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Music. Whats up some squash against sammy sosa. And im back with another another freakin video all right so today.
Im coming to you up with another care video yes another one i know i keep bringing over. But im here to help somebody okay so like i said. Im gonna be bringing you all another party care type video.
This time. Im going to be gary distort. The natural people the people who love natural products um.
If youre one of those people who is trying to stray away from like the typical soaps and move over into the natural soaps. This video is for you um. This video is for anybody who just wanna watch.
It period point blank okay so before we get started video please hit that subscribe button. Dont forget to turn. Therefore case your bellow so you dont miss another video or a post one upload okay um dont forget the effects lightweight and let me know that you enjoyed this video.
And im going to leave a comment down below. What you think of this video that mean you said. Lets not put him on this itch off any longer.
And lets just jump right into this video. Okay the first summer. I want to talk about today is this a lot of you body wash this is a lot view of body wash shea butter and neem vanilla mint.
Body wash this is box okay bob. But its for normal to very dry skin alright and this is 32 fluid ounces is made with authentic shea butter this is a traditional west african ingredient. Some of the things about this is ethical trade on this hand craft.
No synthetic fragrance. It is vegan is no animal testing paraben free and biodigital biodegradable ingredients. Okay and this funny watch is prepared with ethical tray that we modify shea butter virgin coconut oil protective with african team and a refreshing blend of spearmint and vanilla its for everyday use alone.
So very dry skin and to use this it says to apply to a wash. A fire body want to a leaf illumise grill or a bicycle and worked into a lather rinse. Thoroughly may also be used as a hand wash.
But external use only so basically this is the jeans. The bees knees.

vegan body wash at walmart-0
vegan body wash at walmart-0

I mean okay i got this at my local store for seven dollars and fifty cents actually i got it from a grocery store and it was marked out for clearance and it was seven dollars can you sing. But before i finished it was 15. But let me help you out real quick because this product is not fifteen dollars in real life.
Okay in my real life it was but for your life does not have to be fifteen dollars okay. Let me tell you what i want the whole foods and i. Saw the same as that one because i love for 750.
Without being on clearance. So the normalizing. It should be no more than a tire book and this is a lot of soap and the consistency of this it is very very liquidy right.
Its just falling off okay. And the snip. Okay okay.
The scent of this is it smells like black. So no its not my shea butter. Its not really on the vanilla lisa type it smells more like meant to me.
But when i apply this i was kind of expecting it to not work. But this i felt like squeaky clean. But my skin was still touchable and then theyll throw you touching a brillo pad.
If you know what im saying youre giving up there. So yeah. So i like this this is great for people who are looking for products.
They dont have any bad or harmful ingredients. No animal testing. Very inexpensive it smells good and they get the job done.
And i will say that just lived by ordering. Well okay. There are some soaps that would just you just go over it you standard vrs things.
Which is a pet peeve of mad girl good up you scrub it and get it away okay and another good thing about this alafia product or busalacchi. A brand is that it is great for trying to promote empowerment is says it a lot the apace fair wages. Empower mothers and families and utilize the sustainable wild crafted ingredients and it funds some product sales help conductor.
Following employment projects in total west africa it helps promote or it helps empower reefer reforest station material care maternal care school supplies i glasses bicycles for education and school construction. So this product.

vegan body wash at walmart-1
vegan body wash at walmart-1

Just has hope in humanity. It just does great things just trying to help people out. And its made with natural ingredients like i said again is great for those who are trying to find a great natural product.
I really really recommend this and i have used this a ton of times which i wanted to do before i made this video and a little girls on the way. I probably got round to see 20 washes out of this and im not even at the halfway mark it so you get a lot for your money. But the reason.
Why i also use a lot because im mixing with my neck. So im going to talk about today. Okay are you ready are you ready again.
I today. I can use this dummies on my lady parts in it doesnt give me any irritation in france. Probably because its made with all natural ingredients and our body needs those natural ingredients and this is great for your backside.
Because it really gets in those cuts increase and get all that will you jazz on your boo boo okay so thats great for that that is the doctor brothers oh. My gosh. My goodness.
Oh. My goodness. My baby.
This is my baby. Yall. This is the dr.
Bronner 1801. Help. Temperament pure castile.
So this is a certified fair trade and its made with organic quote. Okay so i dont know if this one is vegan. Im not sure i havent looked up some research and see and i will let you know the astra can tell you or not.
But this is made with all natural ingredients. You are all were getting actually agrees acta okay so the ingredients in this is water organic coconut oil potassium hydroxide organic palm kernel oil organic olive oil mentha our vinces organic hemp oil organic oil mentha piperita citric acid and took off pharaoh so these are awesome now most of them are certified organic ingredients and this is 100 post consumer recycled plastic bottle. Theyre all about saving the earth.
Make this is a great soap. When i first use this which is about two years ago.

