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Everyone. It is sarah your local nyc guide and today. Im here in dumbo.
Dumbo. Brooklyn. And im going to walk you through what the perfect one day will be were going to go to awesome restaurants bars.
Do experiences see incredible entertainment. But before i get into that i need to tell you some things about dumbo to prepare you for visiting here such as where is it is it safe how much does it cost. What is the culture.
So if you dont want to watch the insider. Tips safety advice and all of that then you can skip to this timestamp. Right here well we will begin at the one day itinerary.
But if you want a copy of this one day itinerary in a printable form then you can click on the link below. I have even more tips in there. As well alright.
Lets get into those insider tips music. So. Where is dumbo.
Well dumbo. Is located on the brooklyn waterfront of the east river between brooklyn heights and vinegar hill and actually its name gives hint to its location. Im here under the manhattan bridge and dumbo stands for down under the manhattan bridge overpass.
Thats dumbo. There are five different ways to get to dumbo. You can go to clark street.
Take the two or the three you can go to high street. Taking the a or the c or you can go to york street. Taking the f train.
You could also take the new york city ferryboat across the river here. But that only really makes sense if youre in lower manhattan. But if you want the most scenic route.
I recommend crossing the brooklyn bridge and youll end up right in dumbo. How much does it cost to go to dumbo well technically its just a train ride away. But if you want to live.
Here. Its quite pricey because dumbo has become increasingly popular as time has gone on which means prices are more expensive in fact to live here it costs three thousand nine hundred and forty dollars for a one bedroom on average. Its one of the most expensive locations in the entire city brooklyn manhattan.
All of the other boroughs combined. So what is the culture of dumbo well in short its very upscale because what was once an industrial area has now been converted into upscale companies and apartments like this one right here. This was actually an old factory and today.
It is the time out market youll find a lot of great restaurants bars and art galleries. Here now the most important question youre probably. All wondering is it safe yes.

hotels in dumbo new york-0
hotels in dumbo new york-0

It is very safe to visit dumbo. According to the nypd crime stats. Theres almost no crime here.
But i will say the most common crime is theft. Which is pretty standard dont get scared. Though thats not out of the norm for most cities in the world.
So overall. Dumbo is very safe dumbo has a very rich history in the mid 1800s. This area was known to produce paint steel.
Wall tin cans and boxes. And many of the buildings around me. You can see some of the remnants of this here.
These were actually warehouses storing coffee sugar and many other things for the city then by the 1940s. Many of the industrial buildings became offices and the brooklyn queens expressway that was built started to isolate the area this caused a steady downfall that lasted about 40 years by the 1970s. This area was practically deserted and low income artists were living here.
Then in 1979. Something incredible happened real estate developer. David walenta spot this whole area for 12 million dollars.
Which sounds like a lot but was actually a feel because it was 6 per square foot and guess what today this area is thirteen hundred and ninety nine dollars per square foot as almost that is the best real estate investment since peter monu bought manhattan in 1626. We are in the present day since 2007. The city has designated dumbo as a historic district.
And its been popular ever since its definitely a place that you must visit so now lets get into our itinerary. There is no better way to start your day in dumbo than here at the michelin star river cafe. This floating restaurant has a unique environment that you cant find anywhere else in the city.
Its located directly under the brooklyn bridge in a magical garden environment with sweeping views of the city. They serve new american cuisine and it is just luxury at its finest. So after you have a meal here youre starting the day out right so ill see you at the next spot music after breakfast head to this iconic location.
Im sure youve seen this it may be some of my photos like this one right here. Yes. Dumbo is famous for photos and this is one of the most iconic spots.
The reason i put this in the morning is because it gets really crowded. Theres always people everywhere in cars trying to get through theres this iconic spot then theres this one right here that lose this one right here. Theres just so many so make sure to take a moment to take a photo here i have a link below to all of my favorite photo locations and i also have a whole video on where the best instagram photos are in the city.
So that will be linked below music since both started as an artist community. Theres tons of amazing street art like the one right behind me. They also some great exhibitions and art galleries.
Dumbos galleries bring the work of local national and international artists to the brooklyn waterfront. I really encourage you to walk along the colorful murals that are nestled along the streets. And under the bridges here another option is to visit the many local art galleries here in dumbo.
And for a full list of all of the local art. Visit art in dumbo. Calm music one of the spots.

hotels in dumbo new york-1
hotels in dumbo new york-1

That just opened in dumbo. Is the time out market. This spot has 21 of the citys best eateries and 3 bars.
Plus. A rooftop. They also do live music every friday saturday.
And sunday. This is just an example of some of the amazing food that they have here in this its really like a food court vibe. But its all gourmet.
This is little odda and this is a hummus bar. This is the chicken shwarma this ones the chefs choice. Just absolutely incredible i mean it looks so good i almost feel bad ruining.
It its like a piece of art. So good wow. Theres so many spots here do you find everything here.
I love it if you are visiting the city make sure you pick up our time out new york magazine. These are super helpful because it tells you all the happening the new spots trending restaurants events things like that you can find that here in this market theyre also distributed. I believe every wednesday throughout the city really helpful if youre coming to the city or if you live here you should already know about this though after you have a tasty lunch in the timeout market come right upstairs in the same building and you will find the brooklyn historical society.
This one is their second location. Its their dumbo location. But this organization has been around for a hundred and fifty six years and their main location is in the neighborhood over which is brooklyn heights founded in 1863.
The brooklyn historical society is a nationally recognized urban history center dedicated to preserving and encouraging the study of brooklyns extraordinary 400 year old history. It connects the past to the present and makes the vibrant history of brooklyn tangible. Relevant and meaningful through fascinating exhibitions right now at the dumbo location they have a fascinating exhibit up called waterfront.
Which explores the personal and local history of the brooklyn waterfront. The exhibition engages with important debates about the shorelines future by taking on the waterfront. Most pressing contemporary topics including sea level rise and gentrification all right i am here at beat the bum with my friend laura she does what i do but in portuguese.
But were gonna try this this is a one hour like escape. The room. A mood immersive theater.
80s video game experience. Here in dumbo. Where you have to beat a paint bomb.
And if we dont beat. The paint bomb that apparently we get covered in paint. Im very worried right all right lisa.
We suited up in our hazmat suits. Its part of the experience. This is training right now in the next video right all right lets sorry im so excited were gonna beat.
It i believe in us see you inside like that latest ripped my pants. Theres no way were gonna make it out of here. Its not gonna happen.

