How to Answer NCLEX Style Select All That Apply Questions SATA

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Everyone its sarah with registered nurse orion comm and in this video. Imm going to go over how to answer in click styles. Select all that apply these questions are a little bit tricky now in my previous video.
I went over how to answer nclex multiple choice questions and i gave you five strategies on how to do that so if youre interested in watching that video the link should be in the description below so in this video. Im going to talk about why its so important you learn how to answer. These questions and give you eight strategies on how to answer.
These questions and increase your success rate of answering them then at the end. Im going to go over a sample nclex question and im going to show you how to apply these strategies when answering that question. So lets get started okay.
Why is it important to learn how to answer. These select all that apply well number one on your lecture exams in your nursing classes. Chances are your teachers are going to be throwing these type of questions at you because theyre preparing you for the in class exams.
Because the nclex exam is starting to every year give students more of those alternative format questions and select all apply is one of those. And what if students are reporting that they are getting a lot of these questions compared to multiple choice questions. One person said that they got at least out of 75 in clecs questions.
They got about 10 to 20 of the select. All that apply so these questions are on here and you need to know how to strategically answer them and on the nclex. Either these questions are scored right or wrong.
Theres no partial credit lets look at these eight strategies for answering these select. All that apply questions okay number one i wanted to put this as number one because this is a foundation for answering any type of select all that apply question okay first ask yourself whenever you read the option youll read each option individually and treat it as a true or false statement. This is so helpful because a lot of times youre going to have a scenario.
Then youre gonna have all these options just read it and say okay is this true or is this false that will really help now sometimes youre gonna have questions itll be like a case scenario thatll say a patient has congestive heart failure. Which of the options would you expect the patient not to show one of them the signs and symptoms. And you may have hypertension bradycardia swelling in the feet and legs and you have to go through that so how would you do a true or false with that what you would say is you would look at the word hypertension and you would say true or false patients with congestive heart failure have hypertension the answer would be true.
So. Thats how you would treat those okay strategy to individually go over each option. Dont go over them all together.
Like for instance. Whenever youre after you get done. Reading.
The case scenario. You look at all your options dont just scan over all the options and then go back and answer them. Because youre gonna start trying to which hits on point number three youre gonna try to try to look for similarities.
And say i dont know this statement says this this segment says that the best way to really get these select all that apply right is go over them individually and save yourself is this true or false and then just move and check it or dont check. It okay number three dont overanalyze dont look too much into the question and try to think outside of something else and trying to say. Oh is this it well sometimes.
This isnt it just go with that first response and again dont look at similarities in each option. Just treat each option like its the only one there. And youre saying is it true or false number four always go with your first response never go back and change it i was so bad at this.

which of the following describes someone who is questioning? check all that apply.-0
which of the following describes someone who is questioning? check all that apply.-0

I remember it would be either a pop quiz or something. Like that and i would be stuck well. I would answer the question and ill be like okay.
Thats the answer then i would go and answer a couple more questions. Im like i dont think that that was the answer. I think it might be this so i would change it and i would get it wrong and always want to beat myself up over that so always just go with your first response.
Its usually the one okay number five watch out for words like always and never in the nursing world. There is nothing thats always and there is nothing thats never everything is always changing things happen so always watch out for those little key phrases. If you notice and the option.
It says always or never keep that in the back of your mind. Cuz. Usually thats probably not the right choice.
Okay number. Six make sure that the option focuses on whats being asked in the question in clicks loves to throw out responses that are correct responses. But they dont have anything to do with whats going on so itll be a true statement.
But its not what the questions asking so always make sure that youre making sure. Its focusing on that question. I talked about that in the other nclex video.
We whenever so if you want to see that go over that video okay number seven. If you find that you really just have trouble with these select all that apply questions which most people do because its hard. I really recommend that you practice.
These questions strictly a lot of software you buy out there. You know i always talk about the saunders book comes with a cd you can actually select on the city. What type of questions you want to practice do you want to practice the hotspot questions or multiple choice or the select all apply and itll just give you all these type of questions to practice and practice makes perfect.
One book. I really recommend a lot of students love is the lippincott nclex rn alternative format. Question and this book has nothing.
But select. All that apply um questions along with other things. And you can just practice.
These. And practicing them over and over is gonna help you get into a rhythm. Youre not memorizing.
The information. But youre learning what nclex is asking you and what theyre looking for so practice those and number eight watch out for key terms in your option. Because this is something thats tipping you off like lab values.
And it says. The lab value. Ask yourself is this awry is this within normal range.

which of the following describes someone who is questioning? check all that apply.-1
which of the following describes someone who is questioning? check all that apply.-1

