How To Check If A Diamond Is Real Or Fake

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Guys in this video. I want to talk about real and fake diamonds ooh look look at that isnt that nice well lets find out if its when i first found this thing i grabbed it and said wow thats fake thats costume jewelry or something so i threw it in a drawer. And didnt think about it at all and i just came across it recently and i decided okay well im cleaning this drought.
Im gonna throw it away and i was like oh for the heck of it one thing. I know about diamonds is that they scratch glass. So i took it and i had a beer bottle.
While i was cleaning out this drawer. And i put it against the glass there you go scratches. The clasp.
I thought huh thats the only thing i know about diamonds so i should probably look this up and it turns out that even man made diamonds can scratch. Glass they have a hardness of 82. Or something so i looked up other ways to test if this was a diamond take a glass of water or a tostitos jar.
And you drop it in here. A real diamond will sink right to the bottom and a fake will float in the top or maybe in the middle and then drop so lets see what happens. And that sank right to the bottom so youre saying to yourself whoa thats a diamond.
I mean if you look at the size of this thing.

how to tell if ice is real-0
how to tell if ice is real-0

Its huge and if this was a real diamond. Id be doing pretty good itd be worth turns out that this isnt a definitive test. Either diamonds or fake diamonds with a large mass like this one can pass this test.
So that test is out another thing you can do is take a newspaper or a book like this and if you take the stone in question and you put it down on the page over the letters and if you look through the stone. You shouldnt be able to make out any letters or anything a real diamond bends light in different ways and you really would not be able to see what youre seeing here it would look blurry another thing about fake diamonds or cubic. Zirconias.
Or moissanite or another type of stone. Thats made to look like diamonds is there are natural imperfections in real diamonds and by magnifying. This of course.
A lot of you arent going to have a magnifying glass. But you can take whats known as a jewelers jewelers loop. And take a close look at this lets see if we can put this up to the camera.
Thats pretty cool so if you were able to get a close enough look at a stone in question you could look for imperfections and if the stone looks too perfect. Its probably fake and some of the cuts will be more round and not as defined. And that is because a real diamond is a much harder stone than the fake diamonds and you can just cant get that crisp cut.
But thats hard to tell you know a trained eye could tell that youre probably not gonna be able to tell that another way you could tell is if this is a in a really nice expensive setting.

how to tell if ice is real-1
how to tell if ice is real-1

This is probably a real diamond. Thats not always the case of course you could put you know put a fake diamond in there if you wanted. But its not likely a lot of these are like things that okay.
This is how you tell. But also it might not be true so the real test is and i want to warn you that you shouldnt do this. Because a lot of real diamonds have those imperfections that i was talking about and a jeweler will go in and fill in like cracks and stuff.
And this could undo the what has been done to fix the diamond. But they say that if you heat a diamond up for about 30 seconds. Under fire and put it in water.
It will be just fine other than the damage that it might cause to the the fixing of the imperfections. But a fake stone will explode and thats why i really want to do this video. Because i want to see this thing explode even though its so pretty.
But if you really want to know for sure. If your stone is a real diamond or a fake you need to bring it to a trusted jeweler. That knows what theyre doing not some guy on youtube.
Like me that just wants to see this stone explode.

how to tell if ice is real-2
how to tell if ice is real-2

But here we go anyways okay. We have fire. We have our tostitos jar full of water lets heat up the stone in question do about 30 seconds.
Im gonna put it right in the flame turn in black already hopefully. These tweezers dont get too hot. Lets see what happens first try no explosions.
But you can see this thing lost all of its luster and its fragmented. Oh yeah. This thing is toast.
I think thats a pretty good sign that thats not a diamond. But im not giving up lets try and make this thing explode okay round two. Im gonna hold this longer.
I wish i had a torch or something. But this is about all i can do so hold it under there longer try and get it more hot. See what happens all right round two unsuccessful all right so round two of fire unsuccessful at exploding this thing.
But it really is not looking good look at on the inside the outside. Still has like nice lines everything thats but on the inside you can tell its just like crumbling so since i dont have a blowtorch or anything i want to make this thing explode. So im going to go ahead and smash it with a hammer you .

how to tell if ice is real-3
how to tell if ice is real-3

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