How To Change Hydraulic Oil On New Holland TC30

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Music music right. Its excellent paper here again coming at you about the video. Video.
This video is going to be doing more maintenance on my machine. Today. We gonna be changing the hydraulic oil in the machine alright.
So the oil are gonna be using today is liquid gold because this stuff is a frickin fortune. Its not really critical with this but you want to get the tractor up to operating temperature. And what i usually do is ill spin the pto for a little while to get the fluid in the tractor just a little warmed up and this weight you know gets all the floating particles and everything gets drained out nice and easy nice and easily and not entirely so alright.
Well go ahead and get this up well get this started alright. So now the tractors warmed up what i like to do is i like to drop the implement it drop the treat three point hitch. So theres no fluid built up all the fluids back in the sump.
I also like to collapse all the cylinders as much as i can to get all the fluid thats in the lines and then they cylinders back into the sump. So you can pretty much drain pretty much drain everything now im sure theres still gonna be fluid in lines is actually gonna be quite a bit of fluid in the lines. But you know as long as we get a majority of the majority of the fluid out this is some extra buckets enough.
But they used fluid in and another thing a lot of people overlook this when theyre changing the oil on these machines. If you have a four wheel drive machine a lot of people forget about the front axle. How are you gonna forget about the front axle.
Its part of the machine. This theres a yellow cap there hmm imagine that mmm so if you changing the oil and you change the hydraulic oil. Dont forget about your axle.
And your final drive your hubs here cuz thats very important just think about it youll loader whatever you got you loading all day youre loading soil youre loading stone whatever palates theres a lot of freaking weight on that front axle of your machine and your front end believe it or not takes a beating more than your rear end i mean my ties are loaded. I have i use my rotor tiller as ballast. But the majority of the work is not up here.
So yeah dont forget about that guys is an 11 16 socket. I dont know if you guys can see. But right there music go ahead and drain this front death out there you go let me drain a little faster you could just take this that yellow cap and i need to show you guys.
But that yellow cap that was on top. I want some airflow and there we go so im come out a little bit better now that suppose a hen let that drain all right so thats drained enough. Were gonna go ahead and put this bolt back in thank you to snug again.
You dont have to go too tight well youre never gonna get it off later on im sure this torque specs somewhere. But they said i just snug it off and thats good enough you dont want to muscle it on there like an animal all right so next thing what were gonna do is were gonna drain the hubs. Theres a drain bolt right there and theres your fill right there.
There manuals say. It says the front end here takes one and a half quarts. I have gallon a gallon jug of it so i guess were gonna have to kinda do this by do this by a year here just by feel all right so lets give this a final check.
And lets see how perfect we are right on the money. I dont know if you guys could see that perfect right when we need to be all right so thats done all right now lets move on to move on to do in the hubs. Okay is loosen the fill boat.
Which is up top there and that is a 3 4. And i already cracked it so just take the manual says it takes point 8. Quarts point.
8 of a quart so almost a full court and you just fill it you fill it up to the top here after the top threads.

how to check hydraulic fluid on new holland tractor-0
how to check hydraulic fluid on new holland tractor-0

