How Fast Can You Travel Around the World?

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Video is made possible by skillshare. The first 1000 people to sign up using the the link in the description will get their first two months for only 99 cents world seems like its becoming a smaller and smaller place all the time as technology has improved the ability to travel around the world has gotten more and more easy to do with that being said. Though.
If you were absolutely determined to make a full circumnavigation around the planet. Today. What is the quickest time that you could possibly do it.
In for a little bit of reference. Lets go back to the first time that anybody successfully did that the men aboard ferdinand magellans voyage back in 1519 being a part of this voyage. Really truly sucked they started with five ships and 270 men and took over three years to complete the trip.
Magellan himself got killed in the philippines along the way and out of those 270 guys. Only eighteen of them managed to actually survive. The journey back to spain travelling around the world was a truly terrifying feat to attempt then and still was for a long time.
Everybody who tried it took somewhere between two to three years up until. The 19th century. The first ship that got really close to circumnavigating the world and under a year was a confederate ship basically on accident during the us civil war the css shenandoah left london to raid union shipping lines across the world and wanting to avoid piracy charges after the war ended the crew sailed back to london to surrender to the british instead.
Twelve and a half months after first departing from there building canals later in the suez and panama enabled people to not have to sail around the entire continents of africa and south america. Which allowed for much quicker travel times as of the making of this video. The fastest that anybody has circumnavigated the world in a boat.

how many miles does it take to go around the world-0
how many miles does it take to go around the world-0

So far was just last year in 2017. Frances. Joy.
Yon. Along with a crew of five sailors managed to sail around the world in just 40 days 23 hours 30 minutes and 30 seconds. But sailing is slow when compared to flying so how quick can you get around while in the air.
The first time anybody flew around the world happened back in 1924 by the us army air service and it took them 175 full days to complete which is ludicrously slow. But it was still faster than any other alternative was at the time just a few years later though in nineteen twenty nine that time was drastically improved by zeppelin piloted by hugo eckener. Who managed to get around the world in a brisk 21 days two years later in 1931.
Two pilots flying a lockheed vega smashed that record by flying around the world in just 8 days 15 hours and 51 minutes progress on getting this time down further. Continued through 1949. When the us air force.
Flying a b 50. Superfortress. Made the first flight around the world.
Without stopping to refuel. Relying instead on midair refueling. The plane managed to fly around the world in just 94 hours.

how many miles does it take to go around the world-1
how many miles does it take to go around the world-1

And one minute. This was the first time that humans managed to travel around the world in less than a week. So now we can fully appreciate how easy and fast.
This is in the modern world air france flying the conchords that the all time record for the fastest time circa. Navigating the world in a sub orbital flight. All the way back in 1992.
They managed to get around the entire planet in just 32 hours 49 minutes and 3 seconds. Over 800 times faster than magellans first voyage was in 1519. Nobody even now has managed to travel around the world in under a day.
Without having gone to space going to space. Though changes both the rules and the times that are possible by a dramatic amount if youre to believe elon musks claims about what spacex is new rocket. The interplanetary transport system will be capable of it should be able to transport anybody on earth from one place to any other place in under one hour.
If you watch the video that they uploaded to their youtube channel. They claim that a flight from new york city to shanghai will only take 39 minutes while on board. If we accept the claim that the rocket can get from one side of the earth to the other in under an hour.
Then it should be reasonable to assume that it could fully circumnavigate the world in under two hours thats really fast. But there are already people who have done it faster. This guy yuri gagarin.

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how many miles does it take to go around the world-2

Became the first human in space back in 1961 and completed his first full orbit of the earth in just a tiny 108 minutes. But the astronauts onboard the international space station can do even better the iss makes a complete orbit around the earth once every 92 minutes. Which if you can afford the 20 to 40 million dollar price tag to take a trip up it is the fastest way that you can move your body around the earth.
Well maybe. There are some satellites and elio that can orbit the earth quicker in 84 minutes. So you could possibly strap yourself onto one and ride it out youd probably die of course.
But nothing in the rules. Said that you need it to be alive to complete it so there you have it 92 minutes. If you want to stay alive and 84 minutes.
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how many miles does it take to go around the world-3

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