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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today im bringing you along as as i deep clean my floors my hardwood floors in the kitchen and then my tiles in our bathrooms you see me mop. All the time we have a dog. We have a cat and we have a toddler which means our floors get really really dirty and i love a clean floor so im always mopping using my shark steam up which i love i love that however about once a month.
Sometimes more sometimes less depending. Whats going on how much time i have or how dirty i feel like the floors are getting i like to keep my floors a good deep clean so today. Im gonna be showing you how i actually do that i do use a regular mop for this deep clean just kind of just switch.
It up theres no reason. Why i use this mop and not my steam up. I just like to switch it up a little bit and it is a regular mop.
Its old its an older mob. Its a libman mop and i am in the market for a new one so. If you have any good recommendations of like a type of mop like this let me know in the comments down below.
But this is good because i can wring it out because i dont need water sitting on my floor.

pet safe wood floor cleaner-0
pet safe wood floor cleaner-0

Thats not good for them. So i wring it out and i have a couple different cleansers that i use to deep clean my floor so that is what im going to show you today and yeah. Lets get down and lets deep clean our floors music for my hardwood floors.
I use 1 2 of a teaspoon of dish soap 1 2 of a cup of white vinegar and 2 cups of water. I got this recipe from the cle myspace youtube channel. If you havent checked out that channel you definitely have to its an awesome cleaning resource.
But i use the soap because it gently lifts dirt. But doesnt leave a residue behind or at least. I dont notice the residue and the vinegar helps to cut grease and any residue thats actually on your floors.
Ive heard a lot of mixed reviews on using vinegar on hardwood but i checked with my hardwood floor manufacturer and was told it was okay to use its important to always check with the floor manufacturer because theres different types of hardwood floors and make sure you arent using too much vinegar in this cleaning recipe thats why i stick to 1 2. Of a cup in my cleaner music music when im cleaning one set of flooring. I like to go over periodically and run the mop head under some hot water just to kind of refresh.
It and give it a little bit of a clean again guys i really really love using my sharks team up.

pet safe wood floor cleaner-1
pet safe wood floor cleaner-1

But this regular ring mop just seems to clean a little differently. And i like to switch it up from time to time. Just like i like to switch up a lot of my cleaners have you guys ever changed out your shampoo and notice your hair.
Feeling different like softer and maybe a little bit just better in general. I also like to switch up my cleaners because i feel like it kind of does the same thing i could totally be banking. This up or it could all be in my head.
But i just like giving my floors a wide range of cleaners for an ultimate clean music music for my ceramic tiles. I just used some hot water and an eighth of a teaspoon of dawn dish soap or whatever dish soap that you want to use again for my ceramic tile cleaner. I checked with my tile manufacturer and asked what they recommended and they said either use a cleaner that is specifically made for ceramic tile or you could just use a neutral.
Cleaner and water. Dishwashing. Liquid is a neutral cleaner.
And it will help remove dirt.

pet safe wood floor cleaner-2
pet safe wood floor cleaner-2

Very well on your floors. Without leaving a residue. So i just chose to use the cleaner that i had on hand and thats dawn dish soap dawn dish soap is a perfect cleaner because its mild and does an awesome awesome job of cleaning my floor at least thats what ive noticed and you also want to make for sure you arent adding too much dish soap or youll have a soapy mess on your hands music thats it guys i hope you enjoyed this video and watching me deep clean my floors just a little tip make sure you are checking with your floor manufacturer.
Know what before you flooring you have and make for sure youre allowed to use vinegar or dish soap or whatever cleanse are using you definitely want to check. I have checked with all the manufacturers of our hardwood and ceramic tile. And i am good to go with the vinegar and the dish soap.
So dont forget to check that also i like you dont you could use a mop and a bucket to clean your floors. But its also important to make for sure that youre not having too much water sit on your flooring and thats why i like to use the spray bottle and then go over it with my mop. So i dont have water sitting on my hardwood or my towel.
Because i dont know if it will ruin it and i just think its better to not have so much water sitting on those floors. So thats it guys give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this type of video. And i will see you guys next time bye music.

pet safe wood floor cleaner-3
pet safe wood floor cleaner-3

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