How To Approve Keepers \u0026 Edit Draft Order

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Get it open yeah there we go ah yeah welcome to fantasy sports addicts anonymous anonymous my name is tom im a fantasy sports addict and today im to show you guys how to approve keepers and edit your draft order for your keeper leagues and dynasty leagues on yahoo fantasy sports and to do that i am going to show you the fs double a 2017 incarnation of our dynasty baseball league. You know all keeper leagues and dynasty leagues you know kind of have different settings different number of players capped all that sort of stuff your legal vary from ours. But what im going to show you today is just basically right before we draft this afternoon.
Were going live in a few hours this is the fs double a dynasty baseball league and here we go if i can share my screen with you hopefully you can all see this and here we are fs double a dynasty baseball on yahoo fantasy. And what were gonna do here is everybody has selected their keepers in our case. Its 12 team league.
Its you know. 20 keepers per team theres been some preseason trades. Well keep well come back to that in a little bit.
Thats something youre going to keep track of possibly in your own league if you do traded draft picks for dynasty purposes. I dont know how you do your preseason trades we usually keep track of stuff on a spreadsheet and then the message forward so i always have to double check the message board. But well come back to that so after this point.
You know we you know you set your keeper deadline for your keeper league. Or your dynasty league. And you know the deadlines passed and now its time to go.
Approve keepers. Now you can click these links right. Here.
The approve keepers or edit draft order. And assign keepers. I had some trouble earlier.
When i was setting up the first of our dynasty leagues. And it seems like theres a little problem with yahoo this year. So to show you the way i did this i go to commissioner.
You go to your commissioner tools. You know any commissioner tab here takes you to the commissioner tools. Were gonna scroll all the way down to right here where it says edit keeper settings.
So it wants you to finalize the leagues team lists before approving keepers. Okay seems simple enough right no big deal alright lets click it okay finalized teams okay finalized teams there we go we finalized our teams all right well dont click that you dont want to unlock your teams at this point. Youve locked your teams that means.
Everybody whos in your league is here to stay and they cant get out and all that so your league set this is it now now youre gonna hit continue to confirm keepers uh oh uh oh whats this confirm unlock teams you were about to unlock your final team list any draft order and draft pick customizations will be deleted. Wait a minute wait a minute ooh whoo. No do not click this dont click unlock teams say no thank you im canceling were not doing that mm hmm.
So do not unlock your teams youre now gonna backtrack okay youre going back to your commissioner tab and youre going back to edit. Keeper settings. Here.
You are okay. And again that was under keeper management. Maybe.
I should have scrolled a little slower. Ill go back for you guys okay so again. This is the commissioner tab scroll down you got league management.
All the stuff for your and edit your league settings. But youre not doing that right now keep going down a little bit team management keeper management. Okay edit.
Keeper settings perfect now you can review and approve manager selections. This is where youre getting down to deciding who is approved right you get to okay here we go heres everybodys keepers and in our case. Like i said everybody keeps 20 players we drop well its weve got three na three dl so its anywhere between six and i dont know 12.
Players you can only keep 20. So in your case. If you havent double checked every manager in your league.
Youre gonna want to do that ive already done that to spare you the indignity of me counting like 1 2. Or 3 4. On every single team.
But its that painstaking and you really do need to do that you want to do that i know its a pain and it is a pain. But i have pre counted everyone in this league has kept exactly 20. I had to follow up you its a miracle.
If you can get everybody to set their keepers at the right time and then meet the deadlines and even have the right number of keepers. Its a miracle. You know i try to be patient.
Because again. I want to run a good dynasty league. And again this is a hybrid between keeper and dynasty.
If its a keeper league. Youre not gonna be keeping as many players. But so here we are everybodys kept their 20.
Were just scrolling through now if youve got a basketball league or hockey or football. You know this is obviously greek to you its baseball. But the same thing applies the same thing will be in effect for what youre doing so you scroll down.
Okay. Everybodys got their weve made sure everybody has the number of keepers. Theyre supposed to have whatever.
It is if youre leagues. 5. Theyve kept.
5. If its 20 they kept 20 so ok approve all keepers wow ok that was a lot of counting all right now. Were getting to the good part.
Edit draft order. And assigned keeper. Players.
Ok. Wow. Yeah.
They were successfully approved ok now in you league. Where you have traded draft picks like in our dynasty league. We trade draft picks you want to be sure to click this box import traded draft picks from last season yes sir and this custom order and keeper league players depending on how your league keeps the draft order like maybe you have an anti tank aset up in this league.
We just go reverse standings for the basic draft order. And then we have a snake draft for our basketball leagues. We do non snaking that may be the type of league you have it you know that just depends.
But for baseball. We do snaking and so now im gonna go to ok. Oh.
This is the other thing.

