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Id like to show you guys my entire alex and annie harry potter jewelry collection. And its a pretty big collection because ive been collecting their jewelry for quite a while now and i started off with just two of their bracelets. Which was a ravenclaw one and a hogwarts is my home one and i did a video on those bracelets last year on my channel.
So ill link to that below in the description. If you guys wanted to check it out. But today.
Im gonna be going through each of the items. I have one by one so lets get started. So you guys must be wondering what exactly is this black pouch.
Its not alex and annie. But it is a watch holder that i got off of amazon. A little while back to store all my alex and annie bracelets.
So here is what it looks like on the inside. So there are loads of bracelets here. And theres plenty of space for them inside.
And if you were interested in this case. Ill link to it below in the description as well so lets start with this ravenclaw bracelet. Which comes in a set of two and i have featured this in a video before so.

harry potter alex and ani-0
harry potter alex and ani-0

Its got a lovely charm. That says whit wisdom and learning and the back has a raven for ravenclaw and then the other bangle in this set is comprised of blue and silver crystals and then next. Ive got this two toned.
Silver and gold hogwarts is my home bangle which ive also featured before i wear this one quite often especially because i love the blue crystal against the hogwarts silhouette. So next up ive got this fantastic beast themed knitler bracelet and the nif flirt charm on this is super adorable. I love that hes carrying a little gold stone.
Ive also got this very iconic hogwarts crest bracelet and then the charm on this is really great i love the way the house animals kind of pop out on this so. Its kind of got like a 3d effect. And then the h in gold is a great touch next up.
Ive got this gorgeous love potion charm bracelet. Which is in a lovely rose gold color. I think the charm on this is really pretty i love the little potion bottle and the little tassels hanging off of it and then ive got this amazing bracelet that says always so they always represent snapes undying love for lily.
But i like to link it to my love for the harry potter series as well. Which is always next up. Ive got another quote charm and this one says.
The ones that love us never really leave us. So its a really beautiful white charm with a great coat next up to show my love for luna lovegood. Ive got this youre just as sane as i am bracelet.
I love that its in rose gold. And in the spectra specks are a great touch. Ive also got this the boy who lived charm bracelet.
Which i think is a fantastic way to show love for harry potter. Himself this is a two tone bracelet with a silver bangle and a gold charm. And i love the details of the lightning bolt and glasses on this time.
Ive also got some of the bracelets which have dumbledore quotes on them. And i love this one because of the quote. That says happiness can be found even in the darkest of times and then when you flip the charm.

harry potter alex and ani-1
harry potter alex and ani-1

The back says if one only remembers to turn on the light. And here is a two tone gold and silver dumbledore coat bracelet and this one says. It is our choices that show what we truly are while the back says far more than our abilities and then here is a serious black coat on a rose gold bracelet and this one says.
Weve all got both light and dark inside of us and then the back says what matters is the part we choose to act on next up. Ive got this red and gold marauders map. Themed bracelet.
Its got one of my favourite quotes. I solemnly swear that im up to no good on one side. And its got little footprints as well for the marauders map.
And then on the back. It says mischief managed. And i love that its got the footprints here as well and then finally here is the last expandable bracelet that i have in my harry potter collection and this one is in purple and gold and it says.
The wand chooses the wizard and i love that its got a wand on it and a little silver stone to represent the spark of the wand. I do have a couple more items from there harry potter collection so im gonna go through those. Now.
So ive got this seven years at hogwarts cuff bracelet. Which i think is one of their best pieces. Because it represents the entire store.
Its got symbols to represent all of the books. So. Here is the glasses and lightning bolt to represent harry potters journey in the first book.
And theres a little book on the second charm. Which represents riddles diary. The third has a time turner because the prisoner of azkaban had a lot of time travel.
The fourth is the goblet of fire and it has a triwizard cup. The fifth is the order of the phoenix. And its got like a fire here.

harry potter alex and ani-2
harry potter alex and ani-2

I think thats supposed to represent like the rise of the phoenix from the ashes. Or something like that or just something that represents the order itself and then the sixth one for half blood prince is this cauldron because there was a lot to do with potions in this book and then the seventh one is the deathly hallows. Because that represents the last book.
So i really love this cuff bangle. I think. Its such a great idea.
Ive also got this harry potter glasses adjustable ring wrap. So this is a pretty great ring and i love that you can kind of adjust it and pull it so that it fits your finger. So here it is on my finger.
I think it looks really great i love that it has both the glasses. And the lightning bolt to represent harry potter and i just love the simplicity of the design next up ive got this expandable time. Turner necklace.
Which i adore and ive worn several times already so the time turner on this necklace is my favorite part. I really love the stones on it and this one definitely spins as well the necklace can be adjusted as well by pulling on these gold barrels to make it longer or shorter depending on my preference. And then lastly.
Ive got these house themed. Alex and annie pens. So here is the hufflepuff pen.
And i love the details on this with the badger and the hufflepuff banner and in here. Ive got the raven claw pen. Which is based on the movie colors.
So its got silver and blue and then finally. Ive got the slytherin pin. And i love the snake design on this so i only managed to get these three and the gryffindor.
One has always been out of stock. So i havent been able to get it yet. But i do hope to one day.

harry potter alex and ani-3
harry potter alex and ani-3

So that is it for my collection. And this is what it looks like when i have all my expandable bracelets on at the same time. There are quite a lot of them so i usually just go with wearing a couple of them if you are interested in getting any of their jewellery.
Im gonna link to the alex and annie website below in my description and you can check out the different harry potter items that they have because they do come up with new jewellery from time to time so its always fun to look at what new stuff. They have and just a disclaimer that this video is not sponsored nor an ad. I bought all of these bracelets by myself.
And i just really enjoyed them so i thought id share. Sometimes their website does have sales. So i did manage to get some of these items on sale.
So i really adored the alex and ani harry potter collection and thats why ive collected quite a few pieces of them. And its really hard for me to choose a favorite from these because i do adore wearing them all. But if i had to i think a couple of my favourites are that youre just as sane as i am bracelet.
The hogwarts is my home one this ravenclaw. One and maybe this i solemnly swear. Im up to no good and the seven years cup.
Oh. My god so thats pretty much all of them. But if you guys had a favourite from any of their pieces that ive shown today then do let me know below in the comments and let me know what you think of their jewelry.
As well. And if you enjoyed this video. Please.
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You so much for watching lovelies. See you in the next video bye music applause. .

harry potter alex and ani-4
harry potter alex and ani-4

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