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Im jason gray. Have you ever want to have more confidence and power. When when dealing with people if so then stay tuned for this book breakdown.
A review right this week. Were looking at how to have confidence in power in dealing with people by les giblin and ill be reviewing several of his books. Because it feels like hes a master in this subject.
And if youre in business or leadership or management or even a relationship youre gonna want to know this stuff and really implement. It now this book was written in 1956. Can it still be relevant today well look at some of the highlighted points.
And im going to share with you and you could be the judge of that let me know in the comments below. If you think its all still relevant today or not so. The first highlight here is it says human engineering is more important than technical knowledge.
Alright. And what do you guys think is understanding people and people skills more important than technical skills. I think most would argue yes unless.
Its a very very very specific thing like maybe brain surgery or whatever all right so heres what says if there is one profession. Today that would seem to be entirely a matter of technical skill it surely is engineering yet purdue university kept careful records of its engineering graduates over a period of slightly more than five years. The earnings of those who made the very highest marks in school.
Those who appear to have really mastered all the technical details and to have had the brains to master their profession were compared with the earnings of those who made the lowest marks. There was barely a 200 per year difference. But when the earnings of those graduates who had demonstrated a marked ability to deal with others in social situations were compared.

how to have confidence and power in dealing with people-0
how to have confidence and power in dealing with people-0

It was found that they averaged about fifteen percent more than those of the smart group and about thirty three percent. More of those in the low personality ratings and googles done more reason studies of this that truly proves the number one determining factor is is basically personality a freeth exact word right now emotional intelligence emotional iq. Okay the determines major success and google i dont know the exact study you want to look it up.
But uh google. It right what they looked at is they had a lot of experience human resource individuals that all were confident. Im great at building teams and people recruiting and they looked and they all had about the same ratios then they started looking at their most successful employees and where they squirt and what their background was and degree no degree and they found out it all came down to the emotional intelligence and now if im not mistaken.
I think i saw something like two months ago. Where google doesnt require a degree anymore so theyre really going behind those findings all right look at this we are all egotists. Theres four facts of life one were all egotists two we are all more interested in ourselves than anything else in this world three every person you meet wants to feel important and amount to something or be somebody.
And four is theres a craving and every human being for the approval of others so that he or she can approve of themselves. Now you know sticks and stones may break my bones. Names will never hurt me i dont care.
What other people think about me. Most of that isnt true. When youre moving into creative spaces.
Business ownership. Doing something outside the norm. It can be lonely.
And a lot of people will say and do some things that are against what you really want and can hurt the ego you do have to find a way to not care as much and and be more mentally tough people who really give in to their egos stay broke or stay kinda held back. Usually alright. So heres some stuff here.

how to have confidence and power in dealing with people-1
how to have confidence and power in dealing with people-1

I highlighted so i started ego is a mean ego comparing that ego to the stomach goes. A long way toward explaining. Why people act as they do a person who eats three good meals a day little thought to their summit.
But let that person without food for a day or two and become and they become really hungry and their whole personality seems to change from a generous jolly good natured person. He or she is apt to become cantankerous and downright ornery. He or she becomes more critical nothing pleases then he or she snaps at people it will do no good for well wishing friends to drop around and tell them all this trouble if only his stomach conscious and that he must get off of his mind of a stomach.
Nor will it do any good to tell him or her that he should think less of himself. And think more of others. There is but one way that he can get over the stomach centeredness and that is to accede to natures demand for survival.
Naturists. Placed an instinct in each creature. That says you and your basic needs come first in short this person must eat and take care of their own primary needs before theyre capable of giving attention to anything else so and we say all time hangry.
It is very much the same with self centered person for a healthy wholesome normal personality nature. Demands a certain amount of self acceptance and self approval. And it does no good to school.
A self centered person. And tell them get his mind off of himself. He cannot get his mind off himself.
Until his ego hunger. Has been satisfied. Then he will indeed take care of his attention.

