How To Use Stop Loss Limit Function On Bittrex

how to set stop loss on bittrex This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How To Use Stop Loss Limit Function On Bittrex. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Whats going on guys. The title being is here founder and creator of bitcoin bitcoin sports club system where we are helping people become bitcoin millionaires in in today little video tutorial. Im going to share with you exactly how to do a stop limit clause on the big tracks exchange.
Now why it is so important that you understand this function well. Lets say that you are looking in the telegram groups or you know channels or you know you get a trading signal from somewhere. And lets say.
It is for storage right this coin a little no matter. What the coin is and you go ahead and buy how do you determine when to sell it and not lose a lot of bitcoin. If the coin is going to go down.
So lets say that you buy it right now this price of eleven thousand four hundred and ten satoshis and the coin suddenly drops to five thousand satoshis right so you can potentially lose like half of your bitcoin that you put it into this particular cryptocurrency right so how to avoid that and master anot stress out about it thats the function of the stop limit loss and also im going to show you how to make sure that you sell it at an advantage of the price. If its going to go up okay. But so the to do it is very very simple after it go and you you see this interface.
So there is a five button and there is a sell button right here you can see all the buying iobit and here you can see all the selling obviously the bitcoin. Ask price is getting higher and higher. Because people want to sell it at the higher price and here this shows the top the highest amount of the bid.
If you want you know people want to sell it at the highest amount possible okay so lets say that you bought storage like i did today earlier at an amount of 11650. It is a toshi. Okay so that was the buying price for now.
Lets say that i want to limit the my loss in case that you know its going to go down by 10 percent. Okay so what im going to do is do a calculation 11650 times. 90.
Thats ten thousand four hundred eighty five okay so if its ever going to go down this far. I want it i want you know i want to sell it possible potentially right now that i want you right. But thats how the function of the stop loss works thats ten percent.
If you want to do five percent in just do 95 eleven thousand sixty seven so the way that you do it is you click here on the conditional okay or the type conditional and you put in here you delete those and you put it in here. Ten thousand five hundred okay and the condition and the quantity would say its going to be five hundred okay and the quantity that youre going to put here is less than or equal to so. Here.
Youre going to put zero point zero zero zero.

how to set stop loss on bittrex-0
how to set stop loss on bittrex-0

Ten thousand six hundred okay so what does it mean when the price. If the price is going to hit that blow of did ten thousand six hundred satoshis right here. Its going to fire this function.
This condition and its going to click on the sell order for this quantity on this price. Ten thousand five hundred okay. Its not going to get a sell order unless and until its going to be less than or equal to this amount okay so now im going to kill click on cell storage.
Okay your sell order will submit when the next executed trade is less than or equal to ten thousand six hundred okay so thats thats what it means okay and then you click on confirm and its going to show up right here when you click on update this page. Very very simple to do and you can see here it should show up here my open orders. But if it should chop the selling one now.
If you want to sell at the higher level. Lets say that 11650 times. You know 10 so lets say at 10 you want to sell so you want to do like this 12800.
15 so you do again conditional and you put the price here of 12800. All right condition is greater than or equal to and you put the whole amount of storage lets say to do quantity of storage 600 and less than or equal to a greater or greater or equal to and the amount of bitcoin the price 0 0. 0.
12. 800 fake and its going to sell only when its going to reach that price okay for that quantity. And you can click on sell in advance.
Cool. And confirm okay and as you can see the sell order right here at 10500 has been updated and its only when it reaches a certain level conditional order and 12800. Is also a sell order.
And its a conditional one. So this is how you do conditional stop limit okay using the big tracked exchange when other exchanges it works similar. But but this is how you do it hopefully that it makes sense.
And its very simple to do and youre going to use that function again and again in your trading activities and if you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies like a professional. We have a course for that crypto trading millionaires and light weekly coaching that we are doing every single week inside bitcoins walls club that you can plug in as a member youre going to see and youll be able to get access to the information. The knowledge of the coaching that you need to help you with trading cryptocurrencies profitably.

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how to set stop loss on bittrex-1

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