G-325 petitioner and beneficiary

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m going to help you guys out that were confused as i was the g g 325. Is corresponding with i not winning on fm you have to have this with it one is for your fiance. Thats the beneficiary.
The 111 outside the us and one is for the petitioner this one here is for the petitioner. Which led me to a big confusion as a petitioner you put your family name first name middle name their gender. No no no here birthday you naturalized.
I was naturalized so i put us a phone number this was the first time. I found i dont have one you may felt before she would have a phone number there all the names including previous marriages he would put money if youre a female you would probably put your previous marriages. Name city and country of birth right this is made up.
But your real security their social security. Your fathers last name middle name honey. First name and date of birth is where his birth.
Why he was born and where hes currently residing.

who is the petitioner and who is the beneficiary-0
who is the petitioner and who is the beneficiary-0

If you currently married you put their name here. Im not very so im single so honey and i dont have any former in any former name as if youre religiously married at church or whatever. But not in a government you still put it naughty kids now register under the government.
So you still considered non divorce. If you were married. But it were deliciously you put your address your thats made up applicants address outside the us for me.
Its not a but for your beneficiary. Thats living outside. Yes you put their address.
There and for example street somewhere in iraq. Not jeff same thing. Thats a country iraq the date that would be for your beneficiary.
But as for the petitioner you leave this money so this is your employment.

who is the petitioner and who is the beneficiary-1
who is the petitioner and who is the beneficiary-1

You put your employment here. If you have two jobs you can just you know put todays date or you know. But if you put it out and just cant i just put president time lasts up basically have not shown above if its not shown above here you would put it if a brought this is like outside of the us.
But as for my beneficiary. I didnt put nothing here or you could just put lawyer you could put it twice it doesnt hurt what i did and it was fine when i did it for her and since this is going on with for my 129 while im on 29. It could be for the 130 and he would sign here put the date.
This is done for you as an applicant separate a separate application and for your fiancee. The beneficiary. She would also have her own copy this right here.
The confusion. Part is as the petitioner you would have to fill this out you are the applicant you put your family name give a name and your middle name and then whats elliot. A registration number this applies to you not only if you have a green card.
But applies to you if you also naturalize a naturalization certificate.

who is the petitioner and who is the beneficiary-2
who is the petitioner and who is the beneficiary-2

You gave up the fathers a number a lien number this is naturalization. I had to call some of the people to find that answer and more than one called and a big headache which i am leaving everyone here from and i would appreciate it if you guys give me a thumbs up one more thing that i forgot to mention here for your beneficiary. She would want to put her name in the language that they use like arabic you would put her name in arabic.
I really appreciate if you guys subscribe and give me a thumbs up i felt all these films for my beneficiary. All by myself. I did research and not everything was in detail.
I seen a lot of missing details like on youtube. Chat slide. All that they dont explain this very well.
And and you know they a scam. Too fast. So i like to make this short.
But brief and very detailed if you have any questions leave comments and i will try my best to answer them thank you .

who is the petitioner and who is the beneficiary-3
who is the petitioner and who is the beneficiary-3

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