how to set draft order in yahoo fantasy football-0
how to set draft order in yahoo fantasy football-0

Ill show you real quick. This is your keeper place. But where are you keeping these players like in our case.
Were gonna push it to the final rounds. Because you dont its look you always want it final rounds. Forget anything else if youre trading draft picks.
Again this is for a league where you trade draft picks. If youre trading draft picks in your league make sure your keepers are placed at the end of the draft because otherwise when people go to make trades for draft picks. Theyre gonna have to trade like if you keep five.
Theyll be trading pick six through something you know in this case you just want it first round through however many rounds youre gonna redraft okay so thats why final rounds opening rounds will be way too complicated to keep track of if youre doing draft picks. So just make sure you got final rounds for your keepers right because that way. Its just natural keep them first pick second pick people trade.
It its simple you dont screw yourself up with something complicated now okay here we are now were gonna set the basic draft order reverse standings. This is where i go to my league page. So what im gonna have to do is open another tab here to double check and verify myself hit the league page here click over league standings.
Here we are reversed standing so bronson as always 12 place. Hes picking first so ill just start with that you know were gonna start with that okay bronson. Now this again is a little bit yeah.
Its probably not that fun to watch. If youre watching after the fact or later at home just skip ahead and youll see youll have to do this yourself. If youre doing this for your league.
But its a bronsons team cool papa bell you just keep going through like this. And i dont know who cool papa bell. Is there he is okay.
I forgot who that was i think its a devon or wreath. No then me theres me sucking yep. Theres me there pick woo.
Im gonna like that later this afternoon. Then ryan he sucked to put him in fourth pick. There you go okay and then jd.
Hes fifth pick right. Theres jd dick mm hmm. All right joe hes got got six pick.
And that is joes team there we go go quan you get into joes team. Its pretty simple. Its just you got to do you got to put the work in and like i said.
Its a little tedious little painstaking. But its worth it your managers will appreciate it in the long run. What did i miss okay go on you see whos busy talking i missed.
I was talking about stolp of a fantasy aid okay still a fantasy aid then what we got solar power ham dinner and trevor inning story of course because james won the league sweet lamb. We just got a double check lets double check bronson cool. Papa bell speranza.
Cool. Papa bell. Me and ryan.
There we go me and ryan. Then we got the tude. No no we dont have the tdi is it the two joes yeah.
Jd and joe okay all right then we good. I said gd joe. Okay.
Guan. Yu and stopa on you and stopa. Again probably annoying.
Youre probably like why is this so redundant. But i am handle retentive and i like to make sure i got it right fantasy aid and solar power solar power. Because if you get it wrong your leads gonna have a lynching you literally cant get it wrong.
So there we go we got jay mone and james everybody coming all all right there we go we can move on to the next step. That wasnt too complicated thankfully here. We go next step.
This is where all the players now. If you didnt screw anything up ahead of this point all these players that belong on your players teams will be imported. But if you do anything literally any differently than i just did the players may not automatically import and you will have to manually assign these players to each players roster.
Each managers roster and that takes a long time so thankfully again let the great out players. Here. These are these are already on peoples rosters.
So you could hide them if you wanted to so you dont have to look at them. And this would be like if you were doing a slow draft or a manual draft like where the commission sets. The draft you could like the commission would set your players for you in this way.
But normally wed be just about done wed be just about done. Because what it did is it imported the traded the traded picks and we can go look at those. I always need to double check again.
We see that theres been some traded picks not too. Many this shows you if this again this is under the draft tab and then draft picks. If you have a league that the trades draft picks.
So you go down to your draft picks and then in our case. We do six rounds of draft. So the first six rounds here indicate any traded picks.
We got a couple that are traded so only a few per round in the first four rounds. Ill keep track of that i want to make sure i double check to make sure that theres a few but otherwise i trust it i i am a more attentive like i said. I actually tend to go through manually and make sure each pick is where it belongs.
But if you do preseason trades at this point. Before you just allow yahoo to say okay. Thats the draft order youre gonna want to go back and double check the league like the league page here because if you do preseason trades.
The way we do them you post them to the message board. Youre gonna want to go through all of the all the messages on your message board whatever it takes again be thorough because again if you screw something up its gonna be chaos your managers are gonna hate you but you go through all like again trade agreement trade agreement obviously ive already done this and there are no traded picks for this preseason. So thats good that i dont have to worry about that in this case.
The one other thing i have to worry about though and your leagues may or may not have this and im sure they dont because jose fernandez and yordano ventura perished tragically this year in our dynasty leagues. We have kind of a grievance policy. Grieving owner policy where you get a compensation.
Pick. And you dont necessarily get and let me talk to you for a minute here let me switch off the screen just this makes more sense. You dont get to pick from the free agent pool you get to pick among the players that are being dropped this year.
So you know you dont have jose fernandez to keep in your list anymore.

