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Guys whats going on my names ejx and welcome to a new video video today. Ill be showing you how to create a welcome channel for your or server. Especially if we head over to this court here and first thing.
Were gonna do is right click on create a channel gonna be a check its gonna be a text channel and we can just call it something like welcome welcome chat with scott welcome and click create channel so once you have your welcome shuttle. Youre basically set to head over to the dashboard for m86. Ill leave a link to this box in the description below.
If you havent yet gone up and basically you just need to sign in and authorize a a few times and ill join your server and youve got all this wonderful stuff what were gonna do here is go to welcome give new users of warm message click enable and enable the plug in and you will get to this screen here so we want to check send the message when a user joins the channel and then you click select the channel and im just gonna use welcome you can create you can create your own custom message everyone im gonna leave a default you can give our role to new users. So i will give them the new role that i created previously you can also send a private message to users and the hello welcome. I hope you enjoy.

how to make a welcome channel in discord-0
how to make a welcome channel in discord-0

But im just gonna turn us off for now and you can also optionally check send a message when the user leave the server. So once you have everything set to what you wanted to be to click save changes. So basically now if i go over to the join server.
And i just paste this link in here click. Join lets see i got our message over here in the welcome channel. It says here you know they jackson welcome to the eject server and thats basically just how you make a welcome channel.
As you can see their role was also automatically assigned and had i had the private message thing set on as well i would have gotten a private message and we have this video just helped me shortly like energy was more content for me his if. Other questions leave a comment down below strang get back to you as quickly as i can thank you for watching. And ill see you guys in the next video goodbye.

how to make a welcome channel in discord-1
how to make a welcome channel in discord-1

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