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Long did it take you to get promoted to a blue belt and how often often were you training during that time so real simple question it took me i about nine or ten months to get my blue belt. Cheap box. And when i was at that time.
I i was yeah at seal team one i was in the training department. And i had a lot of opportunity to train at that time clinton years not a lot of money to train in the seal teams so less trips shorter trips less travel. So we were staying around a little bit more no war going on on top of all that so we were we were home a little bit more and so i train all the time all right sure i would go to lunch at lunch.
I would over to fabio santos. Okay. And train the lunchtime class.
And then id zip back and do work and then we get done id go back. And i would do the beginner class and then i would do the advanced class and i would roll with dean in higgs and james nielson and craig and the rest of the guys that were there at fabios at the time and we and fabio used to kick dean and i off the mat. At like nine oclock at night.
Yeah take it too long yeah. And hed say why dont you guys get a life. Why are you doing it and wed say were just training that dude.
Its you you say we got a life its right here. Yeah. This is it it and so it was mostly at fabios like you know how you said youd like train with your you know your guys.
If you havent trained or whatever was there that going on yeah. Yeah anybody that wanted to roll with me. I had the same policy that i have right now you want a roll call.
Yeah lets roll well i have my gear. Its in my bag right now if you want to train will train. Oh.
Its you know thursday afternoon. And its two oclock. And we dont have any work to do and you want to turn coltrane.
So yeah. I was doing that all the time and i thing is once i got blue belt because i think i got blue belt pretty pretty quickly and but i was a blue belt for a long time because because i write as i was probably getting close to getting my purple belt mm hmm. I left im left california and i went to virginia beach once i got to virginia beach stepped into a new dojo with gustavo machado and you know started training with gustavo and im just a blue belt right and so hes got to know learn me and figure out what my personalities like see what my potential is as a person and i trained really hard there.
But i was also gone a lot traveling and thats when i was traveling a lot on the road and i would train with guys on the road and a win on deployment train with guys on deployment and then it would come back into town and so i didnt get consistent enough with him eyes with him where he said hey this guys ready for his purple belchy. So by the time. I might have been close to him thinking.
Okay you know what and he started looking to him for a purple belt went back to san diego got back to san diego and now i check back in to fabios well its been two years muro you need to do you need to prove yourself. Again yeah. So it was almost like i was at the bottom of the of the pecking order in terms of time and reign.
Even though. Id been a blue belt for a long time. So i ended up being a blue belt for a long day.
I want to say. It was a blue belt for maybe like five years. Yeah.
And i was a good blue bow dont get me wrong. Sir of course. It worked and but you know theres a long time you when you when you jump around from school to school and the instructor.
Doesnt know you well enough it doesnt see you on a regular basis. And cant assess your improvement cuz thats the thing with jiu jitsu in my opinion. Youre you dont get your belt.
Theres not a level playing field for every person so in other words. Its not hey these are the skills required for blue belt. And now you get your blue belt.
And then youve learned these other four. You know these other 127. Other moves and now you get your purple bout.
Now theres 310 moves to get your its not like that at all and in fact. Its also not hey how do you as a blue belt do against this other group of blue belts. What it is and i know this sounds a little bit cliche.
But its its really how good are you against you right because if somebody you know lets say you get somebody that starts jiu jitsu. When theyre older you know maybe theyre 55 years old. Theyre gonna go and they train until theyre 62 or or theyre training and training and training theres skill level theyre getting injured.
Theyre having issues they gotta work they got it they get about do a bunch of other things and they cant theyre a hobbyist right theyre not focused and they can only train. So much they learn the moves they get better ten years go by theres a chance that theyre gonna be a black belt based on the fact that hey as a 55 year old person that came in here and started training and the moves that youve learned and how youve applied them according to your athletic ability and your physical capability at the time hey. Its been ten years.
Which is a pretty rough number for like you know for getting your black belt. So thats acceptable. But you might get a kid thats a really good athlete that in two years can destroy that guy yeah.
And hes not getting his black belt. Because youre saying. What is your potential how good can you be as a black belt thats the question so really its almost a compliment the longer it takes you to get your belts that means in my opinion that means the better youre gonna that means the better that your instructor.
Thinks youre gonna be yeah. Thats my thats my thought and not everyone doesnt like that you know some people think oh. If if this purple belt can be that purple belt.
You know this purple belts. Better yeah. And if this purple belt could beat the brown belt.
Then i need to give him his brown belt mmm not too many things people think that way you know he thinks that way the purple belt. I can beat the brown belt.

