History of English literature notes(Anglo Saxon)

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po. Imagine one just been honest sign key. I was the christ julian fates of apostle and allene or in cake.
Which unsigned poem behan joe he henrys the phoenix. The dream of the road. The wanderer the decent into hell etc up in sub may h.
Is important here. The dream of the road because last to last year. I think so key this was the question in ugc net keep what is road in dream of the road actually dream of the road is the story of a cross.
It narrator him narrator covina. The heck rosca cross the christ just pay crucified when that cross go haversian medic. There and that cross was explaining his story whap knee up knee up near feelings to express karta hai.
Apne. Shizuka express skirt the heck ich esse at our time. When he was facing the anger of the people people used to cut the tree and then cascio ferro glorified water.
He pure cheese go this poor a journey go cross new vision k. Through narrator who express key. I have and it is a very beautiful poem.
If you have a time so please go through the summary of it i like this poem. Very much so. It is very very beautifully described so yes.
This is all about sinha wolf and after that dane scarjo aukerman hota hai english bale english coast babe just give i just say puri north umbria was distorted literature was destroyed and and all the libraries were born on history concern or tampering literature was came to an end for escape escape bad escape path. We take one name. Which was there when we used to read the literature just make a king alfred kannamma that ahem king.
Alfred was a greatest anglo saxon king. Chiefly known as translator and inkay for important translation work and this may pala hair ori sheis car universal history and geography. The leading work in general history for the several century do so important translation hacking.
Alfred car builds history just cokie the first great historical work written on english soil paquette ahem. These are important work translation kept pope. Gregorys car sheffields book intended especially for the clergy and fourth head boy kiska.
Consolation of philosophy the favorite philosophical work of the middle age. Which are important work here alfred kazuki. Very very important and it is a translation of alfred and escanaba more important than any translation in english in of sorry.
More important than any translation of alfred. English or section. Chronicle jokey in k.
Through organized kiki. Was at most important work of king. Alfred.
Because that chronicle was continued after the death now alfred after the norman conquest it continued and it joepie azam tora. Bahat anglo sections period could visualize carp are a so hum cassock they the basic source of anglo section. Period just k.
Through hum. A picture. Draw carpathia was these chronicles.
So yes. It is one of the most important part of the the literature of anglo section period so after this we are came to an end of this chapter. There are some chronicles also given in last page which is take a look of that in 867 danes.
Conquer north. Umbria and 9 01. Death of alfred then 860 anglo section chronicles begin and nine nine one the last known poem of anglo section period.
I think so this is important chronicles and this is an end so in the next video. We are going to read about anglo norman period. Which is also known as the middle english period.
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I will try to improve it in my next video till then take care and stay blessed. .

according to scholars, the english language is typically divided into how many historical periods?-0
according to scholars, the english language is typically divided into how many historical periods?-0

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