I Recreated My Starbucks Order: Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew And Lemon Loaf • Tasty

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Has been keeping us awake for centuries. Oh yeah. I thought if every 1000 years.
Years. A thousand millennia. Hey everybody its katie and im back of my husband.
I we realized that weve been missing coffee a lot i did the punch. It weve been missing going to starbucks and getting that weekly pick me up yes. I thought i could replicate our starbucks order for tomorrow morning ooh that sounds fine.
We should do the the salted cold foam cold brew. Oh. The salted sorry salted cream cold.
Its this oh no its cold brew and salted cream cold phone. What and a lemon. Oh yes that sounds great i feel bad.
Im not doing anything to help oh you have roller. I do i do i work this is my job so to get started. Im gonna make the lemon loaf first i have a loaf pan here this one is 9 by 5.
But a 9 by 4. I think should be fine as well grease this guy up and then im going to add some parchment. Were gonna set this to the side next were gonna cream our butter and sugar.
Were gonna do 1 6. Softened butter and a cup and a quarter of sugar mix this till. Its nice and fluffy about three to four minutes all right so im gonna add in my eggs.

salted cold foam cold brew-0
salted cold foam cold brew-0

Now these ive let come up to room temperature. Its important that all the ingredients you its important that all of the ingredients you use today are at room temperature. This is gonna keep the batter from breaking and ensure you just make an awesome loop.
Were doing 3 eggs for this recipe and youll want to add them one at a time make sure you scrape down the sides of your bowls in between the mixing. So that everything is getting incorporated evenly were gonna set him off to the side and in a smaller bowl. Add sour cream.
Now that might seem weird. But this is gonna help make this cake super moist and have a really yummy tang and then i have rush lemon juice 1 tablespoon vanilla extract will mix this guy up were gonna set this off to the side as well now were gonna add our dry ingredients. Ive got some all purpose flour a little bit of baking powder and a teaspoon of salt whisk this up perfect okay.
Were gonna bring back in our eggs and butter and sugar. Weve got our sour cream also on the side we are gonna alternate mixing these in one at a time so we dont over mix the batter and this is gonna make sure that our loaf is nice and fluffy and doesnt get tough and dense tip tip arewe tipper. Oh.
Thats what my new tips are called wow so im gonna add about a tablespoon of lemon zest. You want to make sure when your zesty. You dont go down to the white part of the rind because its really bitter and oh.
I think that that is a tablespoon bam. Im gonna just gently fold this in now that weve incorporated our lemon zest or this into the loaf pan smooth that out okay lets bake this at 350 degrees fahrenheit for about 50 to 60 minutes just until i can put a toothpick in and nothing comes up with it its big. My little babe ow bam.
Our beautiful lemon loaf has baked it has cooled for about an hour and now im gonna make a lemon icing to go on top sift powdered sugar. This is just gonna get rid of any clumps and make sure we have a perfectly smooth icing and some milk and most importantly. Some lemon juice and then well take our spatula and well just mix that right up you should use a whisk not a spatula.
I dont know why i did this whisk it up to get out any of those clumps. Once this is all combined drizzle it over the top and then you can just take your spatula and smooth it around so that everything is covered nicely. Im gonna let this glaze set for about 30 minutes.

salted cold foam cold brew-1
salted cold foam cold brew-1

Then im gonna put some plastic wrap over it and keep it on my counter overnight all right lets get working on the drink. The reason. I like cold brew.
Better than hot coffee is the hot water can actually bring out those bitter acidic notes. In your coffee. Well cold brew.
Had this smooth taste. And it is super easy to make i have my six cups of water add my two cups of coffee try not to spill it all over your counter once youve added your coffee stir it up okay. Im gonna go put some plastic wrap on this stick it in the fridge and move on to making some yummy caramel syrup.
Thats gonna go in our cold brew frog. What am i doing the first thing we need to do is add sugar and then were gonna do two tablespoons of water have the heat on medium low wait three minutes for all of the sugar to dissolve now that the sugar is completely dissolved. Were gonna turn the heat up to medium and cook it for about five minutes undisturbed just until we get that amber caramel color.
So youre gonna turn the heat off add in a quarter cup of water and youre gonna stir that in just keep mixing it till it kind of comes together im gonna go let this cool put it in container. And well use it tomorrow good morning so to finish our cold brew. I have a bowl.
I also have a fine mesh strainer and i have a coffee filter place it inside my strainer. And then were just gonna pour our cold brew over it and just to show you guys. It is slowly dripping through kind of an awkward sound ahead.
Im a chato so just let it happen it might take a little while but it is worth it okay so weve poured our last bit. And i dont you guys can see theres all this sludge at the bottom. I once put this down the sink.
I plug the whole drain. I had to go buy a dream sink dont do it okay our picture is clean our coffee has been strained. Im gonna add this back to our pitcher definitely try your coffee and if its way too strong just add a little bit of water.

salted cold foam cold brew-2
salted cold foam cold brew-2

Im gonna go put this in the fridge and were gonna prep our final element. It is the best part of this drink it is basically like a sweet salty cloud on top of rich caramel coffee. It is so good so to get started.
Well do a half a cup of whole milk 1 2. A cup of heavy whipping cream sugar. 1 4.
Teaspoon salt. This is an immersion blender. Its just gonna make sure we get that thick beautiful foam.
We want on the top and here we go now that our foam is ready. Its time to assemble our drink. So im first gonna get two glasses fill them with ice and a little bit of our cold brew.
Im gonna leave enough room at the top for the cream and then i have our caramel syrup that we made yesterday. Im just gonna add a little bit of that into here look at these guys. A stirred mix that in and then were gonna take a big spoon of our foam place that right on top press.
Its breakfast. Okay chris. This is your breakfast.
It looks like you took it off the shelf from an actual starbucks it has the icing. Its even the same color brown on the outside. How does the drink look the foam looks perfect it looks it looks exactly like the real drink it really does what do i get what price very good you can choose what we watch on tv for them next.
Today. Thank you so much its amazing that tastes so good. Good.
Thats really good duck processing is delicious thank you so much youre welcome welcome to starbucks right through guys are you were yes ill have a cold brew cold foam cold cream. I dont know give me something to let me oh oh yes music you .

salted cold foam cold brew-3
salted cold foam cold brew-3

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