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Super strong bass right there for the truck. Oh you just saw it ten second second diesel truck music music hello guys welcome back to the channel back to the so last time. We spoke was at the track or after our little track.
I dont even know if i hiccups the right word. But since we broke the truck last. It was leaking fluid profusely it did move under its own power as you can see once i got home.
I had to put some pads down. And it is still or was at least still leaking pretty severely. So i dont know seal something.
But definitely got to come out so as you would have seen there probably the beginning. I have a bunch of scaffolding and pallets in the back of my truck back kaitlyn that is so since trucks gonna be down for probably couple weeks week at best. But a couple weeks will say i want to take the bed off the truck when we go to do the cage.
Were gonna have to go down through the bed. So the bed wont be able to be removed at that point so id like to take it off and just see what we can get rid of what needs cleaned up maybe some stuff needs painted. I dont know have no idea.
Whats under there so i figured this be a good time to do that we can get get the bat off do some work to the truck. So were going to remove the hitch. The rear bumper get the tires out of that and just undo any of miscellaneous stuff holding the bed on and i actually dont pull the bed off by myself.
So thats why i got the scaffold gonna make a little scaffold around it like i said the truck did blue under its own power. The other day when we were at the track. When when we got done you pull one trailer pull it off so im hoping thats still the case.
We did lose a lot of fluid. So if we got to put some of the old stuff you know use stuff back in not a big deal. So thats kind of my game.
Plan for tonight. Lets get that bed off so that way tomorrow or the next day. Whenever we get back to it we could pull the transmission out get that down to john to them and kind of diagnose.
What happened whats going on where our issues are stemming from so thats the game plan. Lets get to it im going to see if i can pull the truck forward. Well throw the drain pan on it so we dont make a complete mess of the drive way and get to disassemble in this music.
Ive never ive never actually taken one of these beds off so ill get the tires out. But first well check out the bumper remove um obviously or electrical.

how to remove a truck bed by yourself-0
how to remove a truck bed by yourself-0

Thats kind of a hokey setup there look at that just some saturos connectors um. This one all right that was easy enough that bulbs probably no good new huh. I dont know if you guys just see that the other night if you guys remember.
I said. I was gonna take the bumper off so we get rid of our hitch. But looking at it the bumper is mounted to the hitch.
So you probably pull that off once probably yeah. We can probably just pull that over once because it looks like it slides over the frame rails so if i take this bolt out which im pretty sure those are um. Damn sure those are not factory dodge washer setups and these two over here.
We should be able to slide that whole thing off looks fairly simple lets find out look at that thing holy moly. I think i could use a little bit smaller washer on that one i got all the bolts outside looking at there appears to be another bolt. There it looks like thats actually going through the hitch and mounting to the bed and all that so remove those and i think itll come out.
Oh wait no look alright. I was mistaken as you can see there i dont know if you can actually the body of the bed. Actually comes down over top of where the hitch will slide off so we got to remove the bed before we can remove the hitch and bumper.
So i will disconnect these four bolts on the hitch and just remove the bumper for now and then well pull the hitch off later music music all right the bumpers off pretty straightforward. Theres actually two other bolts here behind the hitch. So i had to remove the license plate so now well move on to our electoral which look like maybe the taillights have to come out.
And i know we got to drop our auxiliary trans cooler and well look. And see what else we got. Im not a hundred percent sure honestly i wonder i loosened up all the bed bolts.
I probably just jacked this up and then pull the hitch off maybe well try that before we just pull the hope that off. I dont know music applause music. I got the hitch out theres eight bolts that hold the truck down theres our truck.
The bed down to the truck to the frame. Theres two in the back. Here one of which goes up through the hitch here another one like a foot or two in front of it and then same thing up front.
You know theres one right at the front and then another one back about a foot or two the only thing that i can see or tell is still connected is our auxiliary trans cooler. But if you guys remember that its like right above our drive shaft so what im gonna do is im gonna wait till. We pull the bed off to bolt that or unbolt it over there because it is right above our drive shaft and then once we get the bed up off the truck.
Ill put it on top of the gas tank or the fuel tank. I should say and yeah.

