How easy is it to change a sleeve from a training mask 2.0

elevation training mask 2.0 sleeve This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How easy is it to change a sleeve from a training mask 2.0. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Were back for another editorial about queen moss. Because you see the other videos videos about how i use it for altitude trainings. This is actually how its think own training mosque.
Okay. Its actually very easy very simple. Its also very short view so we can use some sleeves to pimp or personalize our training walk you can see this is mine.
Which originally came with black okay when you check out the next previous video you could see that theres a little black or in wire. So theres a little box. Where its a white.
This is the black edition. Where the ass in black training mask. You also have the white house whether its in white actually our mobile training long as you can see this is a white version.
We have a white training mosque. Where it says in black. But this is the outside and we also have some of dumas will be delivered with this logo.
So dont plan on going to get this logo. Its training mask logo. Its their new logo.
Okay. Why did new logo because soon well find out june. If you watching this video.
And thats after june go check out.

elevation training mask 2.0 sleeve-0
elevation training mask 2.0 sleeve-0

Training box because they also have a. 30 this is a 20. Most if you box please.
Although its definitely covered so we have our training mask and we can have our fertilized sleeves in the simpler color grading. Which classes to live a plastic or we can have a special one that are delivered in box. As you can see so dont think the plastic one is a fake one no its just another production line.
So we have them in a box or on plastic and when you go check out training lock. You can also see there are several sizes. We have a large small and medium as usual as explained in the previous video.
How you can see which size. It is going to show you and shortly in this video. So you can check out here the sizes from adults to large small medium.
The weight or how to measure it how to measure your face how you can do this you can also find it on the website come to hong kong. But personal id come on so we have a lot of different sleeves. But we also have a lot of different colors of the resistant falls.
These are giving delivered in boxes or bags again the same thing so these are the faults that you can put on front and you can change well as i showed you we have on this one for example. The logo. The new logo trademark and we also have the vault with the original training mask logo.
As this one is honestly so goes our original. Its just an upgrade of the logo. So nothing special this is about how were going to change the sleeve.
So just flip out the sleeve that falls.

elevation training mask 2.0 sleeve-1
elevation training mask 2.0 sleeve-1

I mean see clipping out the vault. Im quite actually invest a little bit. Always lining them up like a card wins as you put this on here.
Then you can easily be seen silicon put off the sleeves. And we have elevation mosque. Here you can see also with a little logo inside on the inside.
Theres nothing special heres the pattern and also the size so if you wander about which size you have if you have a training mask. You can find it here. So now i have my sleeve.
Okay so i can put all in different sleepers that one i ever won which one is wrong. But also now when were having this long. I can do make also were giving off because sometimes i clean.
It okay so you can pull out everything thats in here because when you switch the balls. You can also switch these things. So you have all the same color.
Its just easy so now i have a mask both sleeves and caps. So its that easy so when i clean this up i can just wash it or well use that detoxing just to make sure that it doesnt smell very clean okay so make sure that you put the right ones back inside as you can see actually all the same this way and on the back so split them in just put them back inside. And you can see you have several resistance of our deep you can put it your the click where you dont hear a click.
See now i still have these over when i push them too deep. I cannot put my sleeve on it okay. So this is the right size.
So now i have my balls on it and my silicones on right place.

elevation training mask 2.0 sleeve-2
elevation training mask 2.0 sleeve-2

Taking my sleeve in the same size as my mask. It is lying in over okay. Now im going to pull center and now you can see my mask.
Youll fit in nice and smoothly and i still have this resistance for my other cap see im going to pull this one off. So you can see it i have a depth here you can see it this is where my mask will be inside on the top. There will be the balls you can put on the red balls black balls yellow balls three involves with everyone so as i told you in a previous video.
The one with the most exhale with the most opening is your exhale. So thats the one you put the center nice smooth on according to my book straight. We will do the same with the sides okay so if youre worried about this one stuck up and this one click down you can just twist.
Its no problem okay so this is now my mosque is back functional and i can do bank. I can go get back to my training. But we have special editions as you can see the gun is platinum.
We have a platinum mosque for one and we have the gold. I dont have a so much when he must go okay. So you can all check this out on the website training ofcom.
You dont even in addition so im not sure when youre checking this video. Theyre still online. Okay dunno train mosque is.
Evolving they had want the two on novus this one is 30. Is coming in june. They evolved so it might be possible that not everything is back in stock or they just push it out because they have a new month game.
So dont worry about that just check out the new stay tuned.

elevation training mask 2.0 sleeve-3
elevation training mask 2.0 sleeve-3

If i make a new video. So you can subscribe so about this one because i didnt explain this one yet. Its the head over strap.
So using your mouse normal vision. Earlier is right behind my ear. The front wall ends.
With my husband for me took a third for some guys they might have a shivering on so when we can talk in your hair. Like this that means the more oxygen is escaping for completely different security. I still have my girl davina here there when theyre coming out of this blue house or the public.
So anyone up put up this one you can just easily place it on the side. The other side like this yeah. Holdovers crackers stuck here in the back.
So. Its the same thing. So for me the most comfortable thing is actually without a head strap.
But it depends on what fortune you now i have done some several sports with that without that strap and theyre still going fine for me. So. If you do have any questions feel free to shout it out below dme.
Do follow training mask up instagram wanting to happen certain that a training mask or european ops training. Most europe also take out the low attenuated you know internet. So mckinney child f2.
I hope you found this video. Very interesting also the other videos do check out and do subscribe. Because there are more things coming up okay.

elevation training mask 2.0 sleeve-4
elevation training mask 2.0 sleeve-4

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