vegan body wash at walmart-2
vegan body wash at walmart-2

Almost this bad boy burnt because its so strong so i recommend that you dilute this soap. If you are one of those people who cant say guys strong powerful mint tea sits on your butt yeah guys like this with some water up putting a spray bottle. Some word a liquid bottle with little water.
But i use this just like it is because i need to get that gum off of me okay okay so just like the line you just put this on a loop foot or a washcloth and youre gonna use this soap to clean your body. But this soap is great for more than just use it as a body wash you use for laundry can use for washing your hands your face your body it can be used as for mopping the floor users to wash your animals it could be an all purpose cleaner to be used to clean your fruits and veggies. And it can use as a shaving cream basically so this babbling.
It works miracles is used for a ton of things about uses to wash my body. And i like to exfoliate with this as well because it really does deep clean and this i will say these my body squeaky squeaky clean. Which is why i like to miss these you know this one to me is a tad bit more moisturizing than this one this like straight up.
We got the shop okay. But this is an excellent. Product and i forgot to mention not.
Dead and this is. 1299 at your local. Store i think trader joes sells it for 1199.
They have smaller bottles they even have like a gallon gel on their website. Which i might im investing because i do use this and this is my favorite every and they stand by absolute cleanliness is godliness teach tomorrow abc that unified unites all mankind free excellence its billion strong and were all on listen children. Turner.
Father eternally. One okay and this is certified under the usda national organic program. And yeah.
So basically these both are excellent excellent excellent excellent natural soaps. No harmful ingredients in each bottle. I just really really really am.
Glad that i came over into the natural soap community and start using these more now. I do still use those so. But thats not about this video.
This is about all natural. But i really do recommend the lobby of shea butter. I can even ill admit body wash and the organic.
But dr. Bronner is 18 you wanna help peppermint pure castile soap.

vegan body wash at walmart-3
vegan body wash at walmart-3

I love these to death i will never stop using these and i do want to try more sense from the life here plant. So i might get a hand my hand or some more of those what this is all gone. But this is my home girl.
I dont really care too much for the other sense because i feel like this just does a great job at cleaning my body. And it smells so minty it just like opens you up so. If you see forget the vig.
The vicks vaporub get you some doctor bond so take a shower and you gonna be filling that up cuz that peppermint a girl in back alright. I really recognized on your body and like if you want to really do clean your body exfoliant with this and get you its fully any its foliation loofah and you could use this and actually i have a shower routine up on how i exfoliate and detoxifying about using this and ill leave that link down the description box yes. But these are great and you will smell good all those harmful ingredients on our skin.
Anyway. Because we have to take our care of our bodies inside out so. What you put it inside your body and on your skin is very important so you guys want to come to you on and tell you about to break soaps that i enjoy using and if youre looking for any more healthy type soldier.
If you have any recommendations or natural soaps. I should try let me know down the comment section. Im more than willing to get my hands on some and let you all know how i feel about myself personally because everyone is different um.
And thats basically it so i highly highly highly recommend these two and im just going on my hands. Over basically. All i have for yall.
Today subscribe hopefully you go on and get your hands on these and they do make small bottles. So. If you dont want to get the huge bottle and try you can go for the smaller one and let me know how these work for you on lets get this video to 100.
Likes and i will bring you all another body care hygiene. One on one side video. Because i know you are enjoying those and i enjoy making them because theres room for growth.
Theres room for all of us to learn about how to take care of our bodies. But that being said so thats why hopefully ill see you on my next. One dont get that subscribe button leave a comment girlish think of this video.
But that being said so scott i love you i see on my next. One be out wait. Theres bloopers.
I also tried another um are you serious whats right opening music. .

vegan body wash at walmart-4
vegan body wash at walmart-4

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