I Fixed This STUPID Minecraft Mouse Problem…

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Want you to put yourself in my shoes as a content creator both on and and off youtube. What would you imagine is my single biggest priority. When recording or streaming footage of minecraft well aside from the video being high quality and high resolution.
Its imperative that i have a rock solid framerate to boot. Now i dont think i need to explain the importance of a good framerate to you see the differences here yeah. Its important so what is this video about well today.
I want to tell you about a problem that i was experiencing within minecraft since the middle of august. The problem that i was experiencing involved me not only having a dramatically lower frame rate than i should have been getting. But another issue that completely prevented me from playing minecraft competitively.
And that was a mouse acceleration. Issue that meant whenever. I would move my camera around my camera would swing at completely erratic speeds as you can imagine trying to deal damage during an intense pvp battle with not only the mouse acceleration issues.
But also an awful framerate to boot. I was furious. And all of this came to a head on november 16.
2019. During a team based livestream event that involved pvp and i couldnt play i couldnt be competitive. I needed to fix this i needed to know why this was happening so lets go on the journey.
Together as to how i fixed the most infuriating. Most frustrating problem that i have ever had with minecraft this video is sponsored by mc pro hosting music. So.
Where did all of this begin well first off. I need to give you some backstory and dont worry ill keep the technical details to a minimum so for those of you who are unaware occasionally. Ill livestream random adventures in minecraft.
On my twitch. Tv page. Whether it be sp.
Live. The new sp earth team based events or other things like that and ive been streaming fairly consistently since march of this year at the time anyways. I wasnt having any problems at all so then why in august of this year.

how to turn off mouse acceleration minecraft-0
how to turn off mouse acceleration minecraft-0

Did i suddenly start having all kinds of problems. I mean none of the core hardware within my system changed at all between that time same cpu same gpu same ram same everything well almost everything in the middle of august. I reinstalled the windows operating system fresh on my computer.
I did this because i swapped out a pair of old 3 terabytes storage. Hard drives that i store my videos on for a pair of 10 terabyte storage hard drives. But again everything else remained exactly the same.
Why would this of all things cause the problems that i previously described well. Its time to tackle this issue. So lets break this issue down bad framerate and mouse acceleration.
Issues. Why well theres two schools of thought that i was focused on first that well focus on first one are there any settings within windows. That would cause this problem.
And two what programs are open that might be causing this problem. As well well first off. There is an option for mouse acceleration.
Within windows. But i already had that option turned off if you game on a windows computer make sure that you turn this option off too so next what programs are open that might be causing this issue. Im gonna keep this bit short and sweet but after hours and even days of research.
I ultimately thought i had pinned the problem down to at least one of two different programs the first was my keyboard sliding software iq. I dont need that program so i disabled it and while that did help with some of my frame stutter issues specifically an issue where minecraft sort of skipped a beat once every second the larger issue was still there so next obs or open broadcast software. Diagnosing.
The potential issues. Here. Though was much much more difficult.
I use open broadcast software to livestream everything that i stream. And its an absolute monster of a program. It does everything it streams.
My gameplay records. My gameplay locally allows me to display alerts for things like donations and subscriptions and everything in between i need this program. No other streaming software comes even remotely close in my book.

how to turn off mouse acceleration minecraft-1
how to turn off mouse acceleration minecraft-1

And yes. I know what other options are out there because my instance of obs is jam packed. Albeit in an incredibly organized fashion with plug ins scenes capture sources and everything else.
How do we. Even know. If obs or some part of obs is the problem here easy run an instance of obs with absolutely nothing loaded.
And see if minecraft still lags and it does pretty much just as much and because minecraft largely does not lag with obs closed that seemed like a pretty open and shut case right obs is clearly the problem well for months. I thought that too and accepted it at least up until about a week ago on november 16th. I took part in an event simply called minecraft saturdays its a team based event.
Where a bunch of two player teams go head to head in a series of minigames to see who ultimately comes out on top after 9 games. I was paired with fellow sp live member sneaks nag and i really wanted to give it my all the event. Required that we use the badlion client to play the game not a.
Problem but we were also playing in minecraft version one point 89. Again not a problem but the moment i fired up the game with the obeah software closed. I noticed a lot of problems were happening remember the mouse acceleration issue that i mentioned previously well that never really started happening until right this moment.
My first thought was the bad lion client was somehow at fault but that ones also easy to try out just fire up minecraft 18. Point. 9.
Without the bad lion client and see what happens. But the issue persisted so seriously what is going on here. I have a computer that is so fantastically overhill for playing this silly little block game.
And yet. Im getting this well after i gave a disappointing performance in minecraft saturdays i knew once and for all i had to fix this stupid issue. So what did i do well i cant remember where or when i heard this.
But i was alerted to the possibility that minecraft changed how it reads mouse inputs somewhere around minecraft 113. This would explain why i wasnt experiencing the mouse acceleration issue before since the last. Time i needed to use a version prior to 113.
Was in july of this year for minecraft mondays. Remember this issue started in august. And i only noticed it on the 16th so i had a lead within minecraft snapshot.

how to turn off mouse acceleration minecraft-2
how to turn off mouse acceleration minecraft-2

17 w. 43. A one of the games internal libraries lw jgl updated from version.
2 to version. 3. And sure enough.
This is the exact snapshot where the mouse acceleration issues. Stopped happening combined. With my new knowledge of the problem.
I began searching googling such things as minecraft acceleration. Issue. Minecraft mouse speed and things of that nature and within a couple of minutes.
I stumbled across the answer in december of 2017 wolf leader one one six made a post on the minecraft forum that outlined my exact issue. Any had videos of the problem. Everything was an exact match.
And what they found was the mouse acceleration and framerate issues were caused by a rather weird. But very simple problem long story short both your mouse and keyboard have a setting called their polling rate. Which dictates how often that piece of hardware tells your system what its doing my mouse being a gaming mouse has a very high default polling rate of.
1000 hertz which means its telling the system what its doing 1000. Times per second and apparently this is way too high for minecraft maybe not too high for everyone. But for me.
Where i have over 15 devices plugged into my computer. Yeah apparently its just too much thankfully within. My mouse is software.
I can lower the polling rate of the mouse. All the way down to 125 hertz and yes. I still do run into some issues at 250 hertz.
But as soon as i made that change all of my problems disappeared minecraft lagging with obs open gone mostly all of my framerate issues in all versions of the game. Gone. Mouse acceleration.

how to turn off mouse acceleration minecraft-3
how to turn off mouse acceleration minecraft-3

Issues. Gone. While yes.
The tech savvy among you might think. 125. Hertz is a little bit low for my polling rate.
Considering my primary display is 165 hertz. I asked you this what would you rather have butter smooth frame rates and extremely predictable mouse behavior or choppy frame rates and unpredictable mouse behavior. Ill choose the first option and that is how i fixed the most annoying problem that i have ever had with minecraft.
The reason why i didnt encounter this issue before august is well im not entirely sure. But my best guess is that at some point during the years prior. I actually already had changed the polling rate of my mouse.
But didnt remember that i had done so and that said reset when i reinstalled the windows operating system. So yeah. The problem is solved before i roll the outro.
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If you guys enjoyed this video. Please consider leaving a like on it because it would really help out myself the channel and the video. Quite a lot so i hope you all enjoyed.
My name is antvenom and i bid you all farewell thanks so much for watching. .

how to turn off mouse acceleration minecraft-4
how to turn off mouse acceleration minecraft-4

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