What im gonna do being that i dont have a pan thats gonna hold under this is i think im gonna cheat a little bit and ill go ahead and use my fluid extractor all right so how this works and this thing represents. A quart. So were just shy of 1 quart.
So manual calls for point 8. So that looks pretty close to me. So i think we would say we got all the fluid out so all right.
What were gonna do is go ahead and get our funnel on there and were gonna fill it back up see it was a nap thats when you know its full alright. So go ahead and button this back up. Theres a little washer on here.
Its got a little little rubber seal. Dont forget to put that back blow off all the crap thats on there put this back on and it will move on to the other side all right so here. We are on the opposite side of the machine as you can see its just going to be a repeat of this the other side youre gonna take this bolt off thats your fill bolt.
But were gonna use it as were gonna use our oil extractor to make life a little bit easier for for ourselves. Here. So go ahead and take this bolt off all right so.
While that fluid draining will go ahead and grease up some of these grease fittings on the side now so well add our point eight quarts alright perfect alright. Were all done on this side thats all right actually before we go ahead and drain. The main sump.
Im gonna go ahead and take the oil filter off a hydraulic oil filter. Its located right behind right behind the drivers side tire. If you go right behind the tire.
Its that red filter right there. Im gonna go ahead and unscrew that we got a drain pan already set and then i got my factory new holland transmission fluid filter all ready to go so ill set you guys up well go ahead and drain that got my filter wrench ready to roll go ahead drain. That and come right back.
I think thats a fun thats tightening in there we gotta loosen it cuz. Were taking it off so yeah uh huh thats what were gonna do all right. Its gonna come gushing out applause now ive changed this filter a couple times.
I had a problem in the winter with the pump freezing up thats why im going ahead and changing the oil again the i let the track to sit outside and was uncovered and water. What was happening was water was getting down in through the controls joystick for the front end loader. And it was clouding up the system.
And when it was really cold and i was trying to move snow the the pump was frozen. I couldnt get the couldnt get the implement off the ground. I had no control the hydraulics.
So what i wound up doing was buying just cheap filters changed. The filter out a few times. That helped the problem a little bit drained.
All my good oil put crappy. Cheap. You know junk oil in just.
The flush hole the water out and now that thats all cleaned up. I bought the new holland fluid again. Which is like i said liquid gold that stuff is very expensive.
I think for ten gallons.

how to check hydraulic fluid on new holland tractor-1
how to check hydraulic fluid on new holland tractor-1

It was it was close to three hundred dollars so not cheap. But its the right stuff. Its the best stuff for the machine.
So now you know i keep the track theyre covered so hopefully that doesnt happen again. And i can get you know decent service out of that oil so i will let this drain. And ill come back to you and i will put the put the new filter on and well drain the sump so theres our filter housing right there were just gonna go ahead and just clean off if theres anything any particles or anything around it with a nice clean shop rag and that seems its pretty clean.
I said. I didnt i changed the oil not so long ago so all right so i got my filter here. What ill go ahead.
And do is just take a drip or two of oil put that on the filter housing just so that gasket slides. Nice and nice nice and smooth and doesnt bind up let me go ahead and dry my hand. So i can get a good grip cool all right so next step is to get our five gallon buckets in place.
And start your aning. This sump music. Applause music music not show to talk specs.
But snuggle do. It. Thats probably good right there go ahead and do this wipe down.
So we know if we have any leaks later hopefully. We shouldnt all right lets get the soil wall drain down to the five gallon pails and well start filling her up and buttoning this job up alright. So coming back to the back of the machine.
Here this is your yellow cap right. Here is your hydraulic filled hydraulic oil fill got a rubber o ring on it make sure you dont lose that so this ones stuck actually to the machine just inspect it make sure. Its good this actually has a couple little cracks in it so i might i dont have a spare one right now.
I might just lubricate. It for now and then grab a spare and replace that easy to replace just a standard o ring all right so. What im going to do is go ahead and get my final setup grabbed by 5 gallon pail of new holland tractor earl pop seal and hopefully not make a freaking mess so go ahead and just wipe this clean.
I wield up the o ring for now so you said its a cracked. I dont have a spare one i will order one and ill go ahead and put this back on to the dirt and crap. Its in there check it one more time before we start it yeah.
Were perfect a little bit over. But i think thats once we start it in the filter gets filled up. I think would be good to go.
So lets go ahead and start it and see where were at two runs perfect shifts. Perfect loader works great three point hitch works perfect everything is good theres no leaks. So id say that was uh does a successful job tracked is now ready for another couple hundred hours or at the service before our next maintenance.
Obviously you know besides from grease and the fittings and doing basically ill change again but uh all right so if you guys want to see more content like this dont forget to subscribe give me a thumbs up and if you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them in the comment section down below and talk to you guys soon see on the next one alright for those of you who was who were curious as to what i was kind of toting around earlier in the video that big covered object. Well here. It is its a military generator mep 802.
A and if you want to see some more videos on this music subscribe to my channel. Because ive got a few coming so alright guys. I hope you guys have a great the rest of your day.
And ill see you guys on the next one music you music. .

how to check hydraulic fluid on new holland tractor-2
how to check hydraulic fluid on new holland tractor-2

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