talk about is from elf. Now this is one of their three dollar bronzers and i just love the packaging on elf products.
I just think its so sleek and nice. But anyway you get a nice mirror in this one and and with this one this is their cult on bronzer now they have two of them have a warm tone in a cool tone and you can use each of these shades. Individually.
If you like i of isla. Sore them all together and again i stayed away from the warm. One just because things can go orange on me so fast.
But when you mix them all together on if you can see that this is such a beautiful this is probably the closest. One or this is probably really close to sculpt as well this one is really close to sculpt. So this is the cool toned bronzer right here.
And this is sculpt. So again theyre all in this in this range and then i like to pick up a little bit extra of this deeper brown there and ill go over it just to cool it down just a little bit this again is really blendable. Its really versatile.
Because you have all these different shades. And i just really like it for a three dollar product. Again youre getting a whole bunch of products.
So this is also a great contouring option. If you are lighter skinned. The last one i want to talk about is one of the new nyx hd.
Blushes and this one is in taupe. This is probably my favorite out of the drugstore. This is m.
The its like a straight up grey brown. This is going to be the most grey out of all these the most cool toned out of all of these and this is a 6 product.

best drugstore contour for fair skin-1
best drugstore contour for fair skin-1

The product itself feels nice. Its not powdery it just feels beautiful. Its very blendable on the skin and its just a great little product.
I mean you just cant you cant beat that its its its perfect. It really creates a true shadow illusion on the skin and to help define and sculpt your cheeks and your face. And everything else.
Which is why we contour in the first place um. So again nyx blush in taupe is awesome. I just have one more product that i want to share with you because i know a lot of people really enjoy a cream contour.
Im not one of them i will do it if im doing a full face glam makeup for the most part part part bra mart mart for the most part. I like powder products on my face. But what i will do for that is and i like this because it is completely customizable.
Without having to go out and buy a palette with a bunch of different contour shades. That youre not going to use. But i like the fit me shine free foundation sticks.
Now and people do not like these foundations. I mean theyve been pretty much panned universally on youtube from what ive seen. But i will say this for them when you use a mattifying foundation and use a beauty blender to contour and then blend it out you know put this on to use a beauty blender to blend it out over a mattifying foundation.
These create beautiful beautiful contours in the skin. Very dramatic and there are only eight or nine dollars. You know i dont personally like this foundation by itself it doesnt last it breaks down.
But when i use it over a mattifying foundation. It really creates a beautiful cream contour to the skin that lasts. So if you are looking for a cream contour.
This is just a wonderful option. Plus. The thing i like about the fit me foundation stix is that theres a whole range of shades.
They have an amazing shade range just for that foundation line in general period. So you know its one of those ones. Where you youre not going to have to go and worry about picking up a cream contour in in the drugstore.
That is might be too orange or too dark. And theres only a couple of shades. This one you have a ton of options so if you are creeping everybody still definitely try that contouring powders that i use that i like from the drugstore.
That are under 10. Because i dont own any contour palates and the reason being is that i cant use 95 of them they dont they either go money on my scanner. Theyre too dark or they go orange and these are the powders that i can use that i switch out that work for me plus theyre under 10.
I just i dont personally see the point in buying a contour palette. Where i cant use most of the product. So it just doesnt work for me personally and if thats your thing that is totally cool.
Im a little jealous of you but if you are a pale girl like me if youre on a budget. If youre just looking for something a little bit more practical for you than a big palette. Where you cant use all of that stuff then these might work out for you so i dont list them all down below.
But you know if you have any powders that you love you know any contouring products let me know down below. Especially if theyre from the drugstore because you know who doesnt love cheap affordable makeup from the drugstore nobody right so anyway. But as always if you guys did like it then give me a thumbs up you know if you havent already definitely subscribe.
If you want some more videos like this but as always you guys have an amazing day a rock and weekend. Well see you next time bye. .

best drugstore contour for fair skin-2
best drugstore contour for fair skin-2

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