how to set draft order in yahoo fantasy football-1
how to set draft order in yahoo fantasy football-1

But you know maybe somebodys gonna drop somebody that youd like instead of jose fernandez so instead of one of your other keepers. Youd keep to make up for jose fernandez in your own roster or whatever youre getting somebody elses player right youre getting like its just a nice little like yeah okay. Most its not common.
Its not you know a usual thing. But this is like a nice thing we like to do because again. Its rare that a player dies.
This doesnt happen in basketball or football or hockey. Really so kind of seems to only apply to baseball tragically but just getting back to it what im gonna show you how to do and this this what im gonna show you here applies not only to our comp picks. But say last minute you got somebody that wants you to accommodate like oh.
I didnt mean to drop them. And he was supposed to be my keeper and you know how you get all. This chaos is a dynasty owner or a manager commissioner.
Oh. I didnt mean to uh or like theres like a last minute trade whatever you know some commissioners or accommodating some or not but if you are accommodating for these things heres how you can go in last minute and move players around and im gonna show you that switch back over share the screen again this is really simple thankfully. We only have one manager taking a comp pick like i said there would be normally two because we had two two players that died this year.
But im gonna go through and this is this is a little bit tedious. This is a little bit difficult so. What ive got to do is ive got to go through the players that are kept and these are the last part of the draft.
I have to go through and find the player that our buddy james coming. All he has the winning team. He lost jose fernandez.
I have to go through and see where is the player that hes dropping and so its an offensive player in baseball itll split them up the first rounds are gonna be pitching and the last rounds are gonna be hitting now the later rounds its it wont be divided like that for basketball or anything like that but its gonna be in descending order. So like these are the earlier rounds closest to the end of your actual draft those are gonna be the lowest ranked players. So these are gonna be the highest ranked players so the player thats gonna be dropped is obviously one of the lower ranked players.
Were gonna go look. Were gonna start looking for evan gattis. And again if youre watching this and youre not a baseball person.
And youre not really paying attention to baseball and you want to get to the end of this you can skip ahead. But i have to now search through and find. Evan gattis and i dont know where where he would be and okay so now were in pitching.
So i gotta go back up go back to 16 try to play rankings. What did i just do here open and change anything you gotta be careful you dont change anything going back here going back going back to 16. Okay here we go zobrist alright.
Were gonna go back a little further 17. Because were looking at trevor. Any story here gattis ok so he doesnt want gattis thats the guy.
Hes gonna replace for one of these players that was dropped all right now oh i could have shown you that i should have shown you that when i had the the keeper list. But it shows you the non dropped players you give them a list of non dropped flares and they can pick from that in this case. Hes getting rid of evan gattis.
And this could apply to anything if youre subbing out a player before the draft for somebody you find where the player is ok you highlight him and you hit this left arrow. Its the left arrow click them away to oblivion yeah. No more hes gone trevor ending story no player there so what were gonna do he wants to add this could be any player in this case.