how long does it take to get a blue belt in bjj-0
how long does it take to get a blue belt in bjj-0

I should be a brown belt. No yeah no wrong what yeah. So its so true and this so many theres so many of those little things like the reason.
An instructor might be influenced to give someone i mean typically theyre not gonna give someone a belt based solely on the fact that he taps out that you know brown belt so but it is influenced by that theres all these weird thing theres stuff like sometimes im watching like a blue belts and theyll see that im watching and it turns into a death match. Theres nothing moms app. Actually you know what that just saw the video of a guy with a.
I think you put it on i saw that line what kind of injured is elbow. You think cuz look like its elbow yeah maybe like crap ice. Yeah didnt tap to the chimaera.
The commuters a beast man yeah amiras a beast you know you cannot tap to a foot lock you cannot tap to you can even not tap to a heel hook. Yeah. Heel hook and go really sideways.
But you dont have to camera. Youre probably gonna have some issues yeah. Its so terrible to watch like i think guys like get their you know their knee and stuff in a heel hook.
And its like oh dang that yeah the but man the key when you see the guys im just man and i did it post that video the someone else posted. I would never post videos like that in fact they dont like dont watch that live is that what i did to your shoulder. According to the success separated your shoulder.
Did not people not do that i know it sounded nice and dramatic. But it didnt happen yeah. I dont think youve ever almost yeah.
But as far as people getting instructing influenced on why to give guys belt or a higher belt. Like some instructs for example theyll be influenced now but to give a guy hard belt. Because i want to have more black belts.
Under me. You know black belts. And typically thatll have a lot to do with sales.
You know like where i can be like hey. I have you know a team of yeah and ive heard the sales pitch. You know you where its like hey we have seven seven black belts on the mat.
Three world champ you know thats good thats good so people might be influenced by that and then theyll be like okay. Maybe ill give these two guys their bill. Cuz.
And so now we have four black belts or whatever. Theres that and then there if thats the reason you know i mean. It is good to have 10 black belts in your association.
Your that is yeah for sure and but then theres the opposite to or guys will be like if there then this typically happens if theyre competing. So if a coach is like hey i got these five brown belts. Theyre obviously on the level of black belt knowledge performance all this stuff.
But when they go in the tournament in the brown belt theyre killing we got gold medals goat emails. Every time so though then theres that sandbagging sandbag exactly right so theres yeah. Theres all those things in regards to the belt.
I said this before im gonna say it again the belt. Really doesnt have to do with how good you think you are or how good even you know you are if youre like hey im tapping you know im a white belt for example. Im a white belt and im hanging with the purple belts.
Im tapping blue belts and brown belts are good. Im giving them a hard time so i should be a blue belt. It doesnt matter it doesnt matter at all and you know it sounds like an exaggeration.
It doesnt matter at all its a little bit here thing. No it doesnt your skill is evaluated by your instructor. Thats the reason.
Why you can be at a certain level leave come back and still not because your instructor you can be quite dominating everywhere. The instructor has to evaluate you yeah thats so thats exactly what happened with me. And i it wasnt a negative thing.
It was like hey youve been gone for two years. We gotta see where youre at joke. Oh yeah.
And its not just one day being in the back in here and get your purple bow. Yes. Cuz.
Youve been training for two straight years. Yeah. Matter yeah.
I know whats interesting too is this obviously this applies to people in the business world people trying to get promoted and and the more youre thinking hey. Im better at this job than this guy. I should get theres something else going on theres something you look at it the more frustrated you get about not getting that promotion not getting taken care of not getting noticed just do your job work hard you know that dont worry about the promotion and the promotion is gonna come yeah in most cases yeah so i was i wouldnt even frame it where i would say in all cases.
There are exceptions like everything else. But in in our case. That that is the situation.
Yeah. I think and think about this too when you when you in regards to like your belt right jiu jitsu belt. If im a white belt chuckle youre my instructor and im like hey im winning all these tournaments all of them gold not a point score all by submission.
Im typing up blue belts and purple belts. Sometimes hey jocko give me my blue belt. I cant do that you like its not up to me even if i beg you i go on the internet.
I post this petition. Its not up to me see this is the thing you know when you hear in martial arts like old traditional martial arts like you will learn humility yeah and you will learn discipline and they would teach it you know by teaching it by talking about it in jujitsu.

