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Is up you guys welcome to my blog. Okay. Im.
A daily blogger. Now now just kidding. Oh my god my steering wheels like in the way.
Is that i just theres nowhere else for me to mount my camera. So this is what were were working with today um. Were at walmart.
I was going to vlog driving here because i feel like visually thats like more appealing. But there was a cop that was like following me literally like the whole way here and i was like is it illegal to vlog and drive. I feel like it should be i dont know if it is or not.
But i feel like it should be so i didnt so were here and were gonna go inside because im gonna be giving myself a walmart makeover. Im gonna buy a full face of makeup from walmart and then were gonna slide together when we get home a little tutorial style. But i wanted to show you guys like me going to the store and stuff because you guys requested that like when i did my ulta clearance makeup.
Thing a lot of you guys wanted to see me actually buying the stuff. So were here actually buying the stuff together. Im super awkward and strange when i vlog in public because its just weird like i dont live in la i live in new jersey.
So this is like not really normal here so yeah im acting awkward and strange. Its because i am awkward and strange but anyways im really really excited because walmart is one of my favorite places to buy makeup. You also do have a really good return policy to like if you try out a foundation and the shade doesnt match you you can bring it back like no questions asked theyll give you your money back.
So they do have really good return policy. And its just like easy they have everything they also have some really good brands that i cant find elsewhere like profusion. Im definitely to buy some of their stuff for this tutorial because i really like their products.
Theyre affordable and they have them at walmart hard candy is another brand that i like that i feel like they only really have at walmart and then they have of course like the l.oreal is the maybellines the cover girls of the world like all that stuff so they have a really big variety of stuff. They have salon perfect would you guys know i love a look a little dusty right now i do have lash extensions on um.
But if i didnt have lash extensions on right now. I would totally be buying slow and private lashes. Because they are exclusive to walmart.
They are my absolute favorite you guys know that theyre six for teens are like my everyday lash. So id literally buy them in bulk here like i go and buy 20 packs of them. But yeah they have tons of stuff here i shop her all the time for my makeup shout out to walmart for partnering with me on todays video like what like i said i come here all the time i literally have been shopping here since i was born so thats crazy because i came from a really small town and walmart was like one of the stores.
We actually had um. So i literally have shopped here for my whole life. But um.
Yeah. I think thats all i have to say im excited i really think were gonna be able to get like a full face of stuff and not send like a ton of money. But still look so so beautiful so were gonna go were gonna go inside and were gonna shop together also i just let you guys know if you havent already make sure to subscribe to my channel.
I also hit the bell right next to subscribe button to be notified of all my future uploads and lets go inside. I look so dusty. Oh.
My god oh there are so many people on this damn store. This is like my worst nightmare.

best walmart makeup for contouring-0
best walmart makeup for contouring-0

What were you this obsessed with this foundation music applause music applause music that was literally the busiest walmart. Ive ever been do oh my god. Its like 3 oclock on the tuesday like why is it so busy.
But i got look good we make my way home now and were gonna film the full say look a little walmart transformation so you guys know are you guys i am back home. I am ready to do a full face using all these new products. I tried to get a mixture of products.
So i got some hero products that like i know i love if you guys have seen in my videos. A thousand times that are just like my absolute favorites. But then i also got a couple new products as well to try out so i could kind of do a little mixture like half walmart face.
But then half trying new stuff too just to keep it interesting thats a little gal. Ill do and were gonna go ahead and jump in alrighty first things first were gonna jump in with a primer. Were gonna be using the loreal lumi glow shin.
This is in the shade fair. So this is the lightest one and were gonna use this as a primer just add a little glow to our skin. I love this its one of my favorite products.
Honestly it just looks so beautiful adds. The prettiest glow underneath your foundation you can also actually mix this in with your foundation. If youre running short on time and you want to do that but i like to put it down first and im just gonna go in and blend that out with a beauty blender.
And you can actually give beauty blenders on walmarts website. I feel like a lot of people dont know that but you guys see how pretty this little sheen is that adds to my face just adds a little little extra glow and firm foundation. Im gonna be jumping into the loreal.
24 hour up fresh wear foundation. I have this in shade for 16. I havent really been liking this its great for summer.
Its really light. But its beautiful so im gonna go in with this this does also have spf 25 minutes. So its a great foundation for summer.
So im gonna use about two pumps of this on my face and blend everything on out. And i did forget to say to my total for all this stuff was about 90 youre under 100 for a full face. Where you could spend a hundred dollars on like two products at some stores.
So we got a whole face already up next floor our concealer. Were gonna use the maybelline instant age rewind dark circle eraser. I love this stuff.
This is an og favorite of mine as well im just kind of spin this so we can crank it out i have this in shade fair. And im just gonna apply this right to my under eye. I love the little applicator.
Its like a sponge tip. It feels so nice like a little under eye massage and then to balance out that highlight. I am good bring it on the high points of my face as well like shell and then gonna blend everything out.
Oh my god i forgot to tell you guys while i was leaving like right after i got in my car. I saw this girl i saw her actually getting into her car. When i was walking out of walmart.
She was like maybe 16 or 17 years old i mean i guess she had to be 17. Because if she was 16.

