Hair growth vitamins every girl should have | Thicker, Healthier, Longer hair | grow your hair fast|

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel thank you so much for coming back in in todays video. Im going to be talking about all the vitamins that need in order to have healthy hair healthy nails. Healthy skin and a healthy digestive system.
So if you want to know what these vitamins are then please stay tuned for the video okay guys welcome back to the channel for those of you who are new to my channel. My name is mercy. I am a bsn rn and on this channel.
I talk about nursing lifestyle beauty. I do a little bit of vlogging. I talk about feminine hygiene and i just do a little bit of everything so if you would like to join my family.
Please go ahead and hit the subscribe button down below and also hit the bell notification button. So you never miss another video for me again and for my old viewers. Id like to say welcome back okay guys lets get right into the video.
So recently. I posted some pictures and i think a few videos on my instagram of my natural hair and for some reason a lot of you guys were shocked my full set some hair videos on my channel here before. But maybe you guys havent seen that so i went and got my hair washed conditioned and pressed and i posted a picture and everybody was like oh wow.
You know thats really nice you should do a hair. Video. You should do a hair video.
And im like ive already done that but anyways. If you havent seen those videos. Yet ill leave a link to them down below.
But a lot of you wanted me to do a natural hair video and share some of my secrets. With you guys. Ive done a video sharing the oils and stuff that i use to grow my hair.
So this video is going to be about vitamins that i take the hells my skin my hair. My nails and my digestive system. Its just gonna be a quick little show and tell and im just gonna show you guys the things i use so that i maybe thatll help you guys as well the disclaimer here.
Though is that just because something worked for me. Doesnt mean. Its going to work for you and sometimes i hate to say it.
But sometimes some things are genetic. So things that may work for me or things that may come natural for me may not work for you or come as natural for you. But then again there has been cases where people share things that they eat or use or do in order to be healthy and it helps other people so that is the reason.
Im gonna share the stuff that i use with you guys and i hope it helps you guys so i have a whole bag here i literally just went shopping for all my vitamins because i need to restock them. So i thought it was perfect to do this video. Because im all kind of like a healthy hair journey.
Ill put a clip somewhere or a picture of my hair. So that you guys who dont know what im talking about can see it but anyways in this bag. I have a few stuff that im gonna be showing you guys the first thing i want to show you guys is this right here so for those of you who dont know what this is this is a pill organizer.
So i got this idea because ive been working home health for a very long time now even before i transitioned to the hospital. I used to take care of a lot of patients whose medications. I had to organize did that make sense and one of the things we used to use to organize is this pill organizer.
So when i started taking a lot of vitamins. I would always forget to take them or i would forget if i took this one for instance that one i would forget what day. It was so i got this idea because im like i do this for my patients.
All the time so if you have a patient that takes lets say four to five medication and theyre older. Sometimes they dont remember to take their meds. So this comes in handy.
Because you can put all their pills. In here. Sometimes you have the morning evening in night ones.
But i only need one because im only taking my pills once a day so i actually got this from the dollar tree you guys know i love the dollar tree and if you havent seen any of my dollar tree videos. Ill try to link them down below as well so you can watch them.