hotels in dumbo new york-2
hotels in dumbo new york-2

Theres no better way to talk about your experience that beat the bomb than here at harriets rooftop. Its a much more luxurious environment nestled in a green oasis on top of one of brooklyn bridge motel. And they have the best views of the brooklyn bridge.
I mean it really doesnt get better than this this is the ultimate bar for that but insider tips. They already add your tip on to the cocktail cost so make sure you read the receipt. Very carefully because the first time.
I was here id dip them double and i was not very happy about that but lets go get a cocktail here okay. Ive got my drink. This is called solar energy.
I really like this one it has missed call thats cayenne. It has coconut water has pineapple juice its refreshing. Its spicy and smoking.
Its all the things i love in a drink they also have a wide selection of beer and they also have not alcoholic juices that are healthy for you thats one of the unique things about areas. They have wellness drinks. So it is possible to drink and be healthy at the same time cheers music after a long day of exploring dumbo.
You can enter day in two different ways it really depends on the day if youre here in the summer. And you have them be here on a thursday. Then you can come for their free summer movies.
Thats why i am tonight. And just bring a picnic basket. Bring.
A picnic blanket bring food. And its an awesome way to spend time with friends today. Were actually gonna see the big lebowski and its a really pretty view you can see the skyline right here and we got so lucky because we got here before all of our friends.
And we dont have a picnic blanket and jagwire was giving out free picnic blankets. So shout out to jagwire. This is not sponsored by the way they just gave us a free picnic blanket and thats what you get when you give us free stuff so thank you heads up alcohol is not allowed so bring your starbucks cups.
But if you come here early too happy dangerous okay so i want to enjoy this. And ill see you later my friends are here and they brought food thank you andre and chemists and they have this amazing setup. Lets do this for dinner.
Come here to vinegar hell house and this technically is a little bit outside of gumbo. But its right on the border. It is the cutest restaurant they serve new american food and all of their ingredients are locally found.
They are the highest quality possible. They also have an outdoor space in the back and behind the outdoor space. Theres a private event area.
That has a wine cellar and then on the upstairs. You can actually do events for up to 40 people. Were gonna go inside now and get some dinner this place is delicious.
Im so excited dinners starting. I have two drinks that im featuring here this one is their celery flip. Very refreshing and then this is their signature.

hotels in dumbo new york-3
hotels in dumbo new york-3

This ones called a vinegar hill right after the restaurants. These sconces are great i am obsessed with this one. And youre definitely like stronger spirited drinks go for this one then our appetizers.
So here we have the octopus. This has salted plum cucumber and celery and then we also got another clean in tradition. Theres the chicken liver mousse with vinegar onions and pistachio octopus is very tricky to cook correctly.
So lets see what they do here perfect consistency. But well hope for the sauce thats what im trying to say like butter and i feel like i should put some of these on top right put some of the garnishes. But like it protects out that really coppery flavor.
This doesnt have that music all right was like butter right really really nice and this is pickled on the top which is a flavor. I love anything pickle is really good then there has been third. I have their two signature dishes here this one is the cast iron chicken and this has shelley and sherry vinegar.
Its served in this beautiful cast iron pan. Which is super hot by the way and then their other signature dishes right here this one in their country pork chop. With cheddar grits and pork just not to report to waves.
But they did just explain that it comes from this part and this part of the pig. So its really juicy and tender and looks have to give that nice little bone sticking out right there and then their menu always changes with their pastas and their fish. We all go guys theyre striped bass with yogurt and succotash theyre busy rigatoni.
Which is a lamb ragout with olives and pecorino. Im gonna try a little bit everything a real quick. Oh my god look how juicy that chicken is like oh man.
Im like destroying it right now wow. I dont know how they got so much juice into chicken. It almost reminds me of like i think giving this like its so flavorful suntory pork chop.
And this is one of their signature dishes as well beautiful little toppings. The cheddar grits are so great with the floor and moving to the fish with some that yogurt sauce. I love all these are so different the flavors have not been anything alike and our final dish.
The land. Well get back oh these results good. I dont know applause.
This was okay all three of these if youre not here on a thursday when they do movie night in the park you can come here to see and theater. This actually used to be an old tobacco depot. But today its transformed into a theater.
They have musicals plays and all other types of entertainment and to see whats playing when youre here check their website online. Because it changes all the time. But its really historical and a great spot get some good stumble.
Entertain music thanks for watching. If you like this one day guide. Dumble.
Then maybe youll also like my three day and my seven day guide to new york. Those are linked below and also dont forget that if you want a copy of this itinerary and some other suggestions then check out my guidebook on dumbo. I will see you next time music.

hotels in dumbo new york-4
hotels in dumbo new york-4

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