Harry’s foaming shave gel and Aftershave Lotion

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Hows it going welcome to another cincy shades today. Im going to be be doing a review on two harrys products the shaving foaming shave gel and aftershave lotion. Its a ball and my dad swears up and down by those as far as canned stuff goes.
He says that really works really well. Although. I have turned him into someone who loves a brush and so someone put some harrys here it starts as a gel just get half of that start going.
Were gonna get the whole thing. I guess get some more snow place. Some really nice dont want them too much another maybe not well see what is really coming down out there can you hear that very relaxing okay pardon my off camera.
I dont know what set that reminds me out well not wet shaving today thats right i am de saving shaving today im a safety razor here now this is my way she with the blade from yesterday that got a hat shave use so here. We go. Harrys foaming shave gel with a low test one so enjoying that fragrance wardrobe tour.
I left out several fragrances.

harrys post shave balm review-0
harrys post shave balm review-0

Ill show them to you at some point in this video. And i told a viewer of mine. Wolf ranger.
2008. That i was going to steer clear the canned stuff dads were up and down by this. He said.
As far as canned stuff as far as canned stuff goes. Its the best in his opinion. He did say that he would prefer soap.
What do you enjoy those okay. While wow. That is a little dry when im done now thats not good pretty good past one bleecker street.
By bond number nine.

harrys post shave balm review-1
harrys post shave balm review-1

I dont know how i didnt show you that little italy by bottom number nine savis off cool water deep youve seen curve and last certainly not least well does not true either. I have wings after shave and then my fragrance from today the beverly hills. I guess you dont need to shake this do you this much little more this time nice no good a good women is in here hey guys women yesterday was off putting.
I know i said it first and that it would meet. I hadnt really given it a full smell yet you still stick herrings foaming shave gel past to the cross ring. Applause caillou today hes right the stuff is good applause midnight its very nice very slick come on bump.
There that i keep kitten if you could see it or not now if i add water. Whats it going to do its like so let me use water once youve shaved an area not getting anything that way em. I already did that gotta go crawl screen shaving down with this points.
Pointless okay. So the overhang right here this bit. See that you see that bit hanging over there just up my nose with that think house it didnt cut anything okay well shoot.
Then one dont worry dad as you guys know im on the other side barely touching feels good time for the post shade routine warm longer than a cold water rinse cold water rinse always feels get it as bathroom.

harrys post shave balm review-2
harrys post shave balm review-2

Its always warm in here. Okay go with a witch hazel. How about in the comments section.
This time you tell me what your favorite shave involves what product. I want to want to see if ive tried that before you tell me i want to know this is not just me im not a teacher. Im just on camera trying products out mainly you know de shaving wet shaving.
Were using a safety razor hat got another one on order cant wait to little kids. Here. So.
Heres the box. Giorgio beverly hills. Ferment war this you ever get three sprays about one on the burden scale.
Thats good harrys aftershave lotion.

harrys post shave balm review-3
harrys post shave balm review-3

Oh. It smells so good wish you smile. Im going to try two squirts of comes in that nice top there two squirts does have a light scent.
But i dont think its going to interfere with my right pricks. Now that has a little bit of a blur to it more than the fragrance. Even huh okay well that was my review of the harrys products.
The foaming shave gel and the aftershave lotion that did give a little bit of a burn for me. A little uncomfortable for a few seconds after that everything was fine and had calmed down. I dont know how much those products are but they perform yes fine.
I would use those products that did a great job anyway. I hope that what other is better where you are hope youre having a but every day can you hear that thats just what a dreary day. Anyway.
I hope youre having a better day like i said happy shaving and take care. .

harrys post shave balm review-4
harrys post shave balm review-4

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