hair growth vitamins for black hair-0
hair growth vitamins for black hair-0

But i got this one from the dollar tree so it has little flaps that you can just open like that so you open it all up and then you place your medication. This has seven little compartments for the seven days of the week. So it starts from sunday.
It goes to monday tuesday wednesday and so forth. So what you do is you open everything up and put your medications there for the days. That you want to take them.
So for me. I take my pills every day. So i set them up that way.
Im actually gonna do this with you guys so you guys can see what im talking about first. Im going to show you the vitamins and then ill go ahead and set them up and show you what im talking about the first thing. I have here is a hair skin and nail multivitamin.
This one is my spring valley and this is what it looks like i hope you guys can see that so. This is a dietary supplement for hair skin and nails. And it says.
It has over 15 key ingredients including biotin and antioxidant biotin is very very good for hair growth. So what i do is because i always forget to take my medication or i sometimes forget if ive taken it for that day thats where this comes in handy. So i just go ahead and open up all the flaps like that and then i wish i can set this where you guys can see it okay so i have a little thing near me so im gonna open it up like that and set it right here i hope you guys can see that so then im gonna open up my vitamin like so and then i just poked a hole and then i just put a whole bunch in my hand like that i try to grab seven.
But it never works im not that coordinated so then once i do that i just take the thing. And then add seven pills one in each compartment. So like this one three five six seven.
Okay then im gonna set it here and then i put the rest in here. So the reason. This is important is because for example if today is sunday and you cant remember if you take your medications or not it clearly tells you here.
Because youre gonna have pills in the slot for sunday. So thats how that works the next thing on the list here is my prenatal vitamin. People.
Think that you have to be pregnant in order to take prenatal vitamins. But that is not the case. This particular prenatal vitamin was actually given to me by my doctor.
When i was pregnant. I got a whole bunch like every visit. They used to give it to me because my doctor knew that i hated pills when pregnant so she would always ask me if i have any more and i would say yes.
But she would go ahead and still give me more so i dont know what that was about so this one is by major. I dont know if you can get this over the counter because like i said. My doctor gave me this one.
But the one that i normally use if i dont have these or also by spring valley and ill show you what that looks like but this is what the prenatal vitamin looks like so again. Youre supposed to take one of these a day. These pills are huge theyre like freaking horse pills.
I dont know if you can see that same thing you put one two three four five six seven okay then you save the rest the next thing. Im gonna show you guys the first one i showed you guys already has biotin in it but this is biotin. This is five thousand micrograms of biotin biotin is great for your hair skin and nails.
So you can either take the multivitamin that already has biotin in it or you can take biotin by itself. So this is what the biotin looks like this is also by spring valley. So what i do with this again.
These pills are a little smaller they look like little chicken eggs. I dont know if you can really see those again. I add it to my pill organizer.
So i do one two three four five six seven. Okay. I have seven in there moving on to the next one this is vitamin c.
Vitamin c. Is great for a new system and this is what it looks like this is also by spring valley.

hair growth vitamins for black hair-1
hair growth vitamins for black hair-1

There are lots and lots of other brands out there this is the brand that i currently use i might switch in the future. But ive used this brand for so long and i just as i tell you guys all the time if i like something im not gonna change it just because everyone is moving to something else i just like to stick with what i know so spring valley has been working perfectly well for me. So.
That is why i stick with it so this is a 500 milligram vitamin pill. This is what it looks like one two three four five six seven and then you put the rest in here and we move on okay i am pills i take iron pills on a regular basis because i am slightly anemic most women are anemic especially around your period. You get very fatigued.
Very slow and tired and if you ever wonder why that is is because your iron is at its lowest at that point and then for some people who have other conditions like fibroids. I personally have fibroids. Ive always been anemic.
I never knew why but recently i discovered i have fibroids and ive talked to you guys about this before in one of my videos. My pregnancy videos. But that is the main cause for my anemia.
So my doctor put me on iron pills. The one thing. I hate about taking iron pills is the fact that it makes you very very constant pated.
So when youre on iron pills. You have to step up your fluid game. Because it makes you very very very constipated.
But it helps with anemia. So this iron pill is actually the walgreen brand to me. It doesnt really matter as long as this iron pill.
My doctor was actually the one who ordered this one and i got it from walgreens and this one is 65 milligrams. This is what it looks like so again. I just open it up this is what the pill looks like it looks green like a dark green kind of so im just gonna add 7 put the rest in here the next pill.
Im gonna show you guys is b complex so this is actually by nature made this is what it looks like b complex is very important because it helps develop cell energy and cell production. It is also great for the immune system so especially around the winter months it helps you from getting sick. But let me show you guys these pills these are a few i hate these bills.
These are what they look like theyre like brownish and theyre huge let me show you what one actually looks like this this is what it looks like i hate these things if they werent so good for me i would not be taking them. But im just gonna go ahead and add 7 to my plate. Here.
6. 1. 2.
3. 4. 5.
6. 7. Ok.
So i have 7 in there. And then next on the list. Im going to show you guys some probiotics.
I know i did a lot of feminine hygiene videos. And i keep telling you guys about probiotics probiotics probiotics and you guys always ask me what probiotics do i take so these are the two probiotics. Im taking at the moment.
The reason i have two is because this is the one i used to take im almost out of it i only have a few in here and this one is the one i started taking and this is also by spring valley. Probiotics are expensive because they are a great great great great for the immune system and for the digestive system. So again.
I told you guys because im on iron pills. It concentrates me a lot. And it kind of messes with the digestive flow.
A little bit. So i have to do something else to counteract that probiotics are also great for not just the digestive system.