how to remove a truck bed by yourself-1
how to remove a truck bed by yourself-1

So our wiring is off except for this clip. Here try that again thats all for there wirings down over here. The fuel tank fill name is well set this down.
I do have the front two bolts in loosely music the filler neck. Here that just kind of pops in through the hole. I might have to undo it from the neck.
If i cant get this up high enough to get you know pass. But we will cross that bridge when we get to it so now how we gonna lift this monstrosity more ease that scaffolding were gonna erect a little something over here please forgive me with my scaffold building skills. I am not a carpenter.
So dont be putting any grievances in this is pretty simple. But it should work. But well get that erected get the truck over there and pop this sucker off music music.
So theres our scaffold. It is 8×8. So i know we dont have a crossmember down here.
But that would make it awful difficult to back up in there so were gonna hang the bed from this and then well get our pallets underneath it after we pull the truck out. And yeah. Well see if this will work.
The newer beds have four of these tie downs. Here. So we can just hook right into them pick.
The thing straight off or at least thats my plan. We got our to come loans up here we got to ratchet straps in the back beds. Actually floating a little bit.
Im gonna put some rags in here. So we dont contact the cab. And i did pull the augs aux trans cord.
Sitting on drive shift. So well see about getting this puppy up here goes nothing music lifting up the bed in a bottle. Wrench fell out of somewhere the joys of finding new stuff on this truck all the time all the time were looking a very dump truck ask so that went well i should really need to get a couple more come along rather than them ratchet straps in the back.
But shes up i basically just walked it up until i got it up enough that it was floating. I rolled the truck forward a little bit.

how to remove a truck bed by yourself-2
how to remove a truck bed by yourself-2

So i could you know come up either further before this bottom corner would hit the cab. Really the big hurdle is getting the wheel out which we are pretty close. Still here.
The other side is i think a little bit higher. But ill roll the truck forward a little more well see what we got holy you guys have i if you guys have been paying attention to the channel. You know this truck kind of weve seen all kinds of random ass look at that that looks like its all sand yeah look at that thats all sand holy moly holy yeah.
Thats uh wow. Its uh thats impressive. I must say this thing oh and i said anything camera or not but when i started picking it a a bottle wrench fell out for like an oxygen acetylene torch.
I dont where the hell it came from uh. It must be its been rattling around here for a few ten second passes. So uh alright.
Enough jibber jabber and i do have the aux cooler over there. On top of the fuel cat fuel tank. So.
I will roll the truck forward. Slowly and see if we get it by these wheels music. Yeah all right.
Thats uh. Yeah. Hmm.
All right lets get this thing in the garage music got the bed sitting on some pallets had actually put a couple more two by fours on it just so i could clear the scaffold bar. But that worked well for going back. And definitely gonna have to get two more cones just maybe some ratchet straps on her back.
Were fine for going up. But i just had to set the front down then transfer the loans to the back. So we could have a more controlled descent there and i did forgot forget to say earlier.
I did bring the industrial engine in just to get it out of the way. But so we can take it apart and look at it and whatever down the road. But now we can manage it with the engine hoist whereas before it was uh on the pallet and away so heres our new bottle wrench which im not still not sure where the hell it came from on here but uh thats the bed removal for a fourth gen pickup by yourself yes you could have friends or family come help you i sure i could have called dad.
My brother and maybe a couple other people to come remove it. But hey you know theres no challenge in that so this thing still impresses me like i said earlier.

how to remove a truck bed by yourself-3
how to remove a truck bed by yourself-3

If youve been with the channel. You remember you know all the crap. We found just the amount of dirt that is still on this thing.
I mean look at look at this just caked on there i mean and its not just like one or two its all over. I mean both sides of this pipe. They both got all in them just look at just dirt everywhere.
I mean. The thing is filthy whoo and then here. Theres like a plastic flap on the bed.
I dont know why i guess keep dirt from going dan im not sure. But uh yeah. Thats definitely worn the paint through there and this is all kinds of scuzzy here.
But yeah. Its definitely dirty. Were definitely not hoses half the hoses sucking thing off or put that bed back on and as you can see here.
I dont know if ive showed you guys this before whoever earned this truck previously for whatever reason they decided to take the spare tire assembly out but they just whack it with a cutoff wheel which ive whatever its fine by me. But i just think its kind of funny. I mean i dont know why you would do that why go through the trouble.
But yeah. Its just uh. Im just strolling all about the amount of dirt and grime and just crap that this truck has seen i mean i guess.
Its been buried in the sand before i mean. This is going back to when we first started tearing into the truck you know the stupid stuff. Wed find.
But uh yeah. Its kind of part with the course for this thing. So i hope you guys enjoyed.
The video thats how to remove a truck bed by yourself and not in any kind of amusing way like ripping it off by tying it to a tree. Even though that would be funny as but uh hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you did please subscribe like the video.
Ill catch you in the next one get out in your garage get the wrenching on your truck. .

how to remove a truck bed by yourself-4
how to remove a truck bed by yourself-4

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