EASY DIY Kids Desk With Storage And Chair – Beginner-friendly 1-Day Project!

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Everyone today. Im going to show you how to make this little kids table table and chair. This is a great size for elementary age.
Students and the best is hidden storage. So the kids can store their workbooks. Theres pencils their supplies in here use what they need put it away or its great for you if you want to just shove.
All the mess inside at the end of the day and have a nice clean desk. This ones not stained or painted. Yet but i built uh the original one about five years ago.
And i will show you that and a few other versions of it i have built since so stick around till the end where you will find lots of inspiration and a lot of other cool ways you could use this table and chair. This is a great regular project and i built it in one day. And you can too.
The table is built using 1×4 and 2×2 boards and the chair is built using 1×3 and 2×2 boards. You can find the cut list. And the step by step plans for both the table and the chairs in the description below a lot of these are repeated cuts.
So its a lot easier to just set up a stop block and make all the cuts at the same time now is also a good time to sand all the pieces because it is a lot easier to sand them before you assemble now im going to start with the chair.

kids study table and chair-0
kids study table and chair-0

I made pocket holes on both ends of all the aprons on four of the aprons that attach to the seat. We also need a pocket hole in the middle. So i aligned that on my pocket hole jig.
And made the pocket hole music. You want to make the center pocket hole on all. But one of these aprons.
Which will end up being the back of the chair now to assemble. I started with the front legs. I made sure that the middle pocket hole is pointed upwards so that i could attach the seat.
I just added some wood glue and went ahead and clamped and attached them with pocket hole screws. Then i attach the other leg. The same way you want to make sure that the middle pocket hole is pointing upwards at every single step because it is very easy to mess that up now that the front of the chair is ready we are going to attach our side aprons to it once again i paid close attention to the direction of the middle pocket hole.
And then glued and attached the side aprons music. Now for the back legs to make sure that the aprons and the front legs are aligned. I used the front legs to mark exactly where the aprons attached to the back leg and then again while attaching the aprons.
I paid close attention to where the middle pocket hole was i feel like im repeating myself.

kids study table and chair-1
kids study table and chair-1

But really it is so easy to mix it up the chair back attaches to the top of the back legs. And is aligned to the other edge of the back leg music. Then i attached all of that to the other back leg music.
Now to finally put it all together. I just attached the side aprons to the back legs. Using wood glue and pocket hole screws.
It can be a little hard to get into those tight corners. With your drill. So a right angle drill.
Attachment makes a huge difference now that the chair is ready lets go on to the table. The table is a simple build and uses one by fours for the aprons and two by twos for the legs. So i went ahead and made pocket holes in the apron assembly is very similar to how we assembled the chair.
I just attached the aprons to each of the legs. And then attached the side aprons. Music music.
And that is the skeleton of our table.

kids study table and chair-2
kids study table and chair-2

Now for the top in the plant. I call out for a project panel. You could use a project panel.
You could use a 8 boards joined together glued together to create the top. Im just going to use plywood. Because i have the plywood available and then im just going to edge band the edges to give it a nice clean look and for the seat you have two options you could either use just plywood and create a nice hard seat or you could upholster that piece of plywood and add some fabric and give it some pattern too for the chairs.
I used the seat legs to define where to make the cutouts and then i cut them out using a jigsaw it fits perfectly so i went ahead and used pocket hole screws and attached the seat to the chair music now for the table. We need to add the bottom panel for the storage area. I used table legs to create a template of where i needed to cut them and then i just went ahead and cut it up with a jigsaw music.
I am using hardboard because i already had it available and it works just fine. I have used these in previous builds. I removed any splinters with a sanding sponge and used wood glue and finished nails to attach the bottom of the storage table music then i aligned the top plywood panel and made sure.
There was a one inch offset on all sides. And i attached the hinges. These are just regular hinges that i am using here.
But i will be using better support hinges at a later time and that is our table.

kids study table and chair-3
kids study table and chair-3

Okay. So this is all done. Im actually sitting on the chair right now and the table the lid works theres the storage.
But it stays that way. But to make it safer for little fingers. I am going to be installing a lid support hinge.
The hinges come with an installation diagram. So i just measured. According to that and attached them to the back.
And the top music. I did need two lid support hinges. Because the plywood is kind of heavy music.
And that is it the lid works perfectly and is safe for little fingers. And now here is a little inspiration to show you all the possibilities of course you can paint it. But you can also upholster the chair seat in any pattern you like and you can add iron on vinyl to make it waterproof and one of my favorites use the inside for lego play the possibilities are endless you can get the plants from the link in the description.
Below you might also like this easy a frame desk. That is perfect for older kids or you might like this project. And dont forget to hit that subscribe button music you .

kids study table and chair-4
kids study table and chair-4

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