hair growth vitamins for black hair-2
hair growth vitamins for black hair-2

But it also has other health benefits so first im gonna show you guys this brand this one is my nutrition works and i actually got this one from burlington. I went to burlington one day. I saw this there it was a big bottle of probiotics for only 5.
And it has 60 pills in it this is what it looks like and as i said. The brand is called nutrition works. But this has 1 billion cfu.
So thats just the bacteria that is in the probiotic because as i told you guys before sometimes when you take a lot of antibiotics or for whatever reasons. The bacteria in your system is being depleted the way to replace those good bacterias to take a probiotic and thats what these probiotic pills are for probiotics support. Healthy intestinal health.
It also promotes a healthy immune system. And it also restores a healthy functioning digestive tract. So thats what probiotics are great for it.
But this one is the one. I actually used this is my spring valley. This one also has 5 billion active culture per capsule 5 billion.
This is what it looks like im gonna open this to show you guys what this looks like these are little capsules. So it comes with two and this one was actually i think 17 dollars. If im not mistaken some of them can be even pricier than that so what im gonna do is im gonna break the seal and pop the capsules in here.
But let me show you guys what they look like so these are what it looks like i dont know if you guys can see that so im just gonna get seven days of supply and add it to my stuff here so here we go one seven. So now i have my pills full now. Im just gonna shut them so today is actually friday.
So im gonna start taking these on friday. So ill start with the slot. That says friday right there ill start there go to saturday and then work my way back up to sunday until i get to the empty one which is going to be friday.
Then i restock them again these are the vitamins. I take on a regular basis. And i believe they play a very very important role in my health because i try to eat healthy.
I try to drink a lot of fluids. But i do not play when it comes to my vitamins on a daily basis. I take about six pills.
You dont have to do it how i do it you might be able to find one pill. That has everything in it it just all depends on what your personal preferences are but i personally like to do it this way because that way i feel like im getting the things that i need there are still probably things out there that i need to add to my list. But this is whats been working for me as of now so thats what im using.
So what i normally do is i just pop the thing opening like that make sure everything is shut because you wont spill all your pills on the floor. But i put it in my hands like that and then ill take them whatever you do that works for you hey go ahead and do you. But this is what works for me so i just wanted to show you guys that so yeah.
Those are all the vitamins and probiotics that i currently take to help with my health journey. I hope that was helpful to you guys. And i hope that can encourage you guys to get on some kind of multivitamin whether its prenatal or just a regular ones.
It doesnt matter some people think that you cant take prenatal if youre not pregnant. But if you go to the store and actually look at all the prenatals a lot of them will say before during and after pregnancy. So if youre in the childbearing ages you can take prenatal.
It helps you because prenatal is very very high in folic acid. And folic acid is very important when it comes to pregnancy. Because it prevents neural tube defect and i dont want to talk about all of that because thats another video.
But its just something very very important that you need to have in your system before during and after pregnancy. So yeah. I think that answered all the questions.
I hope the video was helpful to you guys if you havent subscribed to the channel. Yet go ahead and hit that subscribe button leave me a comment down below. If you have any questions and also dont forget to make sure that your bill notification button is on so that you dont miss my videos.
Thank you guys again so much for watching and ill see you guys in my next one bye music. .

hair growth vitamins for black hair-3
hair growth vitamins for black hair-3

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