How to Clean a Dirty Moldy Window Air Conditioner

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Video. Im gonna show you how to clean out a dirty window ac and and were gonna do it right now music so to clean bac. Im use a bottle of water here this is warm water and i have about this much bleach in here because i have some mold in my ac.
And then i put up a little bit of mild dish detergent in here. Other things youre gonna need gloves. Especially if youre dealing with bleach maybe a little scrub brush and garden hose and also need phillips screwdriver.
Okay. Lets start taking this thing. Apart your ac might be a little different depending on like where your filters are how they some pull out from the side this one just unclips like this and theres a dirty filter actually not the worst.
Ive ever seen so were just gonna put all these parts aside this door should come off now you now that is bad. If you have an ac thats like this this really isnt gonna be very efficient. It probably might not get cold.
Because it needs these fins to actually work it needs to be open more like this. So. This is gonna work a lot better once we clean this all up here.
Again your ac. Is probably gonna be different youre just gonna kind of look around and look for screws and remember where they went theres two little screws hidden. Here take this kind of push.

how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam-0
how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam-0

The sides in and pull out and thats at the same time just be careful especially with the electronics here ill take this panel and actually pop this little wire out and then carefully just bring this up set it up there for a minute and then im gonna take this apart. Basically. What i want to do is just disconnect.
This wire a couple screws in here. Okay. I can lift this up and carefully pull that out and then i can just connect this wire area might take a little effort gotten off and i just want to tuck all this stuff back in here and put this panel back on until after i clean everything i just wanted to get that one panel out of the way.
But no ill put these screws back in for now or at least two of them just so that stuff as an exposed. So. If you also look in here that is nasty thats just dirt and mold and were not gonna get it perfect.
But im gonna try my best to clean it up side pieces off applause and now we want to take the back cover off. Theres gonna be a series of screws around here maybe some on the back. I like the old monon and basically just take the screws off until the thing loosens up enough where you can just lift it off right.
There music. There you go now we can lift this thing off just be careful dont snag anything okay with the cover off. Now all this is exposed and this says do not remove.
But i really want to get to that fan back there because it is nasty. So im just gonna cut this right here and ill put it back together carefully afterwards. But im gonna take this off on there yeah because i gotta clean all lets so if you look at these fins thats what this is supposed to look like and were gonna try and get it as close to this as possible and this is as far as im gonna go you can see back here that theres a bunch of it build up im gonna spray in here and try and blow it out from this side and theyll spray in here.

how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam-1
how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam-1

Too and were pretty much ready to spray this down and start clean them so im gonna take my solution that i made again a little bit of bleach because of the mold that i have a little bit of dish soap and some warm water and im just gonna take these pieces even the ones that dont have mold on them or anything. And just spray them down a little bit. This is where you should be using gloves.
Okay. I got my glove and im not worried about ruining my driveway or anything just bleach shes meant to clean okay ill move this i dont i want to be careful around the electronics that natively an air conditioner is wet on the inside. But i want to be careful i dont want to spray inside the electronics.
But im gonna spray both sides of this these electronics. I want to be careful and i could actually take these out just by prying them over and popping them out. But i think i can get them clean enough the way they are and while i clean.
This panel anyways inside of this panel. This is not bad at all these things right off its own piece really gross and if i have to all just repeat these steps until its nice and clean all right well this nastiness. I could vacuum this to get a lot of this off.
But pretty caked on there so im just gonna spray it and hose. It and again. Im just gonna be careful of this in here.
I dont want to spray in here. No. But everything else be good soak.

how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam-2
how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam-2

This right down over here. The fan spinach music get all the foam and everything down. There.
Okay on the back of here. The fan itself and the fins track. There try and get as much as i can i guess said im gonna spray it out from the backside so this would be a good time if you actually have whats called a fin comb to comb these fins straight.
So they have the air gap in between them i dont know what happened to this looks like somebody put it down on a bucket or something. But that doesnt help with the way this thing works so itd be good if you have one if you can do it you can even take like a toothpick or a piece of metal and try and straighten them out if you want but keep spraying. Im trying to spray it so it hits the other side get all my pieces sprayed.
Now. Im just gonna look that soak for a little bit and for the really dirty stuff you can use a brush and just okay that just looks way better just be careful around the sensor here. The thermostat music you might even spray that down again alright so after you spray everything down you scrub.
It with your brush. That comes the fun part spray it down with your hose. I want to make sure you rinse this stuff off real good get all the bleach and soap off of it its good to do it on a nice warm day.
Where you can just let the stuff dry out for quite a bit especially. The unit itself applause thats a really satisfying one like i said youre probably never gonna get it perfect but thats way better you want to clean it again spray it and then rinse it off you can do that but that looks pretty good for me. Applause okay.

how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam-3
how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam-3

Im pretty happy with that got a pool of water here that i get again out of here and theres still some black here so im gonna clean that up a little bit ill probably spray this whole thing again and and then hose it down. But you can spot clean stuff if you really want to really want to get into it thats up to you. But the biggest thing for me is i want to get rid of the mold and i wanted to clean this up so that the thing would work properly and i think ive done that so im just gonna clean a couple other sections and i might get some compressed air.
Im gonna have to drain this and uh yeah dry it all up i gave this thing a second cleaning and its not ever gonna be perfect and a lot of this is staining from the mold and the mildew and it actually looks pretty clean especially compared to what it did look like so youre never gonna get this thing perfect. Just the important stuff is the stuff. Thats gonna be blowing inside the house.
So if you have mold in here on the fan you can see thats nice and clean and all of this thats the important thing everything else is gonna get dirty youre gonna get leaves and stuff in here and its gonna get wet and its gonna get nasty. So let this dry out a little bit more and then well be good to reassemble. Okay.
And you just put it back together the way you took it apart and its not gonna rain tonight. So im actually gonna put this back together its everythings still a little wet. Im gonna put it back together and let it sit out overnight and throughout the day tomorrow just to make sure everything is nice and dried out.
I just dont want to leave it apart overnight the schools back. Theyre supposed to go applause. These screws back back a lot easier hooking it back up and taking it apart make sure not to crush the wires last.
But not least a nice clean filter just like that awesome so thats it i hope this video helped you out and if you are interested in more content. Like this you can click here and here ich and im thinking about making a video on how to install this let me know what you think alright until next time. Well see you .

how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam-4
how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam-4

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