how to have confidence and power in dealing with people-2
how to have confidence and power in dealing with people-2

Take his attention off himself and give it to work and to other people and their needs. So what does that mean to you right it means make things about the number one subject about them about warming up to them about making sure their ego is fed and not making all about you cutting people off. Oh you got that story let me one up you its its genuinely making them feel great with sincere compliments and acknowledgement and listening and and being curious and going deep in about that person alright.
Lets see what this one says here. Lets hear so whence how to make people work harder subconsciously. We all know we all notice.
What is important to us so therefore when someone notices us this person pays us a big compliment. He or she is saying that he recognizes our importance he gives a boost to our morale. We become more friendly more cooperative and actually work harder have you ever worked for a company.
A boss. Maybe even a friend or family member. And done a lot and you get no recognition and or the person above you takes all the recognition and acts like its their work or they deserve.
All the kudos. Howd that make you feel after this time. Oh dont do that make sure you never overlook someone in fact my mentor.
Our liam says you can never over recognize someone or over compliment everyone as a flashing sciences make me feel special and make sure looking for reasons to to add to that hey remember the triple eight formula for attracting people one is acceptance acceptance is a vitamin look we have to be less judgmental. We have to accept more people for who they are and as they are and everyone has that hunger or thirst to be accepted as they are okay think about a husband or wife. Theres a lot of successful businesses that when theyre promoting us a spouse.
So lets say theyre promoting a husband. Theyll want to meet the family or the wife not to see if shes great looking or does all these things that theyre typically great wife would do they just want to see is she posit is she supporting issue lifting and pushing up her husband because a husband or a spouse that has that type of partnership. Theyre gonna be confident and positive moving farther and farther and and keep going ahead and be able to bring others with them as opposed to one thats around a lot of negativity.

how to have confidence and power in dealing with people-3
how to have confidence and power in dealing with people-3

Its hard to to spread the positivity move forward and have a clear and be confident. If the the general theme was the exact opposite so thats pretty interesting of some of the successful companies back in the day that thats what they would look for the the second day is approval so acceptance could even be negative. And thats just the way.
He is but approval is you know giving kudos to who you are and and why its so good. And why its a great fit for this relationship and the third a is appreciation appreciation is magic. Its magic and you know what appreciation goes.
A long way with children as well so instead of taking the dictator role or thoug retaining role where dont do this do this do this bubble out whats wrong with you its really the wow. I knew you could do it im so proud of you or look at you or youre a big girl now or whatever. It is or like for me.
I have two young girls and if one is really doing what we ask them to do and the other one isnt we do have tons of kudos to the one thats doing what they should be doing so makes that daughter feel special. But it also makes the other one hear all that and crave for that recognition and that attention and we have to see whats wrong with you youre doing it wrong dont do that its oh wow. Theyre gonna actually want to do what the other one was doing and we talked about leadership.
A lot too so children crave that magic two more little highlights and then the rest of the book you gonna have to figure out on your own okay all right use your million dollar asses. So what is your million dollar asset. Even if youre broken the bank.
Which is whats your million dollar asset. Its your smile okay if youre not using your smile. Youre like a man with 1 million dollars in the bank and no checkbook and then the state agent no debit card no way you are using that money right and the last one i highlighted to share with you all is youve got to know people know what they want and know what they need and know what they are the more you know that person the more you make about them and cater towards that the more confidence.
Empower you to have a deal with them and theyre gonna think wow this is the best boss manager friend person dad spouse cousin uncle coach ever and thats what you want isnt it alright guys let me know what your favorite tip or idea was in there. Did i miss anything is this book still relevant is this something you think you want to pick up and stay tuned. Probably two three four reviews later maybe sooner.
Ill have one or two other less cable and books. Im gonna break down youve got some really short ones. But powerful ones that im excited to read and breakdown with you guys so until then join me in the pursuit of greatness music music music.

how to have confidence and power in dealing with people-4
how to have confidence and power in dealing with people-4

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