best walmart makeup for contouring-1
best walmart makeup for contouring-1

She wouldnt be ought to driving around she was by herself like as a new jersey of 317. She got into a g wagon. Which its like okay high roller over there.
I was 16. I was driving my moms volvo um. But anyways so she gets in and when she was pulling out.
She literally almost ran over this old man and his wife was like screaming. I was like i guess she like wasnt looking. Which is backing up.
And there was an older gentleman was like maybe like 80 and she literally nearly ran him over. Oh. My god i felt so bad i mean im sure she obviously didnt do it on purpose.
But its like oh. My god you gotta check. Those little g.
Wagen side mirrors. Before you start running over somebodys grandfather. Oh.
My god no no set that concealer down and jump into this little profusion the highlight and contour palette. Im gonna jump back into this later. But i do want to use this matte highlight right here to set that down this was super affordable.
It was like four dollars and some change so i mean i cant ask for anything else you get six different shades with this so im gonna go into this cream light right here and just set that all down. So that we dont have it budging and moving around our face. Im gonna go in with a different powder.
All over my face to set. Though but i like to use this just further highlight and bright in and then you set all over the face. Were gonna jump in with the maybelline fit me a loose finishing powder this one is in the shade medium.
Im gonna just set my whole face with this powder. I love this because it sets your makeup. Really well.
But it also does that a little bit more coverage. Too which is perfect for eyebrows. Im gonna be going in it with my favorite.
This is the covergirl ultra fine brow pencil. And i have this in the shade. Soft brown.
So im just gonna go in and define out my brows. With this this is my all time favorite brow product. If you guys watch my channel.
You already know that and it is always a most affordable at walmart so just feathering that in with little strokes rit for our eyeshadow today i picked up another profusion palette. I tried there cns palette which is beautiful you can get that at one more that one is i think like nine dollars. And some change and i use that in a testing new drugstore video like about a month ago on my channel.
And i was really impressed with it so today i got another pallet from them this is their nude eyes palette. This literally looks like an urban decay naked palette.

best walmart makeup for contouring-2
best walmart makeup for contouring-2

But for a fraction of the price. I think it was six dollars and some change like six eighty or so you do get a brush from the palette. Too.
Which is really nice their brushes from what ive tried have actually been really great and twelve different eyeshadows. A mix of both mattes and shimmers. So i thought this would be a beautiful palette to play with so first we mix together these two guys right here doll and fly.
And im just gonna use the brush that comes with the palette and go ahead and buff this into my crease area for as affordable as these shadows are they are super pigmented and very easy to use and to blend out so i honestly have not any complaints. So im just blending this up and in my upper crease. The brush is super soft too.
Which is a plus since its free then im gonna go in with this shade xevious in of my outer corner. And im gonna just press. This right on in there just to deepen it up a bit this is a really pretty its like almost like a burnt like brick.
Kind of color like a dark dark burgundy and then to just further blend that deeper devious color into my crease. Im gonna jump into a little bit of zing. Which is just like a smidge lighter and just bring that into my crease.
So i dont like to bring super deep colors. All the way in because i feel like it closes off my eyes. So i just like to do a little transition.
Like this and then again just going in with a zing and devious mixed together. Im gonna do that on my lower lash line and just blend her out down there and then all over my lid. Im gonna jump in with celestial and im just gonna pack this on the lid so pretty.
Im gonna actually probably focus this on like the inner 1 3. I would say and then were gonna actually phase out to a little bit of a deeper shimmer shade. Ill show you guys in a second im gonna pop this in the inner corner and inner like 1 3 of my eye and then im gonna go in with terrific.
Which is this darker shade and kind of phase everything out so it looks like a little kind of ombre and its not like all over light on the lid. And just gonna do the same thing right on the other side and then last not least to highlight my brow bone. Im gonna mix celestial with a little bit of sugar and just get a nice little pop on the brow bone for my liner.
Im gonna jump in with the maybelline lasting drama light liner. This is just in the shade white white luster. I love like pops of white liner.
So im gonna do that right in the waterline. I always make the weirdest faces when i do this and for my mascara. Im gonna jump in with the loreal lash paradise this is an amazing drugstore dupe for the too faced better than sex mascara.
Im just popping this on my lower lashes real quick alrighty so our eyes are all done were gonna jump back into our face and im gonna jump back into the pro shoes and highlight and contour palette and for all of my face. I like to do a little bit of like a glowy bronzer. So what im gonna do is actually mix together the shade height.
Which is a highlighter. Its the darkest highlight in the palette. And then tamps cult.
Kind of mix a little bit of both and put that all over my face as an all over bronzer. So just gonna put my brush into both and then bronze out my face you guys know if you watched my videos. I like to be nice and brown.
So we are we are bronze and especially with this eye look i feel like we need to be bronzed. Then im gonna go in with just hands full which is a matte highlight.

