How to Clean Out an American Standard Sink Pop-up Drain Stopper (Speed Connect Drain)

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This is gia and this is a lovely sink. And i dont know how how many times this has happened to you. But how often have you been using sink running water and the waters just starts backing up and then you discover that theres a whole bunch of clogging around this pop up stopper here a hair and debris gets caught up in that and you just cant get off kind of wiggle this back and forth.
But nothing seems to help and a lot of these things you cant even push the things off and clean it out well now there are some easy ways to clean out a pop pop up stopper but you just need to know how and i will show you how today i want to back up a little bit now i have done videos where i show you how to clean up pop up stoppers. But this is kind of a special case now this is an american standard faucet and this is a special kind of american standard faucets. Its actually a speed connect drain and so theyve kind of changed.
The design and so traditionally pop up stopper mechanics were very similar to what youre seeing right here. Kind of has a bar coming down and a little connector to that goes into the drain pipe. And that was kind of one way of dealing with it and if youre interested in knowing how to deal with these particular types of pop up stoppers and how to clean out those stoppers you may want to check out the little notes.
I have below and ill direct you to a link of a previous video. I did and that will kind of show you how to clean out those pop up stoppers and those are like 95 of the pop up stoppers but back to this american standard. Im gonna go underneath the sink and ill show you how this looks a little different from the picture.
I just showed you okay so here we are under the sink and just like any sink. You have the p trap. Here.
You have your hot and cold running lines there. But when you look at the pop up stopper connection. It looks totally different than the image.
I just showed you you have this kind of black cable line coming down from your little plunger and connected to this kind of plastic mechanical piece here well this is totally different than what i just showed you and this is all a new for the american standard speed. Connector drains and this is the cable connector that controls your your pop up stopper.

how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper american standard-0
how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper american standard-0

So ill show you how to disconnect these and get your stopper up and clean out your your drain. So really the first thing you need to do is just get your hand back here. And this just simply twists out i forget which way to a salad right or left loosey goosey whatever.
And okay. So im just twisting it out. And it just comes out as easy is that you see these kind of mechanical little brackets here now that controls as that spins around that controls your pop up going up and down.
Now. This is a very tight fit for me. But hopefully you could see this okay now on the opposite side.
This is just i just unscrewed this little piece now you see this little tab here. And this is really one of the two things you need to remove after you remove that little threaded piece and really all you need is a flathead screwdriver and you just kind of go underneath. This little flap and kind of just pry this little piece off just like that and it kind of pops off.
There so. What youre left is with this little piece here that should just kind of wiggle out just like that and you know it comes out on one thing and you get this little this even hair connected to this so this thing. Just comes out and as this rotates.
It brings up your pop up stopper up and down. So a little mechanical device. Its the cable that attaches that spins this around and it lifts things up or down.
But once you remove this your pop up should be free to go okay. Were so were back up on top and again i remove this little l shaped j.

how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper american standard-1
how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper american standard-1

Shape whatever you want to shape you call it and this little piece right there. So im just putting those aside. And so this should just if i can get my nail down.
Here this should pop up okay. So i could get my nail in there if you dont have long nails. I dont have terribly long nails.
But can you want to get a razor blade or something get this out there. Just comes out nice and easy. Now now this was just an example.
This is not too dirty you see a little bit of hair. But sometimes you pull these out and big wads of hair come out and you just clean that off throw it away you probably want to rinse this off ill use a different sink for that since this one again we took that cable connector out and so if you run water now you just get a bunch of water beneath your sink. So dont do that but ill rinse this off and ill just inspect that make sure all this debris is gone and then go ahead and reassemble now when i remove this you make note of where this piece was this flat part right here was facing the spigot and so you want to replace it the same way you did when you took it out.
Unfortunately. I dont have a tripod with me so ill do this with one hand. But just to show you what was going on when this was in your pipe.
This little piece right here was right in here. And as you turn this thing. It goes up and down up and down.
And so this little jl shape device thats what thats what it is and so when you put this back in you have to make that be careful so you make sure that its in properly like that and sometimes it takes a couple of times. But ill show you that next okay so i cleaned it off.

how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper american standard-2
how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper american standard-2

Im ready to reinstall again. I want that flat piece in the back. If you reverse it that just means it will just lay there freely and not go up and down.
And just have to its its really not connected to any mechanics. So you want to make sure that this back part is back. And then just place it in just so.
Its just like that and well go back to the bottom of the sink. Now okay so were back into our crab quarters. And you just take your little l.
Shape. Device. Here kind of put it in just like this so its kind of facing down.
Youll see its how it works first get it in there. And then kind of just set. You know just so it sets all the way in then you take this little washer plate make sure that the little teeth arent on the outside.
And you just have to push it in and just so it snaps and so again you just need a flathead screwdriver. Just pop this off. And thats thats one of the benefits of one of these speed connectors.
But it does make things a little more complicated if you dont know how to put these in okay and then to finish your off you just take the little cable again you just put her in the whole thing. And this just you just twist it back on until its firm you dont want to over tighten.

how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper american standard-3
how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper american standard-3

It seal okay so its tight and lets see sometimes it takes a couple times back and forth to make sure works. But lets go up on top and see if the stopper works right now okay so were up on top and i move it up and down. And its still not working.
So im going to go back down. Readjust a little a little l shaped component to make sure it works and see if i could read just that so really all i did justin was i took my screwdriver and i kind of like spinned that little piece around so the l shape faces a certain way. Its just because as this rotates.
Theres either a up position or down position. And i actually installed that little l piece so it was in the up position when the little plunger was in a down position. So thats really and so it didnt have enough room to move and so you may just have to kind of fiddle with it to make sure that everything kind of fits dude.
Each other well go back up and make sure i did it right this time okay so were back up again. And this is the pop up is in the open position the plunger is in a downward position. So that would open it so when i bring it up it closes.
Yeah everything is good this is secure and so when i went down to readjust. I just basically read just that little el thing so it turned and actually push this up because what i did wrong the first time was the plunger was down and i installed the pop up so that was also down and so that little bracket control. The cable was in a position that it didnt allow it to turn anymore to open it up and so when you install these i just verified when i turned it that the pop up was actually in the up position this was a down position so they were correct.
So when i went ahead and twisted it back on that just made it work so just be aware of that when you do your own and i hope. This video helps you again this these american standards. Speak connector drains arent that common theyre getting becoming more common.
But mostly those other other versions. I showed you in the former picture of the most common thats probably whats underneath your sink. But if you have one of these i hope.
This video helped you and ill see you next time bye bye. .

how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper american standard-4
how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper american standard-4

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