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Right whats going on everybody. Its your boy. The loki legend.
How the the yall doin today. Im doing all right got a brand new video for you guys. And this is a requested video that i got and its gonna be some how can we make a bowl out of an apples for how to basically turn an apple into a smoking device that you can use first things first youre gonna only need two things to get this method started as an apple and a pen.
What youre gonna want to do is take the pen and make a hole anywhere on the side of the app. What you want it doesnt matter it doesnt matter where you make the hole. I can make it here you can make it just has to be on this line.
You feel me anywhere even with this around the whole apple.

how to smoke weed with an apple-0
how to smoke weed with an apple-0

So once you make your hole push this pen half way through and so you get to this stem right here so like right in the middle here. So im not you guys arent gonna be able to see it but as soon as you guys are able to see the pen in there then thats good and then you could just take that thing out like i see it right there. I dont know if yall can but so take it out.
And then do the same thing. With here like if youre first doing. It youre not gonna be able to see it so just kind of go off of basic measurement.
I guess i would actually recommend doing this part first putting it in about half way. I dont know how much that would be and probably be like that its about half way. And then take the pen out so now you got a nice little hole through here.
And this is gonna be your mouthpiece and this is gonna be where you pack your actual bud.

how to smoke weed with an apple-1
how to smoke weed with an apple-1

So you could just grind that up throw it right on top take your lighter and light. It or you can also put a bowl on here jam it in there twist. It and theyre really hard and you could have a slider for a blonde right here and you could use that and torch it and use this as your mouthpiece once you first poke these holes.
Youre gonna want to blow into here and make sure you get all the excess like apple out of it because what youre gonna want to be doing is this and making sure that its completely grounded out and everything is like perfectly straight. You know lets do this for a little bit make sure that its all freshly you know grounded in there and then put your mouth to here. Because this is gonna be the mouthpiece and blow and all the shits gonna be out of there or you can blow on this side because youre not gonna be packing it right now like once youre making it so put your mouth against your blow.
Really hard and all the the apple juice or whatever is just gonna squirt out through here. So thats gonna be your best. But to do that and then once you clear it out fully it should sound something like this im gonna put my mouth up to here and suck and that that thats the sound you guys are gonna want to be hearing.
Once your guyses piece is done like theres no excess apple you feel me theres no clogging in it no more theres like theres no clog edge at all so thats the sound.

how to smoke weed with an apple-2
how to smoke weed with an apple-2

Youre gonna want to get once youre making your apple. So keep doing this like i said a couple times make sure its super good and you know straight and you should have a nice like hole you can see right there. Then you could also see from right there if i had light you guys would be able to see it but that is how you make an apple bowl.
So how do you smoke out of this you just sprinkle your on top put it right up to here. I smoked out of plenty of apples and the best part about this thing man is like i could still use this right now. If i want so i could be smoking right now eating an apple either before during or after your bucket eat your evidence thats all i got in this video man how to make an apple bong or apple bowl.
The guys enjoyed smash that like button check me out i uploaded a ton of youtube videos of this stoner. Kind you guys need help in that variety better. Than that im out here yall stay safe stay savage stay low key she boarded okey logic.
Oh my god yall soon adios music music .

how to smoke weed with an apple-3
how to smoke weed with an apple-3

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