How to Assemble Ikea Svarta Metal Twin Bunk Bed

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s your call. Whats up my plenty of andy with any blog. Itss doing another vlog here.
Where we are doing a time lapse of how to this ikea bed. Todays bed that we are going to be building is the twin bunk bed from sparta ikea. I think i said that right i dont speak swedish.
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That you can check out right.

how to put a bunk bed together-0
how to put a bunk bed together-0

Here at the top of the screen in the cards otherwise. Enjoy the music and this this how to speed speed up time lapse of building this bed music. So once youve cut the tops of all of your boxes.
What i like to do is i like to kind of arrange it by the box take everything out of the plastic and line everything up systematically with the instructions so thats what im gonna do right now get rid of the cardboard get rid of the waste and then start building with these ikea builds the hardware and tools that you need is always provided in the instruction manual. It shows you all the piece lists as well as the tools of the hardware. They give you to put together you dont want to eat a tool set.
But if you want you can have one i got this from ikea as well vixia. It comes the hammer pliers wrench adjustable head wrench screwdriver with different heads. This is not a paper motion applause music for sure take these two pieces together theres 19 of them lets do it applause music applause its been pretty difficult to do it by myself.
But with the help of my wife.

how to put a bunk bed together-1
how to put a bunk bed together-1

I was able to get the first part started and the rest is kind of a cinch first thing you do is get the sides up and connect the back piece to the sides there are three screws that go on each corner. Make sure that you have the big circle at the top and the bottom circle at the bottom. Thats very important next go ahead and put the front piece on youll notice that there is a gap on the piece.
It doesnt have a second side you can choose either the left or the right side for the opening. Where the stair will be i chose left because im left handed finally to the bottom bunk by getting the rails. Large circle side up each base will require two screws thats a total of 8 screws.
In all you can do something to help you hold this up as you screw it in i just use my long legs to prop it up as i screw it in the sides on the edges. Its pretty straightforward you just use that the allen wrench tool that they give you and tighten. It until you can spin it any further music now finally.
This is what the piece looks like this is the basic structure.

how to put a bunk bed together-2
how to put a bunk bed together-2

All the way up left is the stairs. Some top pieces over here and some other screws that will go in its very important to note. When youre putting this base on in the front.
You need to make sure and match. These two holes with the side that youre having the ladder on or else youre not gonna be able to connect the ladder music this is the most tricky part this requires some careful attention. The first that need this little screw to go on the bottom.
Then you need a combination of the following this fits in this hollow. Little thing. And then fastened together with this third screw finally make sure this support.
Beam is facing down.

how to put a bunk bed together-3
how to put a bunk bed together-3

Not like that music. Applause music music. Well.
There. It is all complete every. Screw used every piece of tape put in there doesnt look mad make sure that you focus on a few things like getting the larger hole on top and small hole and bought it especially on the baseboards also making sure on the making sure on the bedding part that you give yourself about a quarter of an inch from each wall that way you dont get creepy.
When youre sleeping knife. Like this kind of guys that like button. I also have a tutorial right up here or wherever.
The card is of how to do the third piece. Which slides under as a bed for a third child. If you have it check that out thanks.
So much for watching any with any blog site of now music you music. .

how to put a bunk bed together-4
how to put a bunk bed together-4

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