best walmart makeup for contouring-3
best walmart makeup for contouring-3

Im gonna use this to contour and im gonna sculpt out my cheeks with this and lo it on the chin too then for my blush im gonna jump into the flower flowerpots blush is then warm rose i love the flower blushes they are so so pretty so im just gonna pop this on my cheeks. They have a really pretty sheen to them which i like but theyre not like chunky. Glittery and now there are highlights in the profusion palette which i could use ill actually swatch them for you guys we can swatch them together.
Because i havent used them yeah. Im gonna be using a different highlight on my face. Though one of my faves.
But they swatch super pretty those are the two highlights swatch right there from this palette. But im gonna go in with my absolute favorite highlight you guys know i love this this is the maybelline master chrome in molten gold. It is so beautiful and like the best highlight literally ever its just the most beautiful stunning thing like would you look at that oh my gosh.
It is blinding. It is beautiful oh i could go on and on about this highlight they could charge 40 to this highlight. I would still buy it but thankfully.
They dont and its super affordable. Ive been doing like a little highlight above my brow bone like whatevers left on the brush. I feel like it just helps like lift the face a little bit.
I dont know maybe. Its just in my head to go ahead and line our lips. Im gonna jump in with this covergirl exhibitionist all day lip liner this is in the shade in the nude and im gonna go ahead and line my lips with this then for my lipstick.
Im gonna go in with the revlon super lustrous lipstick in nude attitude and just hot this guy on my lips. Im gonna mix that with a little bit of maybellines baddest beige. Which is one of my faves.
These to mix together is so pretty and then last. But not least. We are gonna add some gloss as well this is new.
I have not tried this this is from hard candy. Which again is a brand that i know i can always find at walmart. This is the plumping serum.
So its supposed to be a plumping lip gloss and its in the shade a cakewalk so im gonna jump in with this on my lips today make them a little plump. Oh. My god this smells so good oh it smells just like and ill cupcakes or something i love that this is nice because i can feel it like plumping my lips like its like a little tingly.
But it doesnt like hurt like some let me lipsticks hurt. Where this is not like hurting at all like it actually kind of feels nice so i like this and it smells amazing and then you finish everything on out. Im gonna go in with the garnier soothing a facial mist.
I love this you can actually spray this before you do your makeup. As well kind of as a primer or any time throughout the day just to refresh your face. And its not gonna like mess up.
How your makeup looks or anything like that so im gonna go in with this it smells so amazing. Oh my god i love that scent its like a rose scent. But its a very light rose scent are you guys so this is my completed look i think my walmart makeover.
It went pretty well i love the look that i was able to create like literally some of my absolute favorite everyday staples can be bought at walmart for an affordable price. So. Love that thank you guys so so much for watching.
I hope you enjoyed todays video. I can definitely do a full face of trying another stores makeup. So let me know down below in the comments.
What other stores you would love to see i can totally do that thank you guys so much for watching i love you so much. And i will see very soon in my next video bye. .

best walmart makeup for contouring-4
best walmart makeup for contouring-4

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