Its cj chrome for baseball just click. It fly down make sure hes there ok all set perfect alright. So hes made his calm pick.
We would normally do a yordano ventura compaq. Here. But the manager who had yordano ventura elected not to and we had no preseason trades.
Affecting the draft so what im gonna do is recommend that you go through and again be an old retentive go back to your draft picks. Okay so bronsons got two picks in the first round and cool pop has got two four first picks. Were gonna go back alright.
Lets see theres a cool papa theres a bronson and theres a cool pop. And theres bronson alright simple as that cool they got two picks they got they got their picks. Theyre in the right place lets double check.
Okay second round bronsons got two and thats it so check bronson you get your two picks bronsons got his two picks. Okay third round. Same thing so on and so forth you get the idea just double check okay solar trevor inning theres solar hes goes theres trevor airing hes got his there we go fourth round was the last round where we had any traded picks.
So lets look we got two for trevor trevor running story again a very clever name for trevor story. And there we go trevor. Any story band.
Everybodys got their picks everything looks good now that youve been very thorough. And youve double checked everything you are ready to finalize. The keepers and finalize your draft order and all the draft picks.
Okay the other thing that yahoo gives you let me just clarify. This this is your savior here. This tells you if you screwed anything up okay.
Itll highlight yellow. Itll be like uh. Oh.
So as long as youre like alright you got your total keepers and your total draft slots. So that should always line up. However many rounds that draft youre doing in a keeper dynasty will be represented here and then the total number of kept players is represented here as long as they all line up.
And theres no red or like yellow or chaos. And its all black and it looks nice and clean like that youre good to go you hit that submit button bam bam youre good to go alright leagues ready to draft man we got this draft coming up in a couple hours. Oh wait a minute somebody might need to do something last minute.
How do you get back it like oh wait a minute. I didnt drop that guy did. I i didnt drop aj read as bronson said.
What do you do you go back to your commissioner tools right okay. Lets see what do i do what do i do what do i do alright you go to edit draft order. And assign keeper players okay.
See now you can go back to your draft thing. Everythings exactly the way it was right the way you left it. But now you can go in if you have to sub out a player or pick.
I mean again people may still trade draft picks. You never know things happen. And you just save your progress.
Its mit and youre done. But in this case. I didnt do anything so im done and there we go we got a draft ready to rock in three hours and im excited im excited for this draft.
Im always excited for our dynasty leagues. Hopefully you guys enjoy your keeper leagues and dynasty leagues hopefully. This is helpful if you found it to be a useful tutorial please let us know hit the comments section down below thumbs up subscribe to the youtube channel or come to our website fantasy sports attics calm once again i am tom from fantasy sports addicts anonymous ill leave you with the fantasy sports serenity prayer which is santan moon juice oh yeah fantasy gods please grant me the serenity to set my ideal lineup courage to add drop aggressively the wisdom as always make good trades.
Ah man up you guys have a great draft season good luck with your dynasty or keeper leagues. Any sport. They may be you have questions this up let us know thank you .

how to set draft order in yahoo fantasy football-2
how to set draft order in yahoo fantasy football-2

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