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Is good hi everyone welcome to little divine my name is ryan if yourere new here welcome if you ever try to subscribe. It thank you so much tuning back in this channel is all about like that diy diy life. I like to do these myself doing my nails making clothes.
Doing my hair. Thats what all this stuff is so that sounds like anything you were interested in although my hair. Does look a little dumb right now because i got it done at the salon and then i started growing out and did it play edge.
Dont and then obviously you made it a little wet so like my edges are like plucked up their little okay. But besides that alright so i wanted to make this video. Because i go to the european wax center to get you know my brazilian wax i get waxed every month my hair grows really fast so i had to do four weeks rather than five.
My cousin she could do five weeks.

smooth me ingrown hair serum-0
smooth me ingrown hair serum-0

Shes looking when you go to the european mark center. You can get the ingrown hair serum here it is 27. You guys might be like oh my gosh thats outrageous 27.
I dont even know if it works. But its a really good question. Theres a word good because you dont want to spend 27 dollars on some hair serum that doesnt prevent hair bumps.
And its meant to prevent ingrown hair bumps. If you get it and it doesnt work you just spent 30 on a piece of so does it work yes. It does i it when you look at the directions.
It says that you can use it once a day or twice a day.

smooth me ingrown hair serum-1
smooth me ingrown hair serum-1

I use it once a day because i dont want to use it twice a day and get the most out of the money spread it out you know rather than using it fast using it up so quickly. But it does work really well i i make sure i scrub make sure you scrub too. Because you can also get hera bumps by not scrubbing.
Because you know it gets held to dirt out and everything so make sure youre scrubbing at least three times a week and then after that hop out the shower and rub this bad boy on rub it on everywhere you have gotten waxed. It is really good and you get a good amount. And its a nice bottle.
And its a pretty huge you know so i just want you guys to know if this works well or not it does and that is it and if you guys think that you got some good information from this video. Please let you know if you want its up to you and also i should tell you guys my first brazilian wax story. Because then the first time it hurts for real.
Its not just mood sealing at all. But its its worth it and you get really used to it and as long as youre going normally it doesnt hurt anymore you know so last day. .

smooth me ingrown hair serum-2
smooth me ingrown hair serum-2

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