Thats really going to help you or is this immeasurable nursing intervention mike turning the patient every two hours urinary output. When you empty it should at least 30 ccs an hour look for that because thats really going to help you whenever youre trying to say is this true or false. And then another thing is measurable changes in a patient status.
They may throw something out there thats gonna ask you something like is this something that would happen with this disease process and talking about congestive heart failure. Again you would expect to see swelling in the legs. Yes you would expect to see swelling on the legs.
So always ask yourself if its going about the disease process is this normal for that disease process. Okay now lets go over that in click style question and let me show you how to use these strategies. When answering a fly.
Call apply question okay. Lets go over this question. A patient newly diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Which is copd is being discharged home and has a history of diabetes congestive heart failure and hypertension. The patient has given a prescription for corticosteroids. Which of the statements below warns.
The nurse to re educate the patient before being discharged home. Okay. So we have our options a through f.
And the questions wanting to know. Which of these statements is incorrectly stated by this patient. So were looking for false statements.
That would have to deal with copd and probably taking corticosteroids. If were theyre thrown out of medication at you you probably need to keep in the back of your mind. What are the side effects of this medication.
So lets look user strategies and were gonna go over each option individually. Were not gonna look for similarities. Were just gonna look and say is this true or is this false.
Were gonna go for our first response. Were gonna look for words like always and never were focusing on whats being asked and lets see what we get okay a. I will refuse a flu shot and pneumonia vaccine.
Because it may make me sicker. I okay we have to think back to copd and we know with copd patients. They are vulnerable to getting the flu and pneumonia and thence they get that they get really sick and they have copd exacerbation.
So we know that this is a false statement. Because patients with copd need to get the flu shot and the pneumonia shot unless theyre allergic to it so this is false so were gonna check this as one of our answers okay lets go to b. I will quit taking the corticosteroids when i feel better okay you got to think back to corticosteroids what how do you take them.
Whats the big deal about them whats their side effects. Well with corticosteroids you have to take take them over a period of time and theyre slowly tapered off you just cannot abruptly stop them. So this statement is false and so if the patient did solve these medications they have worsening than their breathing.

which of the following describes someone who is questioning? check all that apply.-2
which of the following describes someone who is questioning? check all that apply.-2

Which would cost the opd exacerbation. So this is an incorrect statement. So this is another option that we would check okay.
See i will monitor my blood sugar. Closely okay. We have to think about again.
Corticosteroids. And what is one of the side effects of this medication. And one of the side effects is a high blood sugar and remember in the case scenario.
They gave us a hint that the history that the patient has a history of diabetes anytime. The questions tell you about a history of something pay attention to that because thats another tip off and this patient would definitely need to monitor their blood sugar. Closely because they are a diabetic and the corticosteroids cant increase the blood sugar.
So were not going to check that thats a correct statement. Okay dee. I will eat several small meals throughout the day instead of three large meals.
Okay again think back to copd patients. They had they are not able to use of lauda energy. They attire really easily and they have trouble gaining weight and eating a big miel three times a day is not as advantageous for them.
And said they need to eat several small mills today because when you eat three big meals. The pressure on the stomach. The fullness can cause them have difficulty breathing so taking their time and just eating several small meals.
A day theyll more likely be able to finish the meal and eat that so they can gain way they wont tire as easily so its better for them to eat small meals throughout the day instead of three large meals. So this statements correct. So we will not mark that okay ii.
It is important to eat slow and stay hydrated okay we need to think about again copd. Whats important for this patient remember they tire easily so we want them to eat slide. We dont want them to use all their energy eating because when theyre eating theyre having to chew that takes a lot of breathing effort and we want them to stay hydrated because that keeps mucus thin.
We dont want their mucus to get thick and clog up the lungs. I can have difficulty breathing. So this statement is true so we will not check that okay our last one f.
It is normal if my mucus changes colors from clear to yellow. This is expected with copd. I should only be concerned if it is bloody okay think again about copd youre gonna ask is this a true or false statement and with copd you always want to educate your patients to always pay attention to any mucus.
Any phlegm coming up anything like that and especially if its changing colors from clear to yellow to green because this can be an indicator that an infection is brewing its gonna happen and anytime. A patient with copd gives an infection. It can cause copd exacerbation.
So they need to notify their doctor immediately so they can treat it accordingly okay. So that is how you use those strategies and answer those select. All that apply questions okay those were a strategies and a sample question on how to answer select.
All that apply questions. Thank you so much for watching this video and please consider subscribing to this youtube channel. .

which of the following describes someone who is questioning? check all that apply.-3
which of the following describes someone who is questioning? check all that apply.-3

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