how long does it take to get a blue belt in bjj-1
how long does it take to get a blue belt in bjj-1

Its real. Yeah. Look you will be humble.
Yeah. And when you flare up and say wheres my belt. Thats you not being humble.
Thats you not you know just saying. Hey i need to work harder. I need to keep getting after it yeah.
And so youre learning that lesson. Yeah. Thats part of it shell be you know and again.
Ive mentioned this perform on the podcast. Just because someone is a jujitsu person just because there are black belt. Doesnt mean they have the same it doesnt mean they have like the best morals and values.
It doesnt mean that at all there could be people selling belts. Theres people that sell belt oh you you are you gonna take ten privates with me 1000. Each and then then you thats how you get the black belt okay cool.
No not cool. Theres a bunch of things like that too you know oh. I want you to go open a pilot school for me somewhere.
So. Im gonna give you your black belt. Youre not that good so that way you can you can give me my you know.
12 of your annual earnings that you know things like that happen. And theres you know even worse things that happen. But the bottom line is in a pure jiu jitsu sense.
You should be working hard in getting promoted as it comes from your director. Yeah. So essentially the promotion is this sort of like an indirect way of you talking about your belt.
No actually actually if it does apply to me. Id say doesnt matter you work here it well less than anyone cares or doesnt care of course. I think everyone cares in one way or another.
But id say the approach. More has to do with the approach like just like how you said focus on getting better focus on the learning. Thats it the belt is just a symptom of your learning.
Its a its an eventualities essentially same thing or back to the fact. That doesnt have anything to do with the person. Only the instructor on the flip side of what i said about you know if i think im i think im a blue belt and im not getting my blue belt.
Whats up its not up to me. Its up to the instructor. No matter what same thing as if you youre like a promotion time.
Hey echo. Heres your blue belt. And im like im not ready for this well yes.
I suck. Im i cant even do this well. I cant give the belt back.
I cant like take it off and then put it you know mmm. I mean im sure theres some kind of excitement. Theres that thing that happened a long time ago with them with intent.
There wasnt it was like a year ago. Yeah okay. But nonetheless that you know i cant give it back what you get when you get emoted youre ready for it.
So yeah. Put your belt on and start start getting after it has nothing do with your opinion. Thats that thats the point there so yeah.
Its your in straighter keep training. Yeah because sometimes people get their boats and they stopped training. Yeah.
Thats and thats an ending heres the thing. All admit. There was a point in my life where i was like concerned about that um you know better than this guy.
Im not gonna say when which belt. It was not recently mind you but joes like three weeks ago. But then i remember and when i think about that time man.
I wasnt learning that much at all i was just focusing on like oh good i do so like you know your game kinda is closed off. You dont learn much your concern you know all this stuff. Anybodys happy who risks not learning.
Yes exactly right and gets you and it just messes up your whole jiu jitsu experience. Because you had that you have that aled added element of stress. Its not good do that so dont even ask about belts.
I think thats a good great paula that isnt that is a great policy. Yeah. That thats the best policy for us do dont ask him train hard.
And yeah. Youll get whats coming to you eventually. But sometimes people will ask you hey when are you gonna get your blue belt or you know you know people will ask you that whenever i dont know yeah whatever my instructor a lot of times people ask me when im gonna get the red and black yeah.

how long does it take to get a blue belt in bjj-2
how long does it take to get a